The Elite Dangerous thread


Ahhh okay, well that also makes sense.


To add to that, SC has the train of thought of 'no release until everything is in place and in tip-top order, while E:D went with the ‘barebones playable, add stuff over time’ approach.

People hate E:D for being empty and content-less, but at least it’s already worthy of being called a proper game, instead of a glorified tech demo lol


And it’s not like E:D doesn’t deliver. It is a simulation after all. It still surprises me that people would play the game, only to get disappointed for the lack of a ‘story’.

Like c’mon people, use your imagination a bit. You have a whole universe to explore and discover where you can do whatever you want to do.


Lore update on Galnet today, in case anyone missed it.


When I saw the title, I thought this guy was nuts. But after reading, he’s convinced me it’s possible.


Forgot to mention my newest ship in the fleet:

Meet the ‘Dong Euphemism’. This baby can carry up to 712t (728t without scoop), jumping at 21LY fully laden, and able to nope the fuck away from hostiles with up to 368m/s laden boost and 1600 raw MJ of prismatic glory \^_^/


wow man, congrats!


Thanks! Finished the rank for the Corvette as well, but first to go through my backlog of engineering >.>


Incredible. Though ranking up seems subjectively faster now in 3.0. I just made Chief Petty Officer today, which grants me access to Vega (I have no need to go there) and to the Federal Assault Ship (which I don’t plan to buy any time soon, if at all).

Still working on my Dropship miner, engineering it now. Running out of some key mats. I think it’s not necessary to engineer it to the same degree as the rest of the ships, though, at least not right away. I’ll just visit a couple more (Selene Jean, Lei Cheung, maybe Didi Vatermann), do whatever they can do, and then maybe actually take the thing mining for the first time. :laughing:

I got tired of the ship being nameless. I’d been trying to think of a name for a while, today decided to just come up with something. Decided to double, triple down on my theme of nerding out on Tolkien, took it to horrific levels with Randir o Hithaeglir. This is my attempt to translate “Wanderer of the Misty Mountains” into Sindarin, and I’m not at all sure I got it right, but the lunch clock was ticking so that’s what I came up with.

My Cobra Mk IV miner is named Seeking Truesilver.

Forgive the non sequitur but as long as I’m gibbering away, I’ve been meaning to say this: I’ve been reading The Expanse, and I like it. Finished book one of three, now early in the next one. It’s, in my opinion, very reminiscent of Elite’s view of the future, except not so far in the future and no FTL.


:nerd_face: I love it!


Been running a lot of illegal passengers lately to get my standing up with my new ally (Red Dice Systems), and I’m having a blast. Boosting through the slot with 500m/s and doing a slick FA-off turn to line up with the destination under the sound of a squealing sounds of a Dolphin while spamming chaff is amazing fun :joy:


At first, I thought I wouldn’t take such missions. If the cops manage to complete a scan on your way in, the station will vaporize you in seconds. Too risky!

But when you carry secretive passengers a few times and realize you can avoid a scan if you do it right, hmm, those criminal passengers do pay pretty well, and even a criminal mastermind deserves a vacation I guess?

But bottom line is yes, it’s fun :smiley:


Just dropping this here, might be interesting


That’s cool. But off course it will probably happen only in the Bubble. Meanwhile, I’m in the void of space, crying…alone.

Still 200+ jumps till my arrival at Colonia.


Why, that’s just a hop, skip, and a… ok, a lot of jumps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still, a few more play sessions should get you there! You’ll enjoy Colonia, it’s great to return from the black, and Colonia is… quaint! And charming!

200 regular jumps, right? Are you using neutron jumps too?

Edit: I’ve finished armoring up with Selene. Think my armor’s at about 2100 on the Dropship now. Shields need work, but I might just visit whoever is nearer, Didi or Lei, and then try a bit of mining. Assuming I can find a decent pristine metallic ring in Alliance space, somehow mining seems easier in the Empire, idk why /grumble


All regular jumps. I’ll make sure to gather materials to take the neutron highway when I decide to return to the Bubble. Another reason why I regret not having brought my SRV. No point of return now. All I can do is keep in moving forward.


? You just need an AFMU for neutron boosting, no materials. Jump boost synthesis is for when you can’t find a neutron star! You can start any time! Unless you don’t have an AFMU. Or even if you don’t, you can go without, though it becomes increasingly irresponsible as your FSD gets slowly damaged.

Disclaimer: Only do it if you are practiced at it, I’d hate for you to lose your ship this close to the end of your trip. And stay the living F away from white dwarf stars!


ah I see. Yeah I’ll wait doing that until I make the return trip :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t want to risk my ship.


To be honest I learned by doing, when about halfway out. I’ve never died doing it. I researched it first and carried it out carefully. But there is a definite, manageable, risk of destruction.

The real danger is accidentally dropping to normal space inside the exclusion zone and inside the jet cone. If that happens, you may be a goner. White dwarf stars have a much larger than expected exclusion zone which makes them notorious ship killers.


Wauw, this is sad. I mean, all that work they did to accurately record and monitor bot activity, present that to FDev only for no action being taken aside from a 30 day ban, that’s harsh.