The Elite Dangerous thread


The cover shot for this file, which I can close now. Fully engineered and having proven her worth, it’s time to move on to my second concept: the mkIV Viper Stealth Bomber, made to trivialise wing assassination missions.


Flying the Cobra last night, I came across a Thargoid Medusa, ugliest and scariest of the “murder flowers”, sniffing around the wreck of a tourist megaship. We scanned each other with no hostilities, just like with any other Interceptor. No lifeboats for us to contest. When it decided to leave, I chased it to its jump point. My Cobra is faster, so I caught up and could see through its portal to the nowhere on the other side.

Of course I forgot to take screenshots of any of it.


Ah, yes, Medusa’s.Most pretty if you ask me. But given I already had major issues with a Basilisk, I’m not going to attempt those anytime soon unless I’m in a wing of actually proper AX-ships :joy:


They look like they had blood-slicked horns burst out of them. :smile: I prefer the cleaner lines and insect-carapace sheen of the others.

I’ve heard people claim the Medusa variant is always 100% hostile. Not so.

I went to a system that shows up as Thargoid on the galaxy map, looking to do some lifepod rescues. Every NHSS I drop into seems to have the instantly hostile Scouts present. What’s unusual (to me, maybe I’ve been out of the loop) is that an Interceptor is also present. After a time, the Interceptor lets off an EMP burst. The last one, I had turned back from fleeing to try to see what the Interceptor was up to, why it’s there at the same time as Scouts. I got caught in the EMP, and I drifted disabled through the Scouts, who enthusiastically pummeled me. Amazingly, when the ship recovered it still had 50% hull left, and I beat it outa there. Meanwhile, the Interceptor had left.

Wonder wth is going on there?


This article lists all the combination of NHSS’s found so far

I think the claim of Medusa’s being 100% hostile comes from the signal sources where an interceptor jumps in after a while. It seems if a medusa jumps in, it is already hostile.

But aye, I’ve met a Medusa as well, and they aren’t normally hostile when on their own. They are however, very easy to piss off. I didn’t even have enough time to get away after my Xeno scan before it turned angry on me.

Luckily, it takes them a bit to get battle ready, so I was already gone :joy:


For all you DBX fans. I hear there’s one for the Keelback too, but idk if anyone cares about that :smile:

Edit: Keelback kit actually has some fun techno-sciencey crap like on the DBX kit. I wish they had some of that for the Asp Explorer.


And if you need cash for a DBX (and to fully outfit it, and still have plenty of rebuys), head on over to Maia:

Picked all of these up in one run. Mind you, they are really, and I mean really rare, but if the factions are in boom, there’s plenty of 5-7m missions to pick up as well with more conventional goods


You also need to be of a high rank I believe, they require Elite and Broker.


That, I don’t know. You can pick missions above your rank (I do assassination missions ranked Elite all the time, I’m only ranked master), but it might be so that being a lower trade rank means these missions will pop up even less, or with lower payout.

That said, it’s a sure way to quickly rank elite in Trade :stuck_out_tongue:


those are not requirements, just suggestions


Dropping everything and going!


Ah I see.

Too bad I’m still too far away from the bubble. Oh well, there will always be something to make quick money in Elite :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring ya trade ship and head to Darnielle’s progress, 5 of the factions there have Boom as (possible) next system state. Meaning boom cargo missions, meaning lots of $$$

And, given it’s not an ‘exploit’, it feels a lot more fun as well rather than sitting in SC for an hour >.>


See there’s the problem though, I’m already in the Pleiades region in a Cobra Mk III, rescuing survivors of Thargoid attacks. No time to run back. I will find a local shipyard and either buy a disposable Type-6, or have my Python shipped at exorbitant expense – but it won’t get here in time for this play session…


I think you should be easily able to earn back the transfer costs, but buying a ship on-site is pretty doable as well ^^


Now sitting in a partly outfitted Type-6. :smiley: Hopefully the factions will still be in Boom state when I next get to play.


No worries, right now only 1 faction is in boom, but 5 have boom as pending state. I just don’t know when they’ll ‘tip over’, but you should be good; IIRC, Boom state lasts for at least 3 days anyways, up to 2 weeks max, the time decreasing the more missions are ran :slight_smile:


Before I ran for the gold rush, I got this shot. I’d never actually encountered one of these before today. There’s a blur/distortion effect around it, blurring the image somewhat.

Yesterday, my curiosity got the better of me and while I was trying to observe the Scout/Interceptor group, the Interceptor EMP’ed me up close. Then they blew up my ship.

It appears the Interceptors and Scouts are indeed on the same team. I had wondered if they represented different Thargoid factions.

In the end, though, over yesterday and today I managed to recover several occupied escape pods, and one damaged one. In the rescue scenario, an engineered Cobra excels against Thargoids. Just don’t get disabled.

Yesterday I also destroyed one Scout before fleeing. They can really soak up a lot of punishment. A 10,000 credit combat bond reward is pretty insulting, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the credit rewards are a bit meh. Luckily, I found combining it with a mission (at the rescue ships for example) makes up for it.

And next time, try scanning a probe. Fun times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I tried everything I had, but this was a Sensor so it didn’t respond.