The Elite Dangerous thread


Made 800,000 credits at the CZ (Low) last night. Considering how many ships I killed, in my opinion that’s a very low payout, especially considering the NPCs fighting there are pretty much badasses, and you’re in considerable danger compared to most of the rest of the game.

Guess you’re mainly paid in fun. :smile:


TBH, I don’t bother with CZ’s; too much risk and not enough money.

I prefer hazres sites, since they a) pay big cash if you’re lucky (200.000 credits per kill isn’t unheard off, even seen plenty of 300.000 pop up) and b) are single targets, so the risk is a lot lower


Yeah, that makes sense. This CZ was a couple of light seconds from a base I departed from, so I dropped in.

They seem to drop some good mats in there, but the only way you can collect them is to kite somebody out of range of the main fight.


I heard you don’t even have to join the fight, that you can just fly around as a scavenger and pick the remains of destroyed ships clean with limpets. Just don’t pick a side and stalk fights.

I’d say try that first in a low CZ, and if it works, move to a high CZ (more and bigger ships \^_^/)


I’ve heard that too, but I am skeptical. I think as a general rule, ships destroyed by NPCs don’t drop materials. I don’t recall ever seeing a loot piñata when I wasn’t awarded the kill. I’ll keep an eye out for the possibility though. :thinking:


I feel like they’d both be mad at you after that.


Well, there’s a saying that goes with it:

One’s death, is another one’s bread.



Mighty Jupiter.

Should be possible to get a more dramatic shot than this though. :confused: Got in position to see the Great Red Spot and the tenuous rings, but I feel I could have done better. Too busy making money :grin:


Sulfurous, volcanic Io.

The Galilean moon I most wanted to visit, Europa was pitch dark. Was afraid it was a bug, until I realized I’d happened upon it during a solar eclipse – it’s in Jupiter’s massive shadow. I’ll have to come back. :man_facepalming:

Ganymede, largest of Jupiter’s moons.

…and a base thereon, where I stopped for the day. That bright star above the horizon is the Sun!


A couple days ago, I took a mission that brought me to Aster in the Ross 154 system. Aster’s terraformed moon Merlin is the starting point for Frontier: Elite II (1993). The nostalgia! Unfortunately, you can’t land on atmospheric planets in this game (yet), so no visiting Sirocco Station.


So I’ve been theory crafting on how I’m planning to build my Corvette (once I’ve got the rank and the cash for it lol). I have landed on an idea that’s so completely, utterly crazy it might just work:

Screw it, I’m doing it this way (site’s still in beta, can’t get it to share a build)

Just to pick out the most important bits:

  • 2 C4, 1 C3 and 2 C2 PA’s. The two smallest ones are efficient + target lock breaker and dispersal field, the bigger three are efficient + oversized
  • Long range feedback cascade rail to counter SCB’s, and a high capacity turreted multicannnon with corrosive shell.
  • 285m/s normal speed, 370m/s boost (with 4pips to engines)
  • 35% idle, 37% full speed, 61% FSD charging heat levels, with 33 second of continuous fire to hit 100%
  • 5.7k raw shields, going up to over 14k absolute/24k kinetic/22k thermal/29k explosive strength with 4 pips to shields (and 12 minutes to go from 0% to 50%, 43 minutes to go from 50% to 100% lol), This is without the dual 7B SCB’s that, when double banked, will refill 1178MJ)
  • 4.3k raw armour, with an average of 8k against kinetic/thermal/explosive
  • Only limited by heat with 4 pips to weapons (since the railgun is only used for occasional shots and to counter SCB’s)
  • And yes, an initial price of over a billion credits and a 52 million rebuy. But that will drop a bit since I shop a LYR space and Founders \^_^/


Love it! Please let us know how well it works!

However, may I propose adding a touch more crazy to it? How about replace at least the multi-cannon with a beam laser, efficient + Thermal Vent? I have read reports that it’s very effective in cooling your ship. Dunno how effective just one class 1 laser would be, but it’s better than the multi, I’ll bet.


I said “what the f” and I took this job.

Crazy b… lady made me jump all over the Bubble, four stops, each hundreds of LY apart. She was wanted in every single jurisdiction we passed through, far as I could tell. Took over an hour just for this mission.

Finally we return to Ganymede, I’m on approach, maybe 200m from the pad and one of the local police Vipers starts scanning me. I instantly engage silent running, but they can still get closer and scan me anyway, so I slam the Python shieldless onto the pad… off center, lateral thrust, scraaaape (ship announces “Hull damage”), and locked it in, docked safely.

12.5 million credits profit.


I’ll have to run tests how quickly the PA’s burn through hulls; the two small slots are for utility, and I’m keeping the rail to burn through shields quicker. If the small damage buff from the corrosive shell doesn’t do much, I’ll slap a efficient thermal vent beam to see if that significantly increases the cooling.

But as said, that’s a bit away. I should hopefully be back in the saddle this weekend, after which I’ll first spend time to engineer a few ships to the max (probably my Courier, FDL, and FAS),and then I’ll do the final few ranks for the Feds.

And illegal passengers are great fun. I’ve got my Dolphin set up solely for running wanted meatbags, and boosting at a station with nearly 500m/s spamming chaff and heat sinks is some of the most butt-clenching stuff to do.
That, and leaving the station in my FAS trying not to lose a tonne of hull just going through the slot lol


I line up in supercruise, so when I drop to normal space, I’m lined up on the mail slot, on-axis. Then just fly at full throttle straight in, right down the middle. The cops are usually circling, positioned away from the axis, as most arrivals to the starport come in from back or side, and have to pass the cops that way.
Often, they don’t even notice me in time to begin a scan.

Edit: In my lunchtime game though, the destination was a planetary surface base. I don’t know any tricks there other than to hurry the f up.


Using money earned while puttering about Sol, I have returned to Deciat and pretty much A-rated and finished outfitting my Federal Dropship. In order to complete that, I took it out of the starport for the first time.

:joy: It may be the slowest ship I’ve ever flown. OMG! A-rated thrusters, and its top end without boost is sub-200 m/s. :laughing: Definitely going to need some engineering on this one!

Enjoying the new looks and sounds. This is fun. :smiley:

Has anyone been following Star Citizen? I checked in on the subreddit a few times. Naturally, there are a mix of perspectives there, but I came away rather dismayed. My impression is they won’t have a proper game to play for at least a couple more years… and when that finally comes, I fear it will disappoint them. I hope it turns out better than that.


How long has it been in development?


Ugh, years already. I’ll find out and update.

Edit: Wikipedia says

Development of the game began in 2011


Eeesh… Small team I’m assuming. Or just a huge vision.


HUGE team. Epically huge budget. Man in charge apparently has no filter on what features the game should have.