The Elite Dangerous thread


Ok so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but…I went to one of the planets someone suggested in a reddit comment where you can prospect mine Germanium and Molybdenum.

Germanium at 5.2% and Moly at 1.6%.

Now, after an hour of mining later, I have only 9 Germanium.

That’s right, 9. Now the other element requested for the community goal is called Rhenium. Surprisingly, not an element I can filter on, but apparently it’s a very common element you can find in Ice rings.

If true, then that would mean I will have to go all the way back to outfitting station where I left all my mining stuff and get back out there in an ice ring.

Sigh, I feel like I just wasted a lot of time for not much reward. Grade 2 rarity my #$%. Gonna play something else, I still have time for the CG.


Off course stubborn me decides to continue a bit further and happens to come across a goldmine of 2 moly and 2 germa.

ED is a love-hate relationship sometimes

Edit. I handed in 96 tonnes of Germanium and Molybdenium, got me to top 75%. I wonder, since cargo space doesn’t matter, can I carry 2 SRVs? Or is there a way to refuel and repare the existing SRV without having to return to a station.


Glad you found what you needed!

The percentages are just one figure, I think it’s more complicated than that. The type of world will influence how long it takes to find deposits. Ice worlds are usually worst, then rocky, with high metal content (or metallic) being best.

There are different types of deposits. Generally the rocky outcrops and bronzite chondrites have common mats. Mesosiderite have a mix of common and rare. Metallic meteorites have the most rares.

Yeah you can fit your ship with a larger class bay to carry two or even four SRVs. But that’s to have backups in case you completely destroy your SRV.

You can repair and refuel the SRV in the field via Synthesis on the right control panel. You only need common mats that you are probably already carrying lots of.


Scanning the debris field for survivors.


So, this is quite interesting. Everybody start hoarding mats!


I’m warming up to the Imperial Clipper. Random thoughts on my experience so far with an A-rated, partly engineered Clipper:

The lateral thrusters are as weak as everyone says. Other than that, it’s snappily maneuverable in both normal space and supercruise. It is a fast ship, Cobra Mk III fast, at least with an empty cargo hold (haven’t tried full yet). It’s very hard not to speed in and around starports. You slooooowly lift off the pad, hit the gas and whoa, shit! — pull back on the throttle again. Every time!

Jump range is decent enough after engineering. I expect that will drop off dramatically with a full hold.

This is the first time, on any ship, that I’ve installed an auxiliary fuel tank. The built-in one is quite small for the demands of a ship this size.



When it comes to the drives, I’ve learned of a dirty trick (works for all blueprints, but is most useful for drives).

Go to Palin, and pin the Dirty Drives Blueprint. Then, before remotely engineering it, go to Farseer. She does drives to G3. Roll a G1 drive upgrade, and apply the experimental effect. This effect will last throughout the grades. Meaning, you can slap a G1 mod on, slap an experimental on it, and then use remote engineering for the rest. Saves you a 600-1200ly trip every time you want to max out your drives :slight_smile:

As said, it works with all blueprints that are done by multiple engineers, but drives are the most noticeable ones.

Just make sure to apply the effect before remote engineering it. Engineers can only apply special effects in the tiers they offer the blueprint. So if you remotely engineer your drives to G4, you’ll need to go to the Pleiades either way :joy:


One engineering discount weekend later…

Meet Midir

This is the plasma Corvette I talked about a while ago. 5 PA’s, one feedback rail, and one turreted corrosive multicannon, and after soloing a few wing assassination missions, I must say I’m really liking it. It has F-you shields (7.7k raw shields, ~13k when taking resistances into account, backed up by dual 7b SCB’s. This is in the normal 2-0-4 pips setup I use for wing assassination missions), F-you armour (5k raw, 9.4k when taking resistances into account, backed by dual 4d MRP’s), and F-you firepower (on average, one salvo takes at least a single ring of shields down from Corvettes and Condas. I’ve shot an Elite-ranked Conda on 97% hull with the corrosive debuff, and it put him on 43%. I’ve one-shot a competent-ranked eagle).

Also made great progress with other ships; most of them have G5 Charge enhanced distributors, almost all HRP’s in my fleet have been G5 Heavy Duty’ed, I’ve gotten my Viper MkIV bunker buster useable (not quite done yet, but it’s capable of its job now), and I’ve made large steps with my HazRez Type 10 build.

And before the Skimmer missions got nerfed again, I managed to make a fair chunk of cash, allowing me to buy the Corvette and Type 10, but also a DBS (going to be setting that up as a silent runner sniper, with two rails and two hammers), a Cobra MkIII (back to the roots (and they had a Dutch flag skin for it, so I’m using that as my ‘flagship’ now), and a more general small-size weapons platform), Imperial Eagle (going to be setting it up for racing, projected speed of 699m/s normal and 932 m/s boost!) and Type 7 (which I’m going to set up as a Fuel/Hullrat).

So yeah, I’ve been busy :joy:


Damn, dude :laughing: Very impressive on all points.

I have done very little by comparison. Also I could not be bothered to plan my engi mats ahead of time, and I’m not sure if the engineering discount special really helped me. All along, I’d been patiently gathering up, here and there, mats that had given me a problem in the past. This weekend, I visited engineers who wanted mats I’d never given a thought to before. Yes, I could have traded down at a materials trader, and I did, as needed. But I didn’t mass trade any materials, because then I’d be on the hook to do all my engineering before the special is over, after which I’d be left with a truckload of useless mats.

However, I have been playing pretty consistently. I’ve A-rated my Clipper, and done the most important bits of engineering, with the notable exception of shields. I’ve flown it a bit more in the freighter role I’ve given it, gotten comfortable enough I’m keeping it, and named it Moments of Transition. Used it to get to the 50th percentile in the trading/smuggling CG (I refuse to trade in Narcotics or Tobacco, but I will smuggle Beer, which is illegal in that system. I carry a full hold of legal Coffee when enough is available.)

What is the meaning of your killer Corvette’s name?

What do you do specifically with a bunker buster? I get that it’s about planetary assault, but which mission types? I’m sure I’ve never done one.

“flagship” :man_facepalming: haha



I remembered there is this thing called Google, and now I think this is either a nod to Old Irish mythology, or (much more likely) a Dark Souls reference.

Edit 2: I had wanted to name the Clipper Enlightened Self-Interest, but it was too long and wasn’t allowed.


My stable of ships on EDSM:


I already had a truckload of mats ready, I was nearly done picking up my ‘normal’ shopping list for my corvette when the weekend was announced. So I had a bunch to trade down ^^

The meaning, as said, is a reference to a Dark Souls 3 boss, Darkeater Midir. My all-time favourite soulsborne boss, and considered by many to be the hardest boss in the game, if not the franchise. He’s big, hits like a nuke, can tank a nuke, and is honestly not that difficult once you get to know him. Which coincides with my Corvette: it’s a big ship, that hits hard and can tank a lot, but is also ‘easy’ to counter (PA’s don’t exactly have a fast shot speed, so dodging is kinda easy).

And with bunker buster I mean it carries two medium torpedo tubes. With reverb cascade, it can destroy shield generators completely. Great for pesky Cutters with insane shields :slight_smile:


/u/ToCoSo posted another one of his Photoshop masterpieces on Reddit. LINK


A pretty good mass jump from Small Worlds Expedition 3.


There was another Reddit thread on ship names, a couple of my favorites from that:

Fer-de-Lance Armstrong

Used for smuggling narcotics. It’ll be OK until I eventually get scanned and caught in 20 years time

(The Type-9 is a huge freighter infamous for running over small ships as it fills the station mailslot)

My T9 is named “LOL SORRY” so hopefully that’s the last thing anybody that was trying to leave the station without being careful sees.

This is an old joke but I still like it:

Indestructible 2



When it comes to my ship names (and bare with me, it’s not updated yet after my latest spending spree xD)

ID—Ship name—Ship type

RDS-10—Bugger Off—Beluga Liner
RDS-12—Nighthawk—Viper MkIV
RDS-14—The Greatest—Vulture
RDS-16—Sanctus Dominus—Fer-De-Lance
RDS-19—Extatum Et Oratum—Federal Assault Ship
RDS-20—Brrrrrrt Reynolds—Federal Gunship
RDS-22—Pneumonic Plague—Imperial Clipper
RDS-24—Septicemic Plague—Imperial Courier
RDS-28—Dong Euphemism—Imperial Cutter
RDS-30—Klondike—Diamondback Explorer
RDS-32—Blockade Runner—Asp Explorer
RDS-38—Gaia—Type 6 Transporter
RDS-42—Taylor—Alliance Chieftain
RDS-48—Onversaagd—Sidewinder MkI

As for the meaning:
-Named after the F117 Nighhawk Stealth bomber plane
-Muhammad Ali’s nickname (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee)
-Song name from Powerwolf
-Idem Ditto
-Form of the plague, fast and deadly disease (ship’s also fast and deadly)
-idem ditto
-Klondike, the town from the gold rush (it’s my mat gatherer)
-Smuggler (named after the Star Wars ship)
-Pirate ship
-Mother earth in ancient Greek mythology (makes sense for a miner right?)
-Same name of Darwin’s ship (and the breed of my childhood’s dog)
-GF’s name
-Speaks for itself
-Name of a class of minesweepers the Dutch Navy used (fits the mine layer quite well I feel


Also, ever since it was shown off, I’ve been majorly hyped for the Krait. Today there was a livestream on Lavecon, and a lot of new stuff was shown (summary here)
Amongst it were screenies of, presumably, large variants of the guardian shard cannon and plasma charger, and human shock cannon. The screenies revealed something else however:

I’ve already been looking for a good platform to use my Pacifiers on (once I get them .-.). I already have a Python for piracy, an Anaconda for exploring, and a Type 10 for HazRes endurance fights (besides, the convergence on them is horrible). Other ships just don’t have enough of them of have weird hardpoint numbers to justify mounting them. I was thinking to maybe fit two on my Vulture, but it would defeat the purpose of it (dual target lock breaker APA’s, for peeling big ships off of others).
So seeing the Krait is highly likely to have three very tightly packed size 3 hardpoints makes me very happy :slight_smile:


Interesting. Could be powerful! But there must be 100 other important stats that we don’t know yet. :slight_smile:


Wow, some tantalizing previews of the big Q4 update. Meanwhile Q2 shouldn’t be too far off, right?