The Elite Dangerous thread


That could be.


yes people. That’s 4800 integrity on my Beluga :smiling_imp:


but muh immersion

Edit: behind those giant dome windows should be just solid metal :smile:


Rich tourist wanted to see some ice geyers.

The moon with the geysers also had blue ice plateaus with red ice canyons.


Nearly done engineering everything… gonne be running tests tomorrow, expect videos of me winning/losing spectacularly

And remember, this liner in in the top 1% of AX-battleships!


Intermediate update after a few fights:

It could work. In terms of tanking damage, so far it has held up really well. As for the damage department… I have yet to actually exert a heart. I seem to suck horribly with the AX missiles, but given the poor power and distributor, I can’t just throw on two more gauss cannons. I am going to run a few tests using only my two gauss cannons, and after that probably head out to the guardian sites again to get two shard cannons. From what I’ve seen they are similar in power usage to the missiles, and not all that bad on the PD either, so they might suit me better.

UPDATE: Getting better now it seems, managed to take one heart out but ran out of ammo. Hull at 48%, which is nice


Right, it seems I just suck with missiles; going to go and grab the shard cannons and see how that works.

To make up for killing goids, I went and did some rescue work. I am happy to report I managed to save 2 pilots, recover a black box for authorities to find out what happened, 3 wreckage components for analysis, and personal effects so that they can be delivered to survivors.

I was sadly too late for two pilots, their pods seemingly damaged beyond saving.

And I got to flip the bird to a über-murder flower. Didn’t like that. But by the time he figured out which button he bound to 'deploy SLF’s, I was already out of range.


It’s still a mystery why the Thargoids collect our life pods. :confused:


Need them for Blueprints, how else do you think Basilisks got their 5 hearts and Medusas got their 6? :stuck_out_tongue:




I mean, I kill innocent civilians in Type-9 Defenders for mats, makes sense to me :stuck_out_tongue:






I am proud to announce that

The WarWhale is sucessful



Solo huh? Holy crap, man!


Bit of a nailbiter, I was fiddling around with a decontamination limpet but it kept being shot off, so I just had to suck it up and tank it, but at that point I’d already lost about 10% hull. But yeah, the frags work really well, and the gauss rifles are amazing.

Gonna see if I can record it tomorrow \^_^/


Tomorrow? Tsk, who said tomorrow not me I swear?


Wow, congrats! That looked tough. I bet it’s not easy to land a hit on the hearts. Were you using a proximity flak weapon against the Thargon swarm?

My recent play session was much less challenging. Chauffeur for a criminal tourist – payout 5,263,720 Cr. Rather uneventful, other than evading a couple of interdiction attempts. Police didn’t appear to even notice me. yawn


Yeah, the hearts are hard to hit sometimes, but it does help that when I do hit they usually just die in a single shot.

And yep, used the remote flak launcher. Not the best (only 33 shots, only a single one), but enough for a Cyclops, and well, I only have 5 hardpoints lol