The Elite Dangerous thread


IMHO, the mkIV Cobra and Type-6 are the best starters, the Python the best that can still land on a medium pad, and the Type-10/Cutter/Corvette/Conda for the ultimate platform.

When it comes to mining of course


Another reason I hate this game. Spent 2 hours yesterday looking for two pickups of Technetium. Only managed to find one before heading to bed. Booted the game this morning, started driving, first BC I shoot:


What do you need Technetum for, if I may ask? Also, why don’t you wait till the update drops and see what the material trading market offers? :stuck_out_tongue:


I was wondering the same thing. I don’t recall ever needing Technetium. But apparently it’s used in quite a lot of recipes! Mainly tanky combat-focused applications, if I had to generalize – which is probably why I was unaware of its utility.


I doubt this affects any of you but the Horizons pass is on sale on Steam currently for 50% off


And base game 75% off, if I heard right. Seems almost enough to move a Mountain!


IIRC I need four for my G5 rapid fire frags, and a few more for reinforced utility mounts (for my federal trio mostly).

But yeah, first time I’ve used it too :joy:

And I’m doing a massive round of crapgineering: slapping a single G5 mod on everything, so I can immediately convert to G4 once the patch drops. If I have time left after that, and feel like it, I might farm more high-level materials so I can downtrade when needed.




Does it not get…grindy for you?

Although I’m not a good example myself, as I’m grinding in a mobile game myself :smiley:


Eh, I don’t mind material gathering. Most of it is done in the SRV (either surface prospecting/Dav’s hope, which has something relaxing, or base runs for data, which is quite exciting). Only thing I hate are the few materials you can only get through USS; those can go suck a bag of *******

Besides, I switch it up quite a lot. Every once in a while swap to a combat ship and shoot some baddies. Last time I had loads of fun in my Funship pouring tonnes of lead into people, all the while having my NPC crew melting their faces off. And just yesterday, I took 7 pirate lord missions at the same time, two of which in the same anarchy system. Ended up having to solo a Corvette and FDL. That fight, combined with the eurobeat blasting in my ears, was amazing fun too.

And once I’ve properly engineered my ships, I’m planning even more; Black Ops for the wolves, newbie protection, CG’s, Goid hunting…


But when will I play?!?


When you’re supposed to be doing other stuff of course!




The cold beauty of the Milky Way is in that bottle. Why not just have a taste?


You’re all pushers!


Remember, it’s not the destination that counts, but your journey towards it :wink:

Take your time, there is no-one waiting and no goal except the one you set yourself :slight_smile:

P.S. I should be in politics…


I just reached an exploration gold mine.

Found a system with 1 terraformable metal content world, two terraformable water worlds and two regular water worlds.


Niiiice. First discovery too? Better bookmark that one so you can relive the glory later :smiley:





He did it!

I can die happy