The Elite Dangerous thread


LOL, you monster!

And I guess that explains why I never see Harry Potter in PvP videos except when it is community related ones where he ganks on unexpected CMDRs.

I also heard it was because the group was getting too toxic and, like you said, the top players just wanted to get away from that.


Hey, don’t blame me, a man needs his funding and mats :stuck_out_tongue:

With one ship nearly fully engineered and another 19 on the backburner (one which still needs to be bought), I am going to grab every chance I can get. :joy:


I wonder how FDev will fix healing beams this time. Oh wait, they’ll reduces something else BUT fix the beams :stuck_out_tongue:


They’ll put reverb turrets in combat zones :stuck_out_tongue:


I went here:

Planet B 2
(35.9573, -104.4106)

Damage still visible from my scrape with the Thargoid Scouts.

Barnacle Forest


I poked around the site for five or ten minutes, then “Frameshift Anomaly Detected”. An Interceptor appeared overhead and let off its EMP.

It flew down and did this right next to my disabled SRV:

Then it left peacefully the way it came.


Holy shit, that’s badass


Decided to stroll a bit more into the unknown, here’s some screenshots of an interesting system I came across (I call it “fire and ice” - even though they’re both two balls of fire):



And you escaped, still in solid form, because DBX :grin:


I wonder if this is of interest to anyone that comes to this thread…


Whoa this made the rounds on Reddit a while back, but I didn’t know it went free


Returned to Europa for that screenshot I’d missed earlier when it was in Jupiter’s shadow. Looks about right, except I think the color’s a bit off, probably ought to be more dirty rust than pink. Anyway happy to have seen it. Might come back for the geysers later.

I was trying to set up a shot of Saturn when this FDL showed up and opened fire on me, probably over a handful of Tauri wind chimes in my hold. When the cops showed up, he fled, long before I could get through his shields.

I notice I’m over-using this aft-quarter perspective on my ship, gotta lay off that.


Forgot to update, but I did an effort this weekend and I am only 115 jumps away right now. I suspect to arrive at Colonia this weekend, will probably do the last few jumps in Solo (just to be safe).


Back running rescue missions at the most recently damaged station. I’ve transported an all-time total of 1,112 refugees. My Orca can carry 60 at a time.

BTW I finally installed a heat sink. Pssh, easy mode.


Yeah, one sink is really all you need imho. Even in my Beluga (which is notorious for poor heat management), I only need one coming in, and one going out.

That said, I am pretty fast with evac, partially because 2k raw shields which means zero f’s given in terms of collisions with the station 403585709019234304


where did that emote come from? O.o



Orca? Beluga? Wth?

Is there a coelecanthe?


Most of the ships have a certain order of naming.

  • The dedicated passenger ship are all named after Whales (Dolphin, Orca, Beluga)
  • The dedicated freighters are all named ‘type X’ (Type 6, Type 7, Type 9)
  • A lot of ships are named after snakes. These ship are almost always ships either bred for combat, or with combat in mind (Sidewinder, Cobra, Viper, Diamondback, Adder, Python, Asp, Fer-de-Lance, Anaconda, Taipan)
  • The Federal ships are named after their role (assault ship, dropship, gunship, corvette)
  • The imperial ships… I don’t even know if there’s a reasoning behind it (Courier, Clipper, Cutter)
  • There’s a few named after birds, these are purely bred for combat (eagle, vulture, condor)
  • And then there’s a few random ones, either because they are a modification of another design (keelback, Type 10), or completely standalone designs (Hauler, Chieftain)


Diamondback Explorer