The Elite Dangerous thread


Must be someone who can help fix it, or refund you?

Edit: thinking about it more, I can imagine that would be hard to fix. Might even risk your main account if they tried. Seems like only Steam could reverse the process, if that’s possible.

Someone at Humble Bundle might take pity on your story, and grant you another code.


I’m pretty much in a loop, HumbleBundle refuses because ‘key redeemed’, and Steam refuses because ‘deal with this with your retailer’.

I’m tweeting the Frontier Helpdesk, but honestly, I don’t really care anymore :man_shrugging:


Yeah. Would be nice if Steam warned you when you were about to buy an entitlement that you already have.


Winged up with my daughter for some bounty hunting. There was no RES in the system, so we went to the nav beacon. Killed two Kraits, one Gunship, and assorted riffraff. My first time in a wing!

And again I forget to take screenshots. Worked flawlessly though. She told me what system she was in, and which station. I went there, there she is on my sensors! She issued the wing invitation, I accepted – hollow blue square on the radar! She had a delivery to make, so I turned on Wingman Nav Lock, my ship auto-targeted her destination so I could follow her there. Cool stuff.

Considering how people bitch on Reddit, I expected to have more trouble with it. :laughing:


My freshly crafted super-deluxe, Hotas stand!

Embeddeded and glued into the stand is metal mounts, which the screw holes from the Hotas fit over. And that’s not all! Also included is two elastic straps which ensure your device doesn’t fly off the mounts with normal use!


Cool!!! I’m envious!


So, out of the blue:

Also just gonna copy my comment word for word:

Interesting tidbit I found when digging through Guardian stuff again:

Before they developed faster-than-light technology, the Guardians constructed three large arks for their first interstellar colonies, similar to the generation ships employed by humans

Haven’t read this log in-game myself, so not 100% sure if this is true, but if it is… was this trailer teasing Guardian Megaships?


I hadn’t expected this.

Yeah I just got a notification on my phone too, will watch!!!

Edit: Just watched 3 or 4 times, indeed looks like a Guardian megaship as you say. Wonder how far from the Bubble?

I’ve been tuning up the engineering on my Asp (e.g. G5 Mass Manager FSD), got the jump range to 47 or 48 LY with weapons on every hardpoint (G5 Lightweight Mount eliminates 90% of the mass, so why the hell not). This is without Guardian FSD booster. To take one of those on, I’d have to eliminate the cargo bay (I always tell everyone you don’t need one while exploring, but it’s hard for me to let go of it – what if I find something cool, or want to rescue someone in a lifepod?).


I visited a destroyed Aegis site. The logs were pretty cool, telling the story of the attack.

The moment I returned to my ship, the gun turrets awoke and lit me up, destroying my Asp in a few seconds. 1M Cr rebuy. :neutral_face:

Edit: actually I can’t figure out why the rebuy wasn’t more than that.


So, details are now known. I must say, it’s looking pretty dope.

One thing I want to highlight, during the leak yesterday from the Gamescom presentation, people were asked to put their phones away, implying secret stuff was shown. All the stuff in that leak is also in this official post, meaning that whatever was shown then it still a secret.
Also, right after 3.1 hit, two new ships leaked through the shop: The Alliance Crusader and the Krait Phantom. The Crusader has been confirmed now, so where’s the Phantom?
Well, I will say, the Krait wasn’t in the initial 3.1 announcement either. Furthermore:

To acquire a Hybrid fighter blueprint you will need to investigate new Guardian beacons which will point you in the direction of the sites to investigate.

This implies as if the vessel blueprints you can currently get won’t be needed. If not, what else would they be used for :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oh, and I’m already starting on my next big goal. As you can see, small Gauss rifles are coming…

Guess who’s gonna engineer the fuck out of their Hauler?


The Krait is low profile. Tends to be scanned less often, and doesn’t show up on patch notes.

Guess who’s gonna engineer the fuck out of their Hauler?

AX Hauler? :smile:


AX Hauler :joy:


Looking to get back into Elite Dangerous eventually (by next month), would it be a good idea to have a joystick/controller? Especially if I tried it in VR. If so recommendations from some vets?


Can’t help you with VR, I both do not have a set and a beefy enough PC to handle it.

As for control however, I usually fly with a Saitek X52. It’s has a crapload of buttons, and some are very useful to use as a modifier (i.e. key+key=another input). Amazing stick, flies very well, enough button combos to map pretty much everything, AND the in-game one looks like it as well. Disadvantages are the… slight gamble you take when buying one. Saitek used to have very bad quality control, so when you bought a stick you either got a perfectly fine one (like mine, I bought it second hand 3 years ago and it still works perfectly), or you get one that falls apart within months. I’ve been told ever since Logitech bought Saitek it’s improved massively, but I can’t vouch for that.

I’ve also started learning to fly with just M+KB, though I use a keypad instead. Works like a charm as well, very different and maybe not as ‘immersive’, but again, enough buttons to map everything, and perhaps more accuracy then you’ll get out of a HOTAS


All I can say is, I’ve used nothing but M&K myself, and I’ve always felt fine about it. But people who use a HOTAS sure seem to love it.


All this time, I’ve never tried a popular fast money meta. Well, I decided to find out what the excitement is all about, and I went to Robigo. You can, in fact make a ton of money there! …if you are willing to do the same thing over and over again. I probably made 12M in a short session. But if you did this for very long, it would kill your love for the game.


I occasionally do one of those (when I’m planning large fleet improvements/expansions), just grind away a few days, few days break, and back to the usual. Not worth it grinding away for weeks on end, and besides, I make enough money to sustain my fleet anyways; just a bit of grinding needed to make major expansions


I don’t have any such plan, just thought to raise my reserves. But I can’t actually predict what I’ll do if I have a large cash balance. Might do something like buy an unnecessary Krait, who knows :smile:


you mean replace that dusty old Python? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pish-posh! They’ve made them for hundreds of years for a reason!

I have been toying with the idea of putting together a cheap exploration ship for the Gnosis expedition to the Cone sector. A DBX, maybe, or just bring my Hauler. Don’t want to bring an important/expensive ship, in case I screw up and get marooned out there.