The Elite Dangerous thread


I think the way you read that is, 18 LY with an empty hold and running on fumes. Get a better FSD before setting out next time! :smile:


Could only afford a D rated one especially after the 1.75m cost for both scanners in total, which I wasn’t expecting to cost that much.

Say if I somehow end up dying, do I lose all the potential money, kinda like how bounties work?


Yep. Run, don’t fight!


Just noticed, should I be jumping to the “economical routes” or “fastest routes” since the different looks quite a lot in amount of jumps needed:


:laughing: yes this is something that hits many ED players. Choose Fastest. But, just checking, you did bring a fuel scoop right?

Edit: ah, I see in an earlier screenshot your tank is near topped off. You must be fuel scooping. I just had to be sure you weren’t relying on Economical to get you there without scooping, lol


Yep I made sure that was one of the first things I bought before setting off before I forgot, cus knowing me that’d happen

Found a station and sold all but two, got 2.1m for them so far which is pretty nice

Does the price change depending on how far you travel away before selling by any chance?


yep. The further you travel away, the more you get for your exploration money.

Hence why I just like to go into the void entirely. Like an empty goldmine waiting to get picked at.

That said, I hope you have enough money in your balance to afford the rebuy. If anything, I think it would have been better to use a DBX for exploration rather than an Asp (at least until you have a healthier budget)


I have caveats on this but gotta do work stuff first


AFAIK these are the only ways distance affects exploration scan payouts:

  • If the scan target was closer than 20 LY from the point of sale, no sale.
  • Several thousand LY from the Bubble (and not near a nebula or other visible landmark), it’s easy to find undiscovered bodies. If you’re the first to discover a celestial body, you get a bonus percentage for that scan (it might be +30%).


Right! I’m mistaken with rare goods that increase in value as distance from purchase point increases


@xPredators don’t feel bad about only d-rating it, I’ve seen a person buy a DBX (at a station where they didn’t seel anything higher than class 3 FSD , mind you). Poor sap remembered that lower mass=more LY’s, but forgot the FSD is directly responsible for jumpranges.

He bought and fitted a 1D FSD on his DBX. And since he was out of cash after that (mistake number two), he was stranded :joy:


Oh boy here we go

Edit: Done in 9 mins, a lot faster than I expected but it’s fine by me!


Ok I bought a 5B FSD and the jump range is now 24.75 (26.59) ly


(spamming but can’t do much about it)

What on earth are these weapons, never seen this category before


They are the weapons used to take down Thargoid ships I believe. Not sure how effective they are on regular ships though, but I’d guess they aren’t too great.


@Jedi_Warrior is right; when running 4 (albeit turreted) large Multicannons on my Type 10, the damage is abysmal. I tend to finish an enemy solo with a fighter and just use my ship as meatshield lol


Ok so my plan is to either do passenger missions since they seem to get a lot of money and seem fairly easy for the short distance ones at least


Save for a ship like the Type 7 and do a lot of trading

Exploring is alright but I kinda find it a bit boring for some reason, but I’ll need to keep doing it to be able to afford a Type 7 if I wanna go down that route since I only have around 6mil currently

Also, good ways to increase reputation with factions? I got Alliance maxed out by doing the bounty method at mining sites fairly quickly but it’s rather tedious having to wait for the police to finally start shooting the ship I’ve scanned 10 minutes ago


Run missions for them – keep returning to the same factions you want to rep up with.


Why not both? The type 7 can fit a bunch of economy-class cabins, but also plenty of cargo.

For the passenger missions, you said it, you want to look for short-range bulk-type missions i.e. 25 refugees looking for transport/30 tourists looking for transport, such stuff. for trading, there’s always a hot new trading route (just google a bit), but you can never go wrong with Imperial slaves voluntary workers.