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Dolphin (clicky for link)? Just take out the Passenger cabin. Gets 40ly, SRV, both scanners, shields, an AFMU and a 4A scoop, on a 18mil price (just under 1mil rebuy)


Definitely not bad! But I have owned a Dolphin (a fine ship), but never owned a Diamondback Explorer, and somehow that feels wrong. The Hauler, on the other hand, is almost ready to go, with minor outfitting and perhaps with a touch-up to engineering.



summons Asp to Robigo


I’ve already found em, the beacons are mighty impressive, but unless there’s more to it, kidna disappointing. They look and sound cool, but in the end, it’s just another burden to get the vessel blueprints for the fighters


New Thargoid Interceptor Encoutnered

Independent pilots have reported engaging a previously unseen type of Thargoid vessel.

The Pilots Federation confirmed that several of its members have encountered the ship in both the Pleiades Nebula and the core systems.

Commander Jing-sheng Mendez gave this account:

“My wingmate and I were both hyperdicted while travelling through the Pleiades. We assumed that together we could handle a single Thargoid ship, but this one really soaked up our firepower.”

“I managed to get away, but Leonie didn’t make it. I’ve already started retooling my Krait with AX weapons. I want to head back out there…and get some payback.”

Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, made this statement:

“We can confirm that this new ship – classified as the Hydra – is a variant of the Thargoid Interceptor. It is structurally stronger than the Cyclops, Basilisk or Medusa, and releases a larger swarm of Thargon drones.”

In response to this development, the Pilots Federation has sealed off the Cone Sector FN-J B9-0 system, which is believed to contain high concentrations of Hydra Interceptors. Despite this, it is understood that the Gnosis, flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, will attempt to complete its scheduled jump into the now permit-locked system

Also will Said on the frontier forums;

Hello folks,

All I’ll say is that the Gnosis’ jump to the cone region is still planned and hasn’t changed because of the presence of permit locks.

Watch the skies.

Still gonna dock at the Gnosis? :joy:


In short, yes. :grinning:

I have purchased and begun outfitting a Diamondback Explorer in the neighborhood of Deciat. I will hastily engineer it, and then (time permitting), I’ll fly to whichever Guardian beacon site is closest to the position of the Gnosis before its historic jump (Outotz ST-I d9-4). Then I’ll join the Gnosis expedition.


@LordDerp Using a Dolphin for exploration is like driving a pimped limousine on a road trip.

It looks nice, but it just doesn’t feel right for the job.


An hour of engineering, and I’m on my way in this ship (link).





Was really short on power so I went Clean instead of Dirty. :man_shrugging: I was short on mats too, so it’s G1 only. stop judging me :smile:


I was more pointing out how the boost speed is lower than the normal one :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, wut? What the—

Broke ass website :laughing:


Currently working on setting up a themed build for my Courier, based on the de Havilland Mosquito.

Currently have 2 setups, a bomber and a fighter loadout. Core and optional internals are the same, only the weapons differ. Doesn’t change the ship at all however apart from fighting characteristics (both loadouts have the same speeds, agility, no power issues, etc).

  • The bomber setup has dual lightweight mines with reverb cascade, and a single lightweight seeker rack (packhounds once I get those) underneath the nose. Plan is to make bombing runs at nearly 800m/s, kill the shield generator, and then slowly blast em to bits with the seekers.
  • The fighter loadout has dual lightweight multicannons and a single lightweight cannon under the nose, to give that machine gun/autocannon feel.

As said, it’s extremely fast (both setups clock in at 587m/s normal and 796m/s boost speed), it jumps relatively well (38ly, with a 2A fuelscoop and size 2 fueltank so a decent balance of scoop time). Also heavy shields, 570mj absolute without any pips, and 30+% resistances. Hull is absolutely horrible (171 raw), but hey, the original was called ‘the wooden wonder’ (due to the wooden frame), so I’m just being true to the source :stuck_out_tongue:

Other versions I might consider are reconnaissance (no weapons, and dropping the interdictor and one shield reinforcement for both discovery scanners) and fighter bomber (single reverb mines under the nose, and multi’s on the wings).
A night fighter styled build would lean on silent running, which means no shields, lots of heatsinks, and lots of hull reinforcements; for me, that’s both too much of a pain to farm (Core Dynamic Composites are needed for anything G5 heavy duty, and those are tghe biggest PITA to farm), and I feel you loose too much speed due to the added weight of the hull (probably looking at 400/600 normal/boost at the best).
A torpedo bomber won’t go either, because A) that would mean I pretty much need wing mates to do the actual damage (given at least both wing hardpoints will be spent on the reverb torps), and B) I already have a Viper MkIV set up just for that purpose (which, unlike the courier, is hella tanky, and has two railguns besides the main payload to snipe modules).


Also I think heat management isn’t great on the Courier, which may figure into what you can do with it.

That’s so cool though! I’ll have to read up on the Mosquito, I don’t know anything about it. I dig the themed builds even so.

I think a wake scanner is appropriate for a recon build too. In case you need to follow/track someone.


Seems to me Core Dynamics Composites aren’t that bad. You may only need one good drop, which would probably give you 12 of them, I think enough to max a G5 mod. I had those lying around for my DBX, though I lacked plenty of other stuff.

High pop Fed systems, deep space 500-1000 ls from the entry point, is what works for me. I aim for industrial economies when possible. Idk how much of the above is necessary — only the first six words of this paragraph I’m sure about.


Ok I guess the Guardian stuff is kinda cool. :innocent:


Might pop one on there, good point. My Clipper is planned to be a police ship of sorts (carrying KWS, Cargo and FSD scanners), but it bleaks in speed compared to the Courier. That, and, well, size :joy:

And yeah, CDC’s aren’t that bad. But I haven’t seen a single HGE for months, even when I went hunting for them. That, and I think I’ve gotten PTSD from previous ship builds that relied on hull tanking. I mean, out of my entire current fleet,

  • Challenger: Three HRP’s
  • Chieftain: Three HRP’s
  • Anaconda: Armour
  • Asp: Armour
  • Beluga: Armour and five HRP’s
  • Cobra MkIII: Armour
  • DBS: Four HRP’s
  • DBX: Armour
  • Dolphin: Armour
  • FAS: Four HRP’s and a powerplant
  • Corvette: Five HRP’s
  • FDS: Armour, Powerplant and four HRP’s
  • FGS: Powerplant and three HRP’s
  • FDL: Armour and one HRP
  • Hauler: Armour and three HRP’s
  • Clipper: Two HRP’s
  • Courier: Armour
  • Cutter: Armour
  • IEagle: Armour
  • Krait: Powerplant and three HRP’s
  • Orca: Powerplant and three HRPs’
  • Python: Armour and Powerplant
  • Sidewinder: Three HRP’s
  • Type 10: Armour, Powerplant and five HRP’s
  • Type 6: Armour
  • Type 7: Armour
  • Type 9: Armour
  • Viper MkIII: Two HRP’s
  • Viper MkIV: Four HRP’s
  • Vulture: One HRP

…all use CDC’s, 15 per G5 roll. Granted, over half of the ships are not for combat, so they have lower priority when it comes to hull mods, but still; that’s a hell of a lot of CDC’s, hidden behind four different RNG levels (a USS spawning, it being a HGE, it spawning CDC’s, and then the amount of em)


expands list



As said, most of those are usually only the armour (heavy duty on basic bulkheads doesn’t add any weight, so you’re basically getting a stronger hull with no downsides), so those are all the way at the bottom of the priority list. Others are already fully engineered (Corvette and Beluga), so those don’t need more of em. Others again however, will end up using double the CDC (like my FAS), because those are all still legacy-modded; I will get around at some point to converting those, but for now, I can’t be arsed :joy:


Yeah I’d put converting perfectly good legacy G5’s last on the priority list, below non-combat light bulkhead ships even!