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Ready and waiting.


I forgot to bring a Xeno scanner. :man_facepalming:



Gnosis was hyperdicted after only 12 LY, and is now disabled and besieged by Thargoids. They attacked me before I could even get a look at them. I escaped, but now what? The mission has failed. Can’t fight more than a Scout or two in this ship. Go home?

The Gnosis orbits this ammonia world. The area is teeming with more non-human signal sources than I’ve ever seen.

Kotaku has the story of the botched delivery of this event, if you’re interested. The dev screw-ups notwithstanding, I can live with what happened lore-wise.


My experience as an outside can be summed up as:
Canon: “we want to go there”
FDev: “You can try, sure”
FDev: “Entire region is filled with Thargoids though…”
FDev: “Including new interceptors…”
FDev, in-game: “As such, we’re locking the entire sector”
Community: “the jump is still on though right?”
FDev: “the attempted jump is still planned yes”
Thargoid beacon pops up near the Gnosis
Jump fails, Gnosis sieged by Thargoids

Apparently, Canon already started hyping the jump before the got confirmation from FDev. I like how FDev, instead of just putting their foot down and being accused of ‘godmodding’, they decided to weave it into the narrative; I’m 100% sure that if this hadn’t happened, the new Interceptor variant (the Hydra) would’ve just started appearing like the other variants did. And here we are, with a bombastic way of fully introducing them.

Could they’ve handled it a bit better? Of course. But I find it quite jarring that people are constantly complaining that the Goid stuff is so much on the background, that you need to actively seek it out, and when we do get them as an actual threat to more than just AX hunters, people are complaining about it. True NIMBY mentality right there :unamused:


You make perfectly fair points in my opinion. While I had hoped this was something Frontier had been waiting for us to do, and that we might uncover new mysteries in the locked-off region, this is a valid outcome. We poked our noses in the hornets’ nest. I was prepared for it to be a one-way trip. It turned out to be something else.

The early Galnet post and the bugs (swiftly fixed) didn’t help put people in a good frame of mind to embrace what happened; rather they contributed unfortunately to Frontier’s bumbling reputation.

But I find it quite jarring that people are constantly complaining that the Goid stuff is so much on the background, that you need to actively seek it out, and when we do get them as an actual threat to more than just AX hunters, people are complaining about it. True NIMBY mentality right there :unamused:

Quite right. People have also specifically asked for major battles around stations or megaships – and here one is!


Aye, the bugs and stuff were indeed a problem, and I don’t condone that (so to say). But I mean, it’s the thought that counts right?


Given this place has some explorers…

The thing I’m most interested in:

Remove Random USS Spawning: You will now be able to use your skill to locate signal sources rather than rely on luck. you will have the ability to identify a USS from anywhere in the system and then explore and discover these locations.

If this means I can reliably track down High Grade Emissions, I might actually get back to my heavy engineering bouts. Getting CDC has severely burned me out on anything engineering related :confused:


I have been holding off on exploration because I knew something like this was coming in the Q4 update. But I hadn’t seen this posting yet, great catch! Will read!


My response:


I should really play this game…


Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same thing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



The Q4 update is looking pretty encouraging. Gotta manage expectations, don’t get over-hyped, but I’m definitely going to do some mining and exploration once the update drops.

The following is intended for seasoned players. Mountain, this is not what the game is about.

I usually disapprove of talk like this, but I checked out Robigo passenger runs to Sothis. Made 6 million credits in 15 minutes without even trying, with 4 passenger compartments with 4-12 passenger capacity each. A min-maxer could certainly make more money, faster… but the min-maxer would already know this.


OMG Reddit :laughing:


LOL, now I feel like watching the stream just to play this haha.


I know, right?

Whoever made that has their finger on the pulse of the Elite: Dangerous social media community.


If case you haven’t watched the stream (you should, it was amazing :stuck_out_tongue: ), here’s the recap:

Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed. The new graphics look interesting (though it’s probably gonna make me realise my PC is getting old :cry:), the codex looks interesting, and the exploration changes looks interesting enough they might make an explorer out of me :joy:


Yeah, I’m trying to make it through the recorded stream. I hate live-streams, they’re such an inefficient use of time. I don’t need banter, just show me the critical information in short concise separate videos.

Rant aside, I will make it through the stream as soon as I can. I’m totally psyched for these changes, dangerously hyped even. :smiley: It looks like a major makeover, and not just to exploration. But for exploration, I think this will feel a lot more like exploring the unknown, rather than a gamified timed button press.

The Orrery view and the Codex reflect long-standing player requests.

This would be a significant advance for the game just based on the content shown in this stream. But there are three more streams to come!


So I finally managed to earn my Sol permit, and I had a blast exploring our solar system.

Also, what is this?! I’ve never head about Persephone. Is that a “Planet X” reference?

Anyway, after that, I decided I wanted to go see some black holes. I read somewhere that I’d be able to find one at HIP 34707 and I was not disappointed!

A screenshot just doesn’t do justice to the way it distorts light. It was awesome, and now I’m hungry for more!

I also went to V848 Monocerotis to visit our actual closest black hole (that we know of), but upon my arrival, I found out that I got the name wrong. I’m actually supposed to go to V616 Monocerotis, not V848 Monocerotis. Oops, what a rookie mistake! V616 Monocerotis is over 3k LY away, so that’s not gonna happen any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead, I’ll go to HIP 63835! I’ve heard that there should be a total of three black holes there! Also, it’s close to the Coalsack nebular, which I think would be fun to visit as well.


You remind me that I never finished touring Sol system past Saturn! I should make some time for it. If I could just stop tinkering with the Engineers.

That’s great though! Congrats on getting the permit! That means you’ve already qualified for the Federal Dropship, too. Not a bad ship. Slow, but sturdy.

Exploring/sightseeing in an Eagle! What jump range are you getting? You didn’t want to use a Hauler for travel?

Have you thought of trying a neutron star jump? Scary fun. But if you do, don’t confuse a white dwarf for a neutron star. Do not attempt supercharging from a white dwarf, and don’t do it at all unless you’re sure! :grimacing: