The Elite Dangerous thread


Diamondback Explorer enthusiasts, this skin is available again – I thought it looked pretty cool when I ran into this ship at a crashed Thargoid scout:

This and several other time-limited metallic paint jobs are available now for the low, low price of $4 each, act now while supplies last!

j/k I’m not buying any… I don’t think. Probably not anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


People like this guy are simply awesome, putting up tools like EDDB for us to use for free, and then dealing with this crap. Hard to imagine playing ED without this service.


What’s a good way to earn money other than the method that @LordDerp posted 18 days ago? It feels like even that will take forever to get the top-end ships and I currently have a Vulture for some reason


I think that reason is to make other ships go boom. Don’t have one myself, but that’s what I gather.

I dunno man, it took me two years to be able to afford a Python. I don’t consider ships as immediate goals, my immediate goals are doing things. Always wanting the next ship leads one to grind. I made that mistake in Frontier: Elite II, and I didn’t like it and won’t repeat it.

That said, I think the “Road To Riches” is popular for some people, and then there’s passenger missions in carefully selected systems.


What do you do for the road to riches one?

I googled it and this was the top result

Do I just get money for going to them places or is it trading goods at each stop or something?


That looks like it. I recall the route was created by CMDR VicTic.

You need a ship with good jump range so you don’t have to spend too much time just getting to the systems. Bring an Advanced Discovery Scanner and a Detailed Surface Scanner. When you get to one of the systems, honk the ADS. When your scan targets are revealed, target each one and fly close enough in supercruise to get a detailed scan.

When you’ve had enough, return to a starport and sell your data at Universal Cartographics.

This is the “explorer” role in the game boiled down to a fast money scheme. No discovery, no surprises, just mechanical jumping and honking, never stopping to smell the roses. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you plan to do with a top-end ship?


Honestly no idea, they just look really fun and nice.

I might give that method a go though, should I exchange and buy the Asp Explorer for a better suited ship for the method?


I love the AspX, but the DBX is a lot cheaper and jumps a bit farther when maxed out. So it’s the new ship of choice for fast travelers.

I use AspX for exploration, because it’s got room enough to bring all the stuff I want (SRV, AFMU, shields, etc.), still with a great jump range.

I keep feeling like I want to try the DBX but I have no reason to. Lots of people love the thing.


Looking at the link I posted, would I have to start from the very top of the list?

If not, how do I find out which one is closest to me currently?


No, you don’t have to. I suspect they might be laid out in a route that minimizes travel time though. I’d just type some of them into the Galaxy map and see what pops up.


Like @Arpharazon said, there’s no endgoal. Just think more about what you would like to do in the game, and just DO-IT. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re tired from being a bounty hunter, I suggest getting into the trading business for a while. There’s even plenty of action where that comes from as pirates sometimes try to steal your cargo.

Also, try to participate in one of the community events! The rewards are sometimes more worth it than grinding for bounties.


The first one on the list is only 19 jumps away in total actually so I’ll just start there


What I did over lunch…

Always a bad idea. If you’re scanned by the police, they’ll open fire. If they do it within range of a space station’s guns, say goodbye to your ass.

I don’t even know why I did it. She paid less than 400,000 credits. But I got away with it, silent running.

Took on a bunch more jobs. Got an offer to sell those refugees into slavery: refused. Was about 60 seconds from dropping into their destination, they said they’d got a message it was no longer viable, could I please take them to another system? /sigh ok…

Yes, I’m wanted. In some podunk system I forgot where. Waiting for the bounty to cool off enough for me to clean it up at Interstellar Factors.


Pfft totally did this legit…


So you picked up the Asp after all! What jump range are you getting?


If it says that at the top right does that mean I’ve done all the scanning that I need to do?

Also had a close call after taking that combat rank screenshot since my heat went up to over 250% and I have no idea why, probably something to do with a purple sun.

As for the jump range I have no idea how to find out unless I’m at a station but it was around 15ly I think, couldn’t afford much after buying it


Uhhh what

I remember doing 30k ls and that was long enough, let alone basically 90k


Yeah that’s one planet completely scanned for max profits.

Jump range should be visible on the right panel, rightmost tab, IIRC.

Yikes, you should be getting over 30 LY easy. I never buy a ship unless I can afford to A-rate at least key modules like the FSD and power distributor.


Ehh just set course and go make a sandwich. Probably 10 minutes flight time. :slight_smile: