The Elite Dangerous thread


It has better raw DPS than a Vulture (2 med and 1 large vs the Vulture’s 2 large). Besides:

The Diamondback Explorer was Lakon Spaceways’ response to criticism of the original Diamondback ship class. By extending the ship’s frame it allowed greater cargo capacity and so greater mission variety and endurance. It also brought the ship more into line as a smaller brother to the successful Asp line although at much more modest price range. The Explorer model can fulfil the same roles as its companion ship type, but is also able to operate as a fast transport and resupply vessel useful for supporting deep space operations in a hostile environment.

— In-game description DBX

The Diamondback Scout is Lakon Spaceways’ specialist combat explorer vessel. Unlike its bigger brother the Asp, the Diamondback isn’t suited as an all rounder vessel. It is popular with elite recon and pathfinder units with navies throughout human space. Its relatively low cost also makes it a popular choice with independent pilots who appreciate its combat and exploration potential.

— In-game description



Now I want a Fer-de-Lance.


It’s one of the meta PvP ships, and for good reason: it’s probably the most powerful medium-sized ship, and when set up, definitely the most forgiving one


And also one of the most expensive :grimacing:

I have over a half billion in total assets now, but I’d have to sell all the ships to afford an FDL’s outfitting, I figure!


Yeah, it’s on the most expensive side of the spectrum. Fully fit, you’re looking at around 200 million. For PvE, a Chieftain (or FAS, if you have the rank) is cheaper (around 110 million), and practically on par with the FDL. Though, given they’re more centerend around hulltanking, they are also less forgiving >.>


So, maybe I’d only have to sell the Python? Well, still, not gonna happen, hehe.



I mean, for ≈25m you have a Vulture, though the risk rises again :stuck_out_tongue:


When I finally start playing, that’s my goal!


Please keep in mind it’s a long term goal. Don’t try to fast-track it or you’ll grind yourself into hatred of the game.


But it’s so sexy…


If you want a sexy early game ship:

(and yes, I did just go and advertise an Imperial ship. I don’t like it, but for the feds it would’ve been either the Eagle (which is far worse) or the Vulture (which is more expensive))


I’m sold. :dollar:


It’s an amazing ship, trust me. Powerful weapons, strong shielding, enough power to play with, and is probably the fastest ship when combat fit (mine will do 577m/s normal and 783m/s boost when fully engineered).

Does have a tendency to run a bit hot, though that might just be my build (two plasma’s and one rail)


As another Courier owner, can confirm all of the above. Except mine isn’t as fast, just plenty fast enough.

My main complaint is it’s loud in the cockpit. Gets me in trouble with the wife as she was talking to me, but all I heard in my headphones was RRRRAARRRGHBOOOMSHRRRARR

Can’t help myself but warn you that patience is still required, you will be some time in cheap ships. The cheap, not-sexy ships are still fun! Even the Sidewinder. You can learn a lot there too, e.g. the value of outfitting.

If combat is your main focus, the Eagle is one of those cheap, fun ships, and I dare say modestly sexy. If you really want out of the Sidewinder, you could be in the Eagle in a few hours.


So last night I decided to give ED a go in VR (I bought an Oculus Rift a few weeks ago), thinking I’d have a couple of hours to play. Boy was I in for a surprise. I spent those 2 hours trying to set it up.

Originally I wanted to add it to my Oculus library, keeping all of my oculus games in 1 place for ease of access. So I grabbed a partner key from the FDev store so I could simply add it to my library for free. Clicked download, so far so good. When I went to launch it however, crash on start up every time. Restarted my computer a few times, but to no avail.

Thought I’d try playing through SteamVR, couldn’t even start that up let alone launch ED. Figured out I needed to allow the use of ‘unknown sources’ in the Oculus settings. . . Still wouldn’t work. Finally managed to get it working after restarting my PC a couple of times.

Launched ED through SteamVR aaaaannd… crash on start up. :thinking: . . . After a bit of rummaging through my files I realised I had ED installed twice (I read that you couldn’t have both the normal version and the “VR version” installed at once) as I stupidly thought the new download had overwritten the old one. So I went back to my oculus library and noticed it had listed the steam version of the game in my library too. :roll_eyes:

I uninstalled the Oculus version and launched the other one. . . Works straight away. I was kicking myself as I made it 10x more difficult than it should have been. 2 hours to do something that should have taken 10 minites. :tired_face:

All in all, it was an eventful night. :smile:

Sorry for the lengthy post, it makes me laugh thinking about it so I thought I’d share. At least I have it set up so I can give it a proper go a little later.


Elite: Dangerous in a nutshell amirite?

I’m just kidding E:D, you know I love you


Sorry for the screencap, but I just had to share this:


:man_facepalming: of course that’s why

However, I don’t think it will even allow you to plot a course to a permit-locked system. But maybe they shoot for something nearby? Omg, tell me it’s not Hutton Orbital for the you-know-what.


To be fair, after passengers got nerfed running data missions to Hutton actually paid amazing money, with single missions paying as much as 3m a pop. Maybe they were one of the grind peeps?