The Elite Dangerous thread




I really like how Elon Musk is moving space travel forward. I mean, re-useable rockets? Would NASA with government funding ever have come to that point?


I think Musk is doing the good thing. Governments have so much to spend money on already, they’re better of using that money they can to slow down/halt/reverse us fucking the planet up, while people with massive capita (i.e. Musk) look for getting off the planet. Better split up the work and ‘excel’ at it, rather than taking on both tasks and half-arsing it.


US should spend less money in the army and more into science. I mean, look at this


Exactly. Countries have different and sometimes… questionable priorities (let’s not delve too much into that lol). Private corps only have to worry about themselves, and after that, can do whatever the hell they want. And if the owner of such a private corp happens to want to go to space… there ya go.

Elon Musk is the living embodiment of "Why? Because I can."

(but this is getting a bit off-topic :joy:)


The Feds offered me an ideal Midshipman rank advancement mission to assassinate a pirate lord – but it has to be right now. And lunch is over. :rage:


'sokay Arph…


This cool poster tempts me to join them in the repair effort.

even though they totally blew off the Alliance, jerks


Except for the rare bit of smuggling, I am (or, my Commander is) pretty anti-crime, certainly anti-pirate. But damn, Isinona sure makes crime look fun.

To be fair, his crimes here are non-violent.

To those new to the game, Isinona makes extensive use of Silent Running and heat management to try to stay off the scanners of potential enemies. Ship sensors in Elite detect heat. Silent Running closes the heat vents on your ship, which makes you nearly invisible on sensors, stealth mode. But heat builds up and will cook your ship if you don’t do something about it.

Isinona vents heat at strategic moments, and uses Heat Sinks to collect and eject heat without leaving Silent Running mode. He also deactivates modules he doesn’t need at the moment, to minimize his heat signature, and give himself more time in Silent Running.


Whenever I start playing, pretty sure I’m gonna opt for super stealth and turn pirate.


remains silent about the trader genocide I committed just a few days ago >.>


You know what would be cool? If there was a legal way to confiscate contraband and turn it in to the local authorities. Your payment could be in reputation instead of credits. And rank, if applicable. I would do it!

Edit: self plug karma whore


Heading to Maia to engineer the fleet’s thrusters, when suddenly:


Made Midshipman, bought the Federal Dropship, began outfitting it. Cash down to dangerously low levels. Back to flying the Cobra Mk III. :laughing:

I honestly don’t mind. :smile:


Are you a Narc now?


lol! No, I would describe myself as a free agent who hasn’t wanted what the Feds have until now.

Sol permit isn’t too far out of reach. I’m more than 20% into Midshipman, next rank grants the permit.



I am ready!

Actually not entirely ready, I thought when the update drops I would like to go exploring and see the new planetary shaders. But I’ve also been wanting to build out my mining Dropship, help with station repairs out in the Pleiades (kind of curious if a successful repair will trigger some story development), and check out a newly discovered Barnacle forest. Anyway, no complaints here!

This won’t be in the update I’m sure, but I found this interesting: subtle but significant proposed (further) changes to the Kill Warrant Scanner. If they do this, I could for example bounty hunt in Alioth without making any of the local factions angry. They’d, apparently, welcome my removal of unsavory elements from within their ranks.


That’s what a Narc would say…


“The attacker tried every kind of sql/malware injection. I had to make sure he didn’t succeed. To my knowledge my input escaping worked as intended :)”

From the EDDB creator - why would someone even want to do this. for what purpose?

P.S. Oh apparently it was to get user data.