The Elite Dangerous thread


FDev is notoriously slow or reluctant to take action on reports against players. They are independent, no publisher. Bigger than TRS, but I imagine them to be like we were during Evolve: short on that particular kind of manpower. People working there have jobs


Phone interface won’t let me scroll to edit that :confused:

It’s a shit job that falls to people who have more important things to do, probably.

Edit: or if not more important, then more urgent


Still, FDev did take the liberty to ban the bot accounts every-time it got reported, but only for a 30 day period. Why not a longer ban period for each repeated offense on that account? 30 days > 3 months > 1 year, something like that.

It kinda breaks the immersion of Powerplay for the very few who are so heavily invested in it, put so many hours into it only to struggle against bots used by players who don’t do anything but leave their computer running.


I have sold my heavy and light bug hunting vessels, for I have found a potentially better ship. Or equal. Or worse. More stylish and funnier at least…

I’ve bought a Beluga for Thargoid hunting

On paper, it seems on-par with my Type 10. I’m heading to the guardian sites now to get gauss cannons, will report back in a few days hopefully to see how it works.


For realz?


Yes. Two missile racks to exert the hearts, two gauss cannons to snipe the hearts, and a flak launcher to deal with swarm. nearly 6k of raw armour, 8 decontamination limpets, class 6 fighter bay, biweaves that reform in 17 seconds, 300m/s cruise and 417m/s boost speeds, permaboost with 4 pips to engines…

On paper, it looks amazing :joy:


FDev pls nerf! :stuck_out_tongue:


Still somewhat new to this camera suite thing, so bear with me, but behold, the guardian sites (spoiler, though it’s already a month or two old :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hiding this both for spoilers, and to save people mobile data when/if needed lol



I can imagine it, but it just feels so wrong. I’m conflicted. I mean, it’s a class liner cruise ship for crying out loud. You don’t see a cruise ship at sea going at full speed then go full tokyo drift.


This was back when we only had class two missiles


My new mining ship is a go!

It’s a shift to the other style of mining than the one I’m used to. I used to be particular about what went into the refinery bins. I’d watch the stuff being processed, and vent any weak-sauce ores. Now, with two class 2 mining lasers and five collectors, the rock is emptied in no time and the fragments come into the hopper too fast for me to try interfering with it. So now I just drill the rock and gobble up whatever comes out. Got a much bigger cargo bay, so I can live with bringing back some Bertrandite etc.

The ship flies weird. Mushy. Nothing like the Cobra Mk IV, which was expected, but still getting used to that.

From a screenshot I’d taken a while back in a WTF moment:



Prepare to die!



New shit just got dropped! (spoilers)
Seems give a static boost to jumprange, in exchange for more fuel used, more powerdraw, and an internal slot. Note it seems to be bugged in that it increases the fuel used by 125% instead of to 125%. But this means combat-fit Corvette’s will be able to reach 28ly, and my conda will be able to reach nearly 76ly laden, or 73ly if I decide to add a fighter bay :scream:

Pretty much a Guardian frag cannon in the same way the gauss is a guardian rail and the plasma charger is a guardian PA. Interestingly enough it has about the same power draw as the AX-missle racks, and going by initial testing I might just use those instead on my AX-Beluga


So is Guardian tech better than engineered standard tech?

  • A guardian powerplant offers IIRC comparable stats to a G4 overcharged normal powerplant, but with worse efficiency and higher weight, though the integrity is the same as a stock powerplant. Overall, only really useful as a stopgap until you get an engineered powerplant, otherwise not really usefull.

  • I have not much solid info on the PD. From what I’ve heard it’s again better than stock, worse than G5 engineered. I did however read that they might boost the overall power output of the ships powerplant.

  • Guardian weapons seem about equal to their basic counterparts, but higher power and distributor draw. They’re beast against Thargoids however


Holy Crap

Increased fuel usage is nothing to my Asp, I’ve got a gigantic fuel scoop on it.

How is the War Whale coming, by the way?

Edit: Ah, apparently it is indeed bugged, because your FSD still has a max fuel per jump limit that doesn’t move with your increased consumption. So the ship refuses to jump. Whoops!


War whale (:joy:) is coming along nicely; since it replaces my light (FDS) and heavy (Type 10) goid hunters, I could salvage a lot of (already-engineered-in-the-old-system) parts from them (Distributor and shields from the FDS, Thrusters and FSD and two 5d+one 3d HRP). Haven’t done much engineering since, but already have the Gauss rifles (which I must say handle very nicely, the top two hardpoints are very close to each other).

In two weeks I have 3 weeks off, so if by then it isn’t finished yet, it will be by then. And I’ll try and record some footage of it :joy:


I must admit that I feel @DarKastlez’s pain too, the (possible) existence of such a ship threatens my suspension of disbelief (a.k.a. “immersion”). Yet I wish you success, anyway. :rofl: