The Elite Dangerous thread


40 jumps away and then I’m back in civilized space (Colonia).

I’ll be celebrating by doing some activities other than exploring (although I still intend to go to the center of the Galaxy and back).


I’m excited to hear you’ll be coming back in out of the black! I wonder how much Colonia has grown since I was there?

@LordDerp wasn’t kidding about the rarity of the meta-alloy hauling missions. I’ve yet to see one. Meanwhile I’ve been taking other jobs.

That’s cold. The hostages are in shipping containers (like slaves would be). I like to think there are life support units or cryogenic freezers in there, and that I delivered the hostages alive.


Also, I found that from a visual perspective, the containers look small. Like maybe only one person could fit in it?

I would like to see a comparison of a human vs container vs SRV vs sidewinder. Just to get an idea.


It should be possible to set up that screenshot, of course. But yes, I believe it’s big enough only for one person. I’ve seen its dimensions stated as 2x1x1 meters, though I can’t be sure if that’s at all official.


I’ve seen a thread a bit back about the possible size of them, can’t seem to find it however. It did however, find this thread, with the line:

It’s 2x1x1 meters, so pretty much human-sized.
Unfortunately, that’s one major inconsistency in the game: a “tonne” can be a unit of mass, but also – mainly in shipping – a unit of volume. You probably heard the term “tonnage” in relation to (sea-going) ships. This is a measure of how much cargo the ship can carry – as a volume. Earlier games in the Elite series made clearer that “1 tonne” is meant to be a volume. In ED however, they constantly mix the usage as unit of mass (e.g. when determining jump distance) and as unit of volume (when talking about cargo capacity).


Finally arrived at Jacques Station in Colonia. Made sure not to go over my speed limit as I approached the station.

So, what is the end result of my trip? Well, I jumped two exploration ranks and I’m now sitting at Pioneer.
Before cashing in all my exploration data, I had a balance of 120M Cr. After the cash-in, that’s now 230M CR so a gain of 110M Cr.

Pretty pretty nice. I was expecting only 30-40M Cr :smiley:


Trust me, they’re still there, I just snagged this one. But I’d advise just running missions for now, since IIRC I only got these types of missions from the factions I’m allied with


NOT FAIR :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I was working the rep with the local boom factions just in case it mattered.

Regarding the cargo canisters, based on appearance, I think the dimensions figures are very approximate. Still, I think it’s a safe bet only one person could fit in a container that size, and come out alive. Escape pods are of comparable size.

The 1 canister = 1 ton is traditional for the series. One ton of hydrogen or one ton of refined uranium, they both take the same space in the hold in the same canisters. Silly if you think about it, but there’s no real need to think about it. :wink: I think they chose to avoid another layer of complexity in an already complex game.


Congrats Commander! Did it feel incredible to finally dock at civilization again? That’s a nice chunk of change, I think putting you within reach of a Python, should you so choose. Though when I was there, the local shipyards had not a lot to choose from.


You read my mind. I flew to Colonia Hub and bought myself a Python. Tomorrow I will outfit it and start mining :slight_smile:

I also checked the mission boards at Jacques Station and was a bit disappointed. Not a lot of variety in missions. Mostly assassination ones.

Also no community goal to contribute. I wonder how many players are still active in Colonia…


Not to worry, major starports in neighboring systems have much more normal mission boards. Try the Ratraii system, Coriolis station Colonia Dream. Well, it might be in retreat right now, but I did a lot of business there.

The Colonia region is good for mining because everything’s Pristine!

Edit: They do have CGs in Colonia once in a while. I think there’s always a good number of players there, at least passing through if not in residence. It’s the only semblance of civilization for 20,000 light years! Many people announced they were moving there specifically to flee the Thargoids.


My Type-6 has a kill to its name. A Mostly Harmless pirate in a Cobra Mk IV came after my mission cargo. The mission giver radioed in that they’d pay me 130,000 extra if I took him out. So I engaged and, in a very silly combat, blew him up by flying slowly in front of him, dropping mines in his face. :grin:


I had the same with my Cutter


See, a Sidewinder interdicted me, demanded 2t of Meta Alloys. Took him too long it seems, because he opened fire. After grabbing something to drink, he got my shields down to about 95%. That’s when I decided, enough is enough. Except, I didn’t have any weapons.
I did however, have a +/-2400t ship with about 3k worth of shields and a boost speed of 500m/s

Not really worth the trouble for 20k credits, but roleplaying as a giant torpedo for once was kinda fun :joy:



not sure yet if I’m proud of this :thinking:


Yeah I know, you haven’t played today. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:laughing: Congrats Commander


So I dipped my toes into mining.

