The Elite Dangerous thread


It’s not their first time showing walking Commanders in a cinematic trailer. It may mean nothing, or it may be a long-range tease and reminder that it’s still planned. They have said, on occasion, that they hope to do it, and they have never said they won’t.

So I’m with you. Probably won’t be this year. (Edit: and when I say “probably”, I mean near zero chance!) May well happen another year.

This coming update, we’ll get the Krait, the Challenger, and… can’t remember, anything else expected? Did they finish the changes to the Kill Warrant Scanner already?


I believe they did, think they patched it in with a minor patch during the 3.0 run.

Also, we’re getting a Guardian ship. What else are those Vessel Blueprints for? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t seen anyone at Broo Tarquin’s base before this, but today there were three colorfully-named Commanders.


Those little moments, they put a smile on my face. Makes me instantly forget about being ganked by an FDL enroute to an engineer that one single time EVERYTIME I UNDUCK IN OPEAN PLZ FIX THE GAME FEDVV


Still, based on that cinematic, wouldn’t it be great if they could just load our character in a sort of hall where you can, for ex. talk to the person to hand in your bounty then go across the room and ask behind the counter to have some gold cargo on your ship.

It’s not a whole planet, but just being able to use your character and walk around and talk would be great (even if it’s just in a room). Imagine you can now meet other commanders who landed in the same orbital station and you would meet in that very same room (instance).

It doesn’t sound impossible I think.


Oh yes it would be great, and I agree it doesn’t sound impossible. But…

I think you do have to do some work to let you walk around in the square room and have it look and feel right. Movement, collision, animation, scripting, etc. All stuff that’s been done a million times before in other games, including even Frontier games (Planet Coaster, Jurassic World). But the work still takes some time, effort, manpower.

So say you do the work and set up the stuff you said – which don’t get me wrong, I want that stuff. But you do it and then people say, “Great, now I have a more immersive, slower, clunkier, replacement for a couple of menus. What I could have done in the Station Services or Chat windows with a couple of clicks and keypresses, now I have to walk over there and wait for the vendor’s animation to finish before the thing happens.”

And then people just go back to using the menus because it’s faster, and the telemetry guys say “huh, no one’s using this expensive new feature, guess they weren’t interested in it after all”.

So my long winded story means, I think they need to introduce Space Legs with compelling gameplay that enhances the game and inherently needs Space Legs to do it. And until they have that, don’t release any of it, or it will fail and be abandoned.

Also if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask you for a glass of milk!


So, A TL;DR will pop here in a minute, but for now, quick rundown of the stream:

Challenger has the same core internals as the Chieftain. It swaps a size 5 internal for a size 6, a size 4 internal for two size 3’s, and a large hardpoint for two medium hardpoints. It’s got more armour and shields, and a tiny bit less agility (though that should barely be noticeable according to the devs. Not rank locked, price of 26-30 million credits.

Krait shares pretty much all internals, core and optional, with the python, having one size 6 slot less compared to the python. It is fast (370m/s when a-rated), has decent jumprange (17 when a-rated, looking at 20-25 when fully engineered), seems very agile (like, very, very agile), and the convergence on the hardpoints is insane:
Not rank locked and priced at about 40-45 million credits

Furthermore, guardian grind has been reduced heavily, weapons only seem to take a single weapon blueprint now. Also spotted (besides large versions of already existing tech) were shield reinforcements and HRP’s, both guardian tech


So maybe the Challenger is to the Chieftain as the Viper Mk IV was to the Mk III? And the Krait is a more combat-focused Python? Python’s base cost is 57 million credits, and I consider that very expensive, so these ships are somewhat cheaper but definitely not beginner ships. Which is fine.

It all sounds very cool! Maybe the revisit will pull me into Guardian tech, which I’ve ignored so far.

Thanks for the info, looking forward to any more updates you may have!

Edit: Oh shit, I forgot the Krait has a fighter bay, and three seats on the bridge. Ideal for multi-crew?


Yep, has a fighter bay (either a class 5 or a class 6), and three seats total. So indeed, it’s probably the best and only medium pad ship for multicrew fighters, since it has room for dual fighters (Keelback doesn’t), and has two extra seats (both the keelback and gunship only have one). So the Krait has the possibility of having two extra pips and two human-controlled pilots out at the same time, together with the mothership

  • Guardian FSD Booster
  • Guardian Module Reinforcement


The FSD booster especially is really good. IIRC the biggest size the module came in was a size 5, and it gave a static increase of 10ly. So, my fully decked ExploreAnaconda would jump 74ly with that thing.

Of course, it’s possible they nerfed them a bit during the fixing (maybe even buffed?), so it’s hard to say.

As for the MRP, I feel that might actually be really good. Part of what makes Guardian tech a bit meh is the fact they can’t be engineered, so they quickly loose their appeal against heavily engineered modules. But MRP’s can’t be engineered anyways, so it’ll be interesting to see what these guardian MRP’s bring to the table :thinking:


Update is complete BTW, ready to download. These are the patch notes.


Already flying and engineering my Krait. Will post in a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Right, so after I got through the initial panic scouting of Deciat, I got around to properly outfitting my Krait and Challenger.

First, the Challenger. Not a lot to say or show (no pictures atm), but I’d say it fall inbetween the Gunship and the Chieftain in terms of handling and speed. Not as bad as the Gunship, but not as good as the Chieftain. Otherwise, it’s very simillair to the Chieftain, except for weapons: you now have three medium hardpoints on the bottom, and one large plus three small on the forehead. Convergence is amazing, and I’ve already fully fitted it with frags :joy:

And now, for my new favourite ship:

The Krait

It’s internals, as said, are identical to the Python, except that it misses one size 6 slot. But it’s so much better than the Python. It’s fast (currently, with G5DDT and a hulltank build) sitting at a speed of 391 m/s normal and 537 m/s boost. That will probably drop a bit as I engineer other stuff, so but 380/520 is a safe bet.
It’s also highly agile. Dare I say, FDL level of agile. The yaw rate is pretty bad however, but pitch and roll are amazing.
Weapons and combat, I haven’t tested it yet (most of my weapons I still need to get ;-;), but convergence is amazing.
And then jumprange. I was lucky I could unlock the FSD booster right away. On this current build (combat, as said), and by taking out the SLF bay for a size 5 FSD booster, I get this:

People have reported 50+ LY on dedicated exploration craft.

Python? What ship is that again?


Great to hear you’re enjoying it so much! Can’t wait to try!

That said,

I will forgive your heresy, as long as you STFU :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But can your python do THIS:



If it makes you feel any better, I’m currently flying my Python

To gather mats for the Krait, sure. But I’m flying the Python :stuck_out_tongue:


To keep you fans in the loop…


I think I screwed up. I replaced my Python’s G3 Efficient Beams with G5 Long Range. It doesn’t seem worth it. The gimballed beams don’t seem to hit well at long range, and they overheat the ship with sustained fire. I could put Thermal Vent on one of them when I get the mats together, but… I’m not feeling it.

Thinking of G5 Efficient, Oversized for the Python, then just close with the target to attack. I might use Long Range for the Dropship’s turrets though.

The Asp will get G5 Lightweight. With a preposterous 90% mass reduction, I might even put weapons back in the small hardpoints (I’d emptied all four to save weight, and just kept the two mediums).

But I’m running low on mats. Probably gonna need to go farming.