The Elite Dangerous thread


As a matter of fact…


Just wanna share this post I wrote, given I see so many people complaining about ‘the grind’ in ED:

It’s only a grind if you make it a grind
That may sound like real forumdad talk, but it really is the case. I have well over a 1000h in ED, and I’ve never really found myself to be grinding for anything. Once I feel I’m burning out on something, I switch to something else. I still don’t have all the engineers at max level (or even unlocked), I still don’t have max rank with the feds/imps, I am only Elite in one profession; try to set multiple goals, and switch between them, spread them out over one another. It will greatly improve your enjoyment of the game


Exactly how I feel.


So, after deciding to do away with my dedicated passenger Beluga (already have an AX Beluga, and I like only having one of each ship), I figured I’d step up my mining game a bit (mostly because our faction has submitted a mining-related CG). Already had a type 6, but that’s mostly set up for very specific mining. So, with the funding of the Beluga, I got myself a Type 9. Two small mining lasers and a medium one, two 3A and one 5A collector and a 1A prospector, a 4A refinery, 6A prismatics and 656 tonnes of cargo. I managed to snag a fully engineered PD and trusters from my Beluga, as well as G5 reinforced prismatics. Had to overcharge the PP a bit, but luckily only to G2

This thing is a beast. It handles like a platinum brick, but I’m getting used to it (also because I’ve been flying my Type 10 a lot, which has only slightly better handling). And damn, the speed at which I gather large amounts of stuff is impressive, I must say. Made about a million just mining every astroid I saw. "
What also helps is that Platinum sells for 49k per tonne here :joy:


Nice. I bet you can mine for a long time before you fill that thing up. Do your mining lasers produce fragments fast enough to keep all your limpets busy? Be sure to get as close to the rock as possible to minimize flight time on the limpets.

I sure am happy with the Dropship for mining. My loadout:

At some point I’ll re-engineer the beam lasers with Long Range, rather than Efficient. Often only one fires at a time, so I don’t think efficiency is really called for.


I generally have to wait about a minute, two at most for my collectors to work through all the fragments. I’m considering swapping a small cargo rack (a size 4) for another 3A collector, but I’m not sure

And yeah, took me a while to fill up. As said, about an hour and I was at about 400t capacity (of which only about 300 was limpets :joy:)


Yeah, in the Dropship it takes me roughly an hour to turn 56 tons of Limpets into 96 tons of ore, lol


This sounds VERY COOL!



P.S. I see everything


Ah yes, I tried to post it this morning but it seemed the link didn’t work right on my phone, and I ran out of time to screw around with it.

Edit: for those without eldritch powers, it was this:


While I’m waiting for a build, I will elaborate…

I thought the above was interesting because

  • The gossipy tabloid story is amusingly appropriate to Aisling Duval’s character
  • The Elite series of games has consistently hammered on the deep divide between the Federation and the Empire, so on rare occasions like this they can make us say “Oh, my”
  • Personally I anticipate (not hope) someone will be murdered before the wedding comes to pass, and I don’t think it will be Aisling.


Probably her fiance or something. Should keep the Princess worshippers (myself included) happy.



Maybe no one has the Corvette here, but damn, in my opinion this is how you do a paint job.


Too bad they’re too many dark colored ones. Makes it hard to see the paintjob when you’re out in the black.

(I’m digging the red one though)


but dude they’re metallic


:man_facepalming: :rofl:


They indeed look pretty, but I’d rather stick with my unicorn puke pain pack :stuck_out_tongue:



Now all I’m hoping is decent internals and a decent combat-jump range (20ly would be great, like my FAS). Then, it’s gonna be my favourite ship in the game. Always liked the Python’s firepower (pacifiers and hammers, hello!), the fighter bay is insane (mobile size 4!), and the looks :drooling_face:


*Space Legs not included

:wink: Yeah can’t wait!


TBH, I would’t be surprised if that trailer was like a proof of concept for the team. Like their first dip of the toes into the stormy ocean that is spacelegs. A safe, relatively easy option to test some stuff out, and gauge reactions of the general public

I’m really not expecting spacelegs this year, next year, and maybe even not the year after. But it’s coming one day, and I’m waiting for it