The Elite Dangerous thread


Hey @DarKastlez I heard you like ship kits. Well, I decided the tail of my Python needed a little something; it was too blunt and plain, flat, with drive nozzles sticking out.

So, that’s $12 right there. Those white panels overhanging the tail. :rofl:


Now it looks more like a megaship! :stuck_out_tongue: I feel like ship kits are one of the better cosmetic things you can buy in the game.

That and bobbleheads. I mean c’mon, what space truck driver doesn’t have bobbleheads? :wink:



I imagine CMDRs looking at each other, then their vehicle, then opening their space windows and being like:

“Hey…yeah you…nice ride you got there.”



Are you there yet, @DarKastlez?

I love this guy’s posters.


I’m at 190 jumps away from target destination, will do a bit of an effort this weekend to bring that to under 100 jumps this weekend.

Also, I really like this poster

Plus it helps when you forget which stars you can fuel scoop :stuck_out_tongue:


YMMV (I am not responsible if you blow yourself up) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah, keep those fancy neutron highways. I’ll be just fine, truckin’ on ol’ starry Route 66.


I’ve always been using the reminder ‘kgbfoam’. For some reason Russian Secret Service foam is memorable enough :joy:


The astronomer’s mnemonic puts them in order by spectral class: Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me. Somehow it stuck with me since my Astronomy class 30 years ago.

Apparently there are some lesser known oddball stellar classes (not in game, I think), so the same professor taught us another one: Oh Brutal And Fearsome Gorilla, Kill My Roommate Next Sunday. :man_shrugging:


I didn’t get any good pictures, but


I dropped into a USS, found two human NPCs, then these guys showed up and attacked us.

There were at least six of them to start with. Killed them all, but I took a caustic missile, which ate my hull down to around 50% before I was able to cook the crap off with Silent Running.


You killed 6 Thargoids?


Scouts! Not Interceptors. I am not packing any Anti-Xeno weaponry, so I could not have destroyed even one Interceptor-class Thargoid. And the NPCs may have killed a couple of them. They survived the encounter, which surprised me.

And if there was any implied judgement there, the Thargoids attacked us without provocation! :sweat_smile:



Well. The Thargoids showed up hostile (red blips) and they fired first.

But I deliberately dropped into a Non-Human Signal Source (Threat Level 4). I knew they would come.

:shushing_face: But let us not break the fourth wall overmuch.


Well @TheMountainThatRoars , if you’re wondering about the bigger boys, I should hopefully have my ship up and running this weekend to fight those guys, expect a video of that xD


This is hilarious

Also SDC got disbanded?


I heard most of them quit, some reforming into another group, possibly called TT? Maybe? Though some of them may just be on hiatus, could return later.

Can’t expect people to play forever, especially if they put ridiculous numbers of hours into the game. I passed 700 hours a little while back, which is an enormous investment of personal time for me, but very little compared to many vocal people on Reddit including SDC members. Deep involvement in PvP, in this game, requires either incredible native skill, or incredible dedication for combat practice and grinding for the best possible ships and equipment. Or both, but at least the latter. (My opinion!)

My 700+ hours has been spread evenly over, I think, a 2.5 to 3 year period. So maybe an average of less than an hour a day for 1000 days. I generally always want more. Maybe that helps keep it fresh for me, that I can’t gorge myself to illness on it, due to that darned rest of my life getting in the way. :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh. Top Tier. TT. Maybe I should watch the video. Heh.


Funny you post that video, just finished my farm boat as well :joy:

And IIRC SDC disbanded due to a bit of a snowball effect. Harry Potter got booted because he combat logged (quite often actually, he’s quite a shit pilot on his own), and it all went downhill from there.

(That, and I think they’ve gone too long without a major salt mine incident, and are thus making a restart under a different name :joy:)