The Elite Dangerous thread


Touring our Solar System!




Moon and Earth.

First shot’s a bit blurry I’m afraid, but it echoes the “Blue Marble” shot of the Apollo missions, so I wanted to include it.

One of many Sol system tourist beacons.

East Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and a nighttime North America.

Europe, Africa, and a bit of Greenland.

Orbis starport Abraham Lincoln, one of three in Earth orbit.


Mars, terraformed.

Going slow on my tour, running missions at each stop.


Vulture pilots, FYI:


I’m running shieldtank on mine, so I don’t ever have to worry about that; if my shields drop I’ll be running i.e. canopy away from the enemy lol

But it’s good advice for the Chief and FAS. Generally any ship I use that has hulltanking in mind has at least two MRP, but it’s nice to see a clear example here ^^



I’m currently docked at Mars High, orbital starport of Mars. The planet below is the seat of the Federal government.

Things have certainly changed here between 3201 and 3304.




Haha I can only imagine how it went.


Last night puttering around, I visited one of the Engineers so I could have an A-rated life support for the weight of a D-rated. (Almost, ran out of materials but still a good trade even stopping short.)

Holy crap engineering is different now and there are experimental effects on non-weapon equipment now too?

I need to put collector limpets on a combat ship, vacuum up a lotta pirate pieces. Where even to start? Materials trading changes everything too.


I’ll finally be able to play E:D again tonight. The saddest part is though that I’ll only be able to enjoy the new planetary surfaces from the new update.

It’ll be a while before I get back to the bubble. Oh well.


Buck up, explorer! The new planetary surfaces are a great improvement! And I haven’t seen a black square yet since the update. And you can scoop raw mats indiscriminately now, materials management is a thing of the past. (You did bring an SRV this time?)


I’m going to Colonia just for that reason :sweat:


Ok good call. But there also, if you want, you can take a breather from the pathless void. Carry some cargo, peel the hulls off some pirate scum.

Also you don’t need to read Galnet anymore, have “Verity” read it to you while you supercruise! I like it more than I thought I would.

Also I kept Verity in the cockpit, and put Victor in the SRV. Neat! (Need an outfitter to make the switch, Livery section.)

There is one advantage to being away from civilization when the update drops. There are always bugs, kinks to work out, tuning needed, and this patch is no exception. Very cool overall, a few problems for some people.


That I already did and I liked it more than I thought it would. It makes everything feel more immerseful?

And isn’t Victor a paid VO?


Nope, he’s free and ready to use! Just need a station with outfitting. At least, that’s how I did it.


I’m hoping to get back into E:D in a few days, personal issues have kept me away from my PC. First thing I’m doing is fully engineering a few ships (probably my Courier, Python, FAS, and DBX). Then head to the Guardian sites and get those goodies, engineer my Type 10 and FDS, and go goid hunting.


I finally reached the inner side of the galaxy, as star density has massively increased. Here’s a screenshot or two of my exploration today:

The triangle of Doom.

Ship decides to take a rest here. Can’t argue with him.


Omg, engineering has become an even deeper rabbit hole. It takes more mats, a lot more I’d say. But you have an even wider array of choices now, with experimental effects you can apply with no reputation penalties. The end results are more powerful than before, I think. Need a shit ton of mats, but materials traders look to be in abundance.

Gave up some cargo space on my Python for collector limpets. Pirate chunks will be transformed into more refined equipment for me.

Gonna want the Stripped Down mod on many of my modules. Gonna have to fly ships to engineers all over the Bubble. Send help


See, I avoided part of that by slapping shitty G5 rolls on the majority of my modules, so that saves me a bit of time xD