The Elite Dangerous thread


@LordDerp If you make the video, please put some 90’s music on it as you go kill the goid. I feel it’s gonna be aces.


The Gurney Slade system, where I’ve been selling my ore, is in lockdown, so the commodities market is shuttered. I brought out my Courier to do some bounty hunting in an effort to encourage the end of the lockdown. I hear bounties are buffed during lockdowns too.

Stopped to look over bulk cargo ship Ford Prefect. Used the new data link scanner feature, but only to read a ships’ log excerpt. The rest of the data points were private, so I left them alone.

Selfie with the megaship:


Actual music from the 90’s, or ‘running in the 90’s’? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a whole 'nother matter, I might need to make it my top priority to get that ship working ASAP. This was posted on the Cannon discord server:


Yeah… not sure what it means at all…


A listening post not transmitting anything prior suddenly started transmitting the exact message the a allies used to send to the French resistance in WW2 to warn them d-day was to begin in 48 hours. Also, Frontier is at Pax (which is currently running).

So, a completely mute listening post suddenly starts transmitting a warning signal from WW2, while Frontier are at Pax, and we are at war with the Thargoids, not to mention this comes after the Thargoid surface sites have gone silent? All too coincidental to be nothing.

Something big is bound to happen.


Right. But it seems unlikely they captured that message from the Thargoids, so that means humanity is going to launch an offensive against the Thargoids? But, where? Against what? Thargoids don’t seem to have a hub you could assault.

And, this will happen over the weekend? Would be better if a major event happened during the week, so FDev would be on hand in case something breaks. :confused:

Anyway I’m sure it was meant to be mysterious, and it is!

Edit: Maybe they’ll launch a series of combat CGs to try to push the advancing line of the Thargoids back to the Pleiades?


That’s from one trip to the rings. Sold a bunch of Platinum and Palladium too. :money_mouth_face:


Oh btw! If I had gone to my regular market, I would have gotten about a third of that price for the Painite. Knowing I had a big pile of the good stuff, I tried out the new Commodity view on the Galaxy Map, just added in 3.0. Glad I did!


Another night at the rings, another 3 million credits or so. Low risk, too – my mining system is uninhabited and very quiet. The neighboring systems don’t seem to have a lot of pirates either.

The Dropship miner is a success as far as I’m concerned. Well, I have yet to have an aggressor take my shields down, so I don’t know for sure how well the armor holds up, but it should be pretty tough. Stronger than the shields.

I don’t think the Federal Dropship is very popular as a mining ship, but I don’t see why not. It’s great. I hate to say it, but I think it’ll be tough mining in the Cobra Mk IV after this.


After performing some black-ops stuff for R3D, I had to await my notoriety. After racing around the station for a bit, I decided to blend in and await my freedom…


I’d say you have succeeded in blending in. I figure there’s a ship in that image, but I can’t find it. :slight_smile: Saw 3 tiny blue dots slightly up and to the right of center? :man_shrugging:

I haven’t got any notoriety yet. Worst I’ve done since the C&P changes is trespassing, easily cleaned up.

Are you with R3D now, or just helping out? I hadn’t heard of them until now. Are you still with Wolves of Jonai?


Yep, the three tiny blue dots is me. Though I’m using the midnight black skin, so it’s a bit unfair :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with R3D now. Still on good terms with WoJ, but I’ve moved to open and most of those lads play in private. Which is fine, but that does mean I barely meet people. Here at R3D, I almost always meet people when home, even though we’re only a fraction of the size of the Wolves.

I gained notoriety because I had to kill another CMDR. We’ve had massive issues with our influences dropping, and people managed to name a few CMDR’s seen running between stations over and over again. I attempted to talk a few times, got no response. Even after firing warning shots, still nothing, so I got permission from the higher ups to go weapons free.


That sounds so awesome. I imagine there wasn’t much resistance coming from the other CMDR.


CMDR was flying a Type 9, I was in my Courier. He didn’t fight, kept flying in a straight line, and kept low waking.

If he hadn’t come after me in a conda after killing him, I’d think it’s a bot :joy:


LOOOL, did he even put up much of a fight in his conda or did you not stick around to witness it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you’re dealing with stuff like Influence, I guess this means you have an alliance with one of the PowerPlay leaders, who is it? Hudson?


Nope, we run a minor faction, so we’re running influence for that. I am aligned to the princess now, but only because prismatics lol

And with the conda, I was in my near-700m/s Courier. I stuck in his blindspot, stripped his shields and did some damage before he low-waked again. Then I went and paid off the bounty, haven’t seen him since lol.



Yeah, read that, pretty hilarious to see how quickly speculations run out of hand, and I feel stupid for believing it now.

Unless this is all a diversion from FDev and next server cycle the bubble is gone.


Well, we all thought it was a clue, because they do drop obscure hints like that.


Perhaps Fdev should next time mention in the audio log: “In dear memories of …”, would have helped a lot I think :stuck_out_tongue: