The Elite Dangerous thread


Lol, that was predictably awesome.


plottwist: I am a Frontier Dev in disguise, and am trying to get him fired from TRS to draw him in with us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did I mention how much I liked my FAS? I’ve only got G1 heavy duty on my HRP and G5 Thermal resist on my Reactive Surface’s, G3 Dirty Drives and a few other G1’s, and I’m able to:

-Completely stay out of the line of fire from Python’s, Anaconda’s
-Ram said Python/Anaconda, take their shields down and half their hull, with me only losing ~10% hull
-Stay out of the line of fire 90% of the time against FDS, FGS, Asp’s, FDL’s, Clippers, and most other 'big combat ships
-Dual APA’s and dual PA’s rip anything to shreds
-I can always boosts; never a downtime between two boosts, the only time I don’t boost when I hit the button is when the previous boost wasn’t finished yet.
-Fucking durable as fuck: I took on a wing of two FGS’s. Killed the first while being under constant fire from the other. Only lost 7% hull during that engagement.

Seriously, that thing is amazing. Go buy it right now if you’re serious about combat.


I have learned always to take that particular ship seriously, whenever I encounter it. It is a refined, remorseless killing machine. Enjoyed reading your write-up detailing why that is.


Got this when it first came out and was confused as F about a trade mission (first one -.-) I couldn’t complete. So I decided to give it a while to develop before picking it up again. Maybe now’s the Time?! I prefer to learn what I’m doing in single player first usually.


As a beginner, stay the hell away from Open. Too many griefers running around IMHO, who will just shoot you for the heck of it.

Right now, it’s a lot further than in the initial stages, but I have to say, with this game, you’ll either love it, or hate it. Really. It’s a special type of game. People right now even say this game is empty, but after all, isn’t minecraft too? E:D has more lore and story than MC imho, yet faaar more people play MC than E:D.
I myself really enjoy the game, ever since I started playing (back when 1.5 just released).

As for starting out, it can be compared a bit to the soulsborne games. Sure, the bare basics are somewhat explained in-game, but most of the more advanced stuff and tips and tricks are found online, in either the form of 3rd party software or youtube channels (check the OP for a bunch of them).

Overall, E:D has a lot more content than it had at launch, but some (weird) people still consider it not enough.


I feel like I should love the game honestly. I like games that are more goal driven (make-your-own-story) than story/campaign driven. Examples being Minecraft, Ark, Sea of Thieves, Gold Rush: The Game and the like.
Grindy games like these are very therapeutic for me and give me a feeling of accomplishment when I reach a goal or milestone. ( Can afford that new ship, or finally get a base set up )

But the first mission I accepted took me to a system where, what I needed to do wasn’t even there! Lol

Looking forward to diving in again when I get back to the house eventually. Probably going to go more of a transport/ hauler role to start out and save up money. Any tips to that effect?


I wanted to post this awesome image of my Asp Explorer after it had visited a tourist beacon my passenger wanted to go too.

@SQUARENecron, the site is the best place to figure what is the best trade route for you to do. You have the option to either choose single-, loop- or multi-trade routes.

Personally I prefer the loop route. I used to carry Imperial slaves in my Adder in a loop that earned me a pretty penny until I had enough for the Cobra MKIII. At that point I tried my hand at combat once I had enough Credits for multiple rebuys, which also gave me a lot of money (shooting a Pirate anaconda together with the security forces in a high RES, easy 200k Cr).

After having tried my hand at trading and combat, I had enough credits to buy a Diamondback Explorer and do some exploring (did a trip about 2000 ly outside the bubble to visit two nebula before returning back).


In the past I remember reading about bugs like this that rendered certain missions impossible to complete. Those specific bugs were fixed long ago, but there will always be bugs here and there. When what you’re doing seems broken or impossible to figure out, you gotta go online and see what the community is saying about it. Sometimes it really is a bug you need to work around, but more often it’s just that you weren’t aware of quite what you’re supposed to do.

It’s a general thing with Elite. Online research or talking with friends/community is essential. You can’t expect to figure everything out all by yourself. The game has tutorials and starter missions, and you absolutely should use them, but that in-game teaching will never catch up to the massive amount of stuff you need to know to be able to function in the game.

Probably going to go more of a transport/ hauler role to start out and save up money. Any tips to that effect?

I suggest pick a “home” station to work from. Missions from there will lead outwards to other systems. Fulfill those missions, data courier and hauling missions to start with, but return to your home system afterwards. Take missions in both directions if you can, to make better use of your time.

Doing it this way will build your reputation with the local factions. Then they’ll offer you better, more lucrative missions, once they trust you more. When I started out, I wandered randomly, taking whatever opportunities sounded good. Doing that, you end up getting the same kinda low-wage jobs everywhere.


You actually convinced passengers to set foot on that menacing looking thing, its corridors still echoing with the wails of innocent traders? You must be a smooth talker! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like good advice. Can’t wait to try it out!

Haha yeah this was in the first week of release. I heard it was a bug, but I put it down to play other things while they polished it a bit and forgot to go back.


Understandable! There have been other crippling bugs at times.

This one time, they updated the game with improved NPC AI. They got a lot tougher. But at the same time, there was a multiplayer related bug. If you got instanced with another player, somehow the game would pick different sets of AI behavior templates for each of you — and then merge them together into an unholy union of game-breaking capabilities. Like, Particle Accelerators that fire as fast as multicannons, or as fast as beam lasers.

At the same time, Engineering was introduced to the game and NPCs were allowed to use it much more freely than they are now.

So people started getting just literally insta-killed by NPCs, but the bug didn’t get fixed right away because it was too easy to hand-wave away the bug reports, after all the enemies were supposed to get tougher, git gud whiners! :smile:


Been too long since I’d seen this. Someone on the E:D subreddit made a reference to it today.

Something in my throat, ahem. :slightly_smiling_face: Sagan was one of a kind.



Or, join a Community Goal or two.


Wake me up when CMDR Plater posts the next “How to make 200 M Cr in one hour.” video…:sleeping:


By the time you’ve seen the video, the method is already nerfed into the ground:



@BearStream @SQUARENecron If any of you ever want to earn your first million with combat, CMDR Plater explains it quite well here how you can do it easily with just a sidewinder:


A million ain’t gonna do it for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still tens of millions short of being able to A-rate my Python.

However, I have made progress. Shields are now A-rated, G5 Reinforced. Four A-rated shield boosters, with a mix of G5 mods. Armor is Military Grade Composite, G5 Lightweight (slightly lighter than Reinforced bulkheads after the mod). Ship is tougher than anything I’ve flown; against small ships I can just disregard their attacks. Could probably lead to bad habits and complacency!

Thrusters and power plant still C-rated. :cry:


Are you going to make it a combat ship? Or use it as a multipurpose ship?

In combat, I’ve yet to see anything that can be as tanky in both the shields and hull, while also being a medium ship that isn’t a python. Those things are literal tanks with thrusters instead of tracks