The Elite Dangerous thread


I had avoided it due to the clickbaity title, but since you put it forward, now I’ve watched it…

This guy gets it.


Only reason I clicked it was because I’ve seen his other ‘X is a nightmare’ videos and knew it was mostly tongue-in-cheek humor instead of actually hating on the game \^_^/


@DarKastlez :arrow_heading_up:

I’m sorry I’m a terrible influence on your finances probably.

Would go with that Raider Asp though


Reddit is probably worse. I’ve went out and bought the golden Type 10 after seeing a screenie lol


You’re lucky, I still have 10CAD on my account! :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’m thinking of buying those corroded SRV skin packs and the Chrome Diamondback explorer (Yes I saw you having it @ArPharazon :wink: )

P.S. Oh, it appears both won’t work, because with the conversation it comes to 10.19 (goddammit). So…what to do…


Hehe, but let me be sure I haven’t misled you – I don’t have a DBX or the skin, I took those screenshots of some random CMDR I encountered, just thought it looked cool!


I’ve been taking on some questionable missions. Scanning private data terminals, getting minor bounties put out on me. Those are easily cleaned up.

But carrying wanted passengers? That can get you vaporized by station guns in seconds. This rebel leader had decided it was getting too hot around Deciat, wanted to get out of town. Secretive, and a criminal; only paying a half mil. Bad idea. But maybe it was the purple hair, I couldn’t say no.

Should have had to dodge the cops and use Silent Running to interrupt scans, and I was ready… but departure and arrival went off without a hitch, no one even glanced up at me. :man_shrugging:


My joy knows no bounds! How many beautiful screenshots have been lost to this bug?


698 hours played. One might say I love this game.

Edit: I’m told, though, that after 1400 hours or so, you realize the game is boring and empty and there’s nothing to do, so I’m keeping an eye out for that.


3.0 update today! Feature list:

New stuff on the store, skins mostly (some interesting ones for Cutter and Corvette), but most notably a French-accented cockpit computer voice option, “Celeste”:

Story fluff!


Also, and we’re heading into spoiler regions with this:

The new Guardian sites have already been found and solved. Places selling Guardian weapons are already found. And a Guardian Skimmer has been seen as well


Also, and we’re heading into spoiler regions with this:

Umm… I carried a passenger, saw three planets, and got my Sol permit. Feeling kinda inferior now.

New planet shaders :+1:

Also I feel like mission payouts have been buffed. And you can select how you want to be rewarded, emphasizing money, reputation, or faction influence. Cool.



Holy bejesus:

Interesting is the PP:

  • Heavier
  • More heat
  • Insane power generation
  • Dirt cheap credits-wise

But what makes this insane is that they can be engineered.
So, due to the massive power pool, you can easily downgrade a size (removing the weight issue), and modify them with low emissions (removing the heat issue).

God damn


I’ve always liked Yahtzee. Any man who loves Elite: Dangerous and hates everything else is all right in my book. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW that review was from 2015, but still 99% accurate, heh


Took a rich tourist to see this moon. It orbits just outside the parent planet’s rings.

From the surface looking up, I could actually see the gritty ring material slowly streaming past in its orbit!


Reading up on the wiki, I stumbled upon this part about Cannon and one of their CG’s:

A 10-tier community goal was launched by the Canonn Interstellar Research Group to build the ship, requesting the delivery of 35 million tons of Indium, Computer Components, and Tea. It started on 11 May 3303 and 9,721 players contributed to complete the goal in 64 hours. There was a delivery rate of 9114 tons per minute.

9,721 players contributed to complete the goal in 64 hours. There was a delivery rate of 9114 tons per minute.

that is insane. And I thought the Wolves were quick with their latest CG


Wow. Actually I think I participated in that one! IIRC, there was a decal reward… I bet that was an incentivizing factor in that incredible turnout.


So, I was thinking if people here are interested in hunting Goids in wings? I’m going to retrofit my FDS for the new Guardian weapons as a ‘light AX craft’ (my Type-10 being the heavy hitter).

Anyone interested?


I can’t for a number of reasons, but I wish you luck getting a wing together, that would be fun!