Went into a Pristine Metallic ring outside of an extraction site. Looked for good asteroids to mine, started mining, etc. A good hour or two doing this only netted me 1M Cr. Disappointing.

So I decided that perhaps it would be more fun if I took some mining missions to reap better rewards. However, not many of those kind of missions are available around Colonia + the rewards were very low on top of that.

So instead I’ll be selling the Python and try to see if I can buy and outfit a combat ship instead because of the high amount of combat missions. Also can’t use my Python for combat because of how much it costs to outfit. 50M Cr for Military Grade Composite, like holy cow.

There were also a lot of other annoying things with mining:

  1. I had to outfit a detailed surface scanner and advanced discovery scanner in order to know what’s present in each system. No possibility to buy system data.
  2. Even outside an extraction site I have to wait for the Pirates to finish scanning and leave before I can start mining
  3. I cannot logout and log back in to continue mining, as that would make Pirates reappear again.
  4. Low amount of high valuable metals even in Pristine Metallic rings. Barely saw Painite. The average CR I got per metal was around 10k.

I know E:D said they would take a look to make mining more attracting, right now it’s not.

Like, make it so Prospector limpets look for the best asteroid with the highest % of your desired metal in a certain radius. This would save a lot more time I feel.


Our resident miner will be right with you, please hold


Whoa hang on, this seems premature! Giving up on both mining and the Python already? I think in the Dropship I could pull in 2M in an hour, maybe not every time, but the last couple times probably. I’d think the Python could do better. Might just need some fine tuning to your methods/equipment.

That said, if you just fundamentally don’t find mining fun, that’s understandable, but you could still refit the Python, it’s an excellent multi-role ship.

Mining missions are generally only available in Boom state from Industrial economies, I believe. I only take one or two at a time, because they can be more difficult to fulfill than you’d expect.

Mining is definitely not a high paying job. It can be decent pay, though, and if you find the activity pleasant at the same time, that’s the reason to do it.

Responding to your numbered list:

  1. I had the scanners on my exploration ship. I’d scout the systems ahead of time, then return with the mining ship. But there’s also which shows that planets 4 and 7 in the Colonia system have pristine metallic rings, no need to look further.
  2. Outside of a RES, yes pirates may spawn in, but if your hold is empty you’ll have them out of your hair in like 60 seconds. And if your hold is full, you can lead them on a merry chase through the rocks, or just get on with the killing them. Especially in a Python!
  3. See above
  4. Need to be sure you really dropped into the metallic ring. They are usually the inmost ring. The outer ring is often just Metal Rich. Aim for the bright white inner stripe, not the big gray field of mediocrity.

There is a search to it. You can’t just home in right on the gemstones. I feel like that’s part of the fun. Bring a shit ton of limpets and be picky about which rocks you settle on. Aim for the biggest rocks, which seem to have better chances. Berty, Indite, and Gallite are trash, add them to your Ignore list. Focus on the 3 P’s.

Visit the local markets when you’re not mining. Then you can use the galaxy map to search for the best price for Painite. Which is gonna be in boom state systems. Or just use to check local commodities prices.

Shit I could go on forever on this but people are waiting for me I gotta go

Edit: punctuation, typo


I feel like Mining would perhaps be more fun to do in the Bubble than here in Colonia.

It was already hard to outfit the Python with whatever was available (which isn’t much). Although I am willing to give it another shot. Sad thing is that I don’t have a lot of choice of deciding on what system to go for, as there aren’t many around Colonia that have a population.

So, as per your suggestions, best thing I should do is first take my trusty ol’ DBX and go scan all populated systems. Then, check which ones are Industrial and in Boom status, correct?

Afterwards, I have to check if any of those systems have Metallic Pristine rings and make sure to hit the innermost ring.


Pergamon seems like a good system for me to try mining in. Has two Metallic Pristine rings, only downside is that the distance to get there is about 19k ls. Hopefully there is a station close by.