The Elite Dangerous thread


Long range is generally the better choice, and I’m pretty sure the thermal vent will really help… but in the end, it’s up to you ^^

I meanwhile, am 8 weeks away from my perfect Krait. Need pacifiers (just aligned to Hudson yesterday .-.) and hammers (haven’t got those at all either .-.). Good time to farm 90 Core Dynamic Composites and 20 Imperial Shielding.
At least I’ve got G1 mods on everything, including experimental effects, with all the stuff I need pinned, so I won’t need to fly out for engineers anymore :slight_smile:


Maybe I’ll try Thermal Vent before consigning all those mats to the void.

Saw two Kraits repeatedly visiting Broo Tarquin at lunchtime, while I was repeatedly visiting Broo Tarquin.


If I remember correctly, the Python’s distributor is able to handle two gimballed beams indefinitely, so you wouldn’t need the efficient for the distributor draw. Though the damage increase from efficient is nice, the falloff on it is still pretty bad (IIRC 800 meters?). So I’d advise thermal vent. Two mediums should be enough to drop the heat to 0% if you’re good at staying on target :slight_smile:


At lunchtime today, I flew my Python with my daughter as Gunner, multi-crew. (Ah dammit, I forgot to take a screenshot!) I had meant for the Clipper to be the ship for that, but we were both online, and the Clipper wasn’t ready. So I stored all my engineered weapons and replaced them with turrets. Turrets are incredibly expensive! So expensive, in fact, that we kinda sorta maybe flew without rebuy. While Thargoid hunting. Just Scouts, it was fine, nothing to worry about!

It took nearly all lunch to work past technical issues so that she could fire the guns. Then with a few minutes left, we found and slew two Thargoid Scouts.

Combat Bond reward: 20,000 credits
Repair costs: 150,000 credits
Fighting aliens with your daughter: priceless



you’ve made reality 99% of dad’s dreams, mine 100%


Hehe thanks. Welcome to the forums!


hory ship


So eh…

These shock cannons…

they’re pretty dope


Operation IDA in co-operation with The Hive have finally restored Titan’s Daughter to her former glory. Requiring over 2 million tonnes of resources to be shuttled to the furthest point of the Pleiades (mostly from the bubble) repairing this starport has been a massive effort but yesterday it finally came back online.

Note, the 2 million tons of cargo was entirely hauled by players, probably on average a couple hundred tons at a time. It’s been months since the station was damaged in a Thargoid attack. A number of other stations have also been repaired, notably the famed Obsidian Orbital.

Edit: The Pleiades sector is a couple hundred LY outside of the Bubble. For those commodities that weren’t available in the Pleiades, we’re probably talking 20 minutes or so travel time each way.

Edit: A more effective approach is to prevent the station attacks. Players have successfully blunted a number of Thargoid incursions into human systems by combat action.


I’m supporting the current CG in the Ebor system. I sense future story advancement.

Without communication, there can be no understanding. Without understanding, there can be no peace. We ask the galactic community to support this campaign, which will support new research into the Thargoids and their methods of communication.


I got the message the Shock Cannons were dope earlier but omg, now I’ve watched the video. That’s ridiculous. They go through Anacondas and Pythons like they’re made of tissue paper!


That’s pretty amazing in itself and even more so that it’s built into the game that way.


Generally, things of that scale are Community Goals, which are prominently broadcasted to all players, and offer (sometimes quite substantial) rewards.
This was on the same scale, but not organised anywhere in-game. The stations were attacked, and then players themselves were just expected to deliver goods. No extra incentive other than getting station services back online. And given the distance from the main area of the game, many people wouldn’t really care about those services either.

Which makes this even more impressive.

And yeah @ArPharazon , they are absolutely amazing. They are pretty much more consistent frags, that trade longer range for far higher heat generation. So if normal frags give issues with the range, and pacifiers aren’t available to you yet, go and give these a go. They are seriously the most fun I’ve had with any weapon in a while.