The Elite Dangerous thread


An hour spent looking for a final bit of Molybdenum. I was so desperate I dove into a canyon because I had a blimp on my scanner. Nothing. At all. And now I was stuck in a canyon.

I drove around a bit longer, plenty of blips but nothing from it. I recalled my ship, and went to the final blip I saw, praying to the gods. Ship landed, and it turns out the blip was a triple MM spawn. Okay, good news. First one: nothing. Second one: nothing. Third one:

I honestly hate this game sometimes


I have finally arrived at the Guardians site!

I will quickly post some screenshots that I took to and from the site:

Apologies as these are not high resolution, but I have them if you need one.


Neat! I’m on the way to one too! Ram Tah’s CG, perfect excuse for me to finally go. Not too far from the Bubble, 10 jumps in the Asp Ex.


BTW I’ve been meaning to say, I love how cinematic your approach shots look. Could believe they were from a movie.


Thank you! I appreciate that!

It’s kinda hard sometimes playing with the camera. I also often just just drop into normal space to avoid taking shots with the “passing stars” when you are in SC.

There has been a lot of moments where I wish I could have recorded that moment rather than make a shot of it, as I feel it would better capture the atmosphere. (like ObsidianAnt sometimes does with music on the background). However, moving the camera and the ship at the same time is still hard for me, and might need me to change some more keybindings.

Also, when I landed on the Guardian site, the music that plays is phenomenal. E:D sound team really knows what they are doing.


I like to think of those streaks as flecks of dust, but yes, I prefer to not have them in the shot. Also, for aesthetic reasons, it’s nice to have the drives visibly ignited, and you can only get that in normal space. Though thrusters are required in supercruise, they appear unlit.

Even in normal space, with some forward thrust, you still get motion streaks as the camera follows the ship. Therefore, when I simply must capture the perfect shot, I have a keybind that drops the camera stationary in space, decoupled from the ship. Then I fly the ship past the camera by remote control. You actually have to fly it offscreen, then pick up some speed before it enters the shot, to get the exhaust trails to look right, as if you were actually underway.

Sometimes… it’s just so hard…


Check out this image tweeted by CMDR GreyTest. It’s the end of CMDR DoveEnigma13’s journey, arrival at the megaship Dove Enigma.


At lunchtime I visited a Guardian Ruins site (LINK). @DarKastlez is right, great atmosphere in the ancient but not-quite-dead ruins. Then… reluctantly… I vandalized and looted the place. For science. :cry:



Absolutely beautiful. Did you login on the Mobius server?
A couple of things though:

  1. That Asp Explorer skin, every-time I see it I get jealous.
  2. The graphic quality of your screenshots makes me want to have a higher resolution monitor and better processor :sob: It looks too damn beautiful with all those details.
  3. You’re right, it does looks very nice that screenshot of your ship with the jet trail clearly visible. But I really like the third one with the SRV for some reason.


This time, Solo. Because there’s a CG to pick up Guardian relics, I visited the closest site to the Bubble, and I wanted the place to be ransacked after, not prior to, my arrival. :laughing:

I must admit I live a life of decadence.

Edited for less gloating


Been considering this for a while; what do you think?


To be honest, the theory of these being the ‘peaceful’ Goids is a theory I like the most; this makes it sound even more likely…

…I like it :blush:


I thought an Asp Scout might make a cool looking mid-size mining ship. But then I discovered it has LOWER cargo capacity than my Cobra Mk IV! Ok, it’s called a Scout, maybe I shouldn’t have expected too much, but its silhouette is much bigger than that of a Cobra. Is it thin as a dinner plate?

Anyway, I was trying to figure out what, if anything, would be appropriate. I know an Asp Explorer would be good, but I just can’t, they were meant to Explore. A Python would be good, but it’s far too expensive, really it’s a large ship in medium ship’s clothing.

I’m forced to consider the Federal Dropship. wince

Though I do want to see Sol, anyway. Two birds with one stone, maybe.


I personally use a Type-6 as selective miner; the scout is a joke honestly. It’s not a terrible ship per-se, but everything it does well, another ship either does better, or equally well at a lower price. I’m hoping it’s next in line for rebalance, now that they’ve buffed some other ships.

Oh, and the Federal ships are, ahem, very nice. I’ve yet to properly fly the dropship, but the FAS is pretty much a Vulture on crack, and the Gunship is the closest you’re gonna get to flying a Warthog or Hind; strafing runs while pouring disgusting amounts of lead is amazing fun :joy:


Better dead than Fed!

j/k, I’ve been waiting to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just hoping the Dropship will make a scaled up version of my Cobra Mk IV. Slow, but armored and armed enough to put down pirates or escape them under fire. But with greater cargo capacity, and scaled up equipment to pull out more ore, faster.

I used a D-rated Type-6 to mine at Colonia. As I recall, it has a much bigger hold than the CM4. Not huge, after mounting the refinery and limpet controllers, but decent. The hardpoints are bad though. Can’t carry a class 2 mining laser, have to make do with two class 1’s. Mining is slow, and no option but to run from even a Sidewinder pirate. It was reasonably nimble though, I guess.

To be fair, I’m not sure how two class 1 mining lasers stack up against one class 2, which is what I carry currently. But that one laser keeps two collector limpets busy and then some. That’s why I ditched the other one and put a class 2 missile launcher on instead.

I’ve heard that the Asp Scout is due to get some kind of balancing pass, but I’ve heard nothing about what that might entail.


What about a T-7? :stuck_out_tongue: I imagine it having better hardpoints and more cargo capacity than the Cobra MkIV? Plus, if I’m not mistaken, a Type-7 can carry a fighter bay?


Mmm, 'fraid not…

CM4