The Elite Dangerous thread


Well no, I was talking about where you sell the cargo. The rings where you mine and the market where you sell don’t have to be in the same system. I think boom state industrials have mining missions to hand out, and pay more for your product (the latter being more important).

When in Colonia mining metals, I just used the ring closest to Jaques Station. I think one pristine metallic is as good as another. Where to sell it is another question. I don’t think I got the best prices I could have, back then.

Lately, when I found a decent amount of Painite, it was worth picking the systems for the price they were paying for that commodity alone. One system might pay double or triple what another is paying. To know the current prices remotely, I had to have visited the local commodities markets – actually docked at the stations. Once you’ve been to a market, your ship effectively has a remote link and you can check current prices on the Galaxy Map. Change the mode to Commodities, and pick whatever’s worth most in your hold. Then go sell to whoever’s paying most.

I aim for Painite, Platinum, and Palladium. Along the way if I pick up some Samarium, Praseodymium, Gold, or Silver, that’s ok. I don’t pick up lesser metals than Silver. With the Ignore list set, the limpets won’t pick up unwanted fragments, and if any dross comes along with the good stuff, the hopper will automatically vent it.

BTW I can totally empathize with both the cost of nicely outfitting a Python, and the lackluster outfitting available at Colonia. It ain’t the Bubble, it’s a few small towns in the Wild West.

When I mined in Colonia, I had to use a Type-6. Couldn’t even properly outfit that! :sweat_smile:


Here the map is set to show prices for Palladium. Green triangles are places that want to sell it, blue diamonds are places that want to buy. No local systems are in boom state, so I can’t prove they pay more in this shot.

Also ignore the green trade route lines, I’d forgotten those were on there and they’re showing some irrelevant commodity.


As per request. Bah, ok there’s no Sidewinder


–> in reference to the missing sidewinder, otherwise great picture!

That said, it does look like one human CMDR could fit in there, but it doesn’t look very comfortable.


I’ve reached the Imperial Naval Auxiliary rank of Baron. I think I must accept the fact that I’m going to buy an Imperial Clipper, even though it may well be there’s nothing it can do that the Python I already own can’t do better.

I’m thinking perhaps to make it a fast, slippery freighter. It is said that the ship’s prodigious speed falls off when laden. Maybe I can engineer against that using the Drive Distributors experimental effect on the thrusters?

Edit: Played around on a bit, actually I’m not seeing the problem, I think it’ll be fast af


Looking at how my Clipper is going to be built, I’m running an endurance combat build, with plenty of heavy duty HRP’s. Ship willl weigh 730 tons, and will be able to reach 493 m/s, and permaboost at 625 (assuming 4 pips to engines)


It’s probably kind of a jouster though, right? People (on the wiki, maybe elsewhere too) say its lateral thrusters are weak.


Yeah, it flies a bit like an FAS, very agile, but don’t use the laterals 'cause they’re crap.

But it’s mostly meant for BGS stuff (meaning, probably illegal), so I want high damage but also sustainability since I’m coming over from a few systems away and I want to stay for as long as possible before having to make a few jumps to a system I’m clear in. So two efficient medium beams with thermal vent, and two efficient large bursts with inertial impact. Adds quite some jitter, but because I go with efficient I need to be close range anyways to make up for the damage falloff, so it’s pretty much built to get behind an enemy and burst it down


Ok so, yeah

Not even named yet and still needs all the work.


It’s like a shuttle in the front and sports car in the back.


A typical story of an hour’s play in Elite: Dangerous. I decide to go mining.

  1. Fly the Imperial Clipper to where I’d parked the Asp Explorer. (35 minutes)
  2. Paint the Clipper black. (3 min.)
  3. Fly the Asp to where I’d parked the Federal Dropship. (5 min.)
  4. Fly the Dropship to the system where I mine. (2 min.)
  5. Fly across the system to get to the rings where I mine. (10 min.)
  6. Encounter pirates. They see I have nothing and turn to go. Attack them anyway for no reason to protect the next guy. (3 min.)
  7. Pick up some junk the pirates dropped while I was killing them. (2 min.)
  8. Lunch hour’s up!

Note: no actual mining :laughing:


So…on your lunch you ran digital errands…


You could say that! It’s something often criticized about the game.

The flip side is that the necessity of travel gives meaning to the scale of the galaxy. It gives you another reason to want to improve your ship. And I didn’t have to insist on doing things at opposite ends of civilized space, I brought that on myself.

(I went to Li Yong-Rui controlled space to save 15% on the purchase of the Clipper and its outfitting; I went to retrieve the Asp because it can travel more than twice as fast as the non-engineered Clipper; I mine at a certain location in Alliance space for obscure reasons.)


Justify it however you want. :wink:

I’ve watched 3-4 hour D&D sessions where they did nothing but shop so I am not one to judge.




Also @DarKastlez, CG in your area


Oohhh, and it comed with a nice decal. Thanks, I guess I’ll go and do some surface prospecting then.

Or perhaps mining would be better? :thinking:


Mining will be there any time you want; the CG won’t!

Not to boast (while actually boasting), last several mining runs for metals in the Dropship, I’ve made 2 to 3 million credits an hour, depending on missions and market conditions.

I also took out the Asp, scoped out a pristine ice ring in the same area (which took an hour to locate), in case I lose my mind and take an ice mining mission. I like being in the ice rings, but you make more money for your time with metals.

BTW the meta min-maxers will tell you that what I described is terrible pay and you should be making XX MCr/hr doing something else, but whatever, this works for me and I find it pleasant for a week or so.


I mean mining for the materials needed for the community goal. Apparently Germanium can be found in rocky rings, plus there is limited cargo space when using the SRV for surface gathering so mining the materials would be better no?


Oh! No I’d definitely suggest surface prospecting. The limit on materials in your SRV is no different from your ship. You can carry hundreds of each. It’s cargo that’s limited in the SRV – two canisters.

Also, on landable planets, you can use the Detailed Surface Scanner to identify whether the stuff you want is there. In the rings, I think you’d have to mine for a very long time. I didn’t think there was a way to know what sort of materials you’d get from a ring either, but maybe I’m wrong, or maybe they changed it?

I’m at the non-Colonia CG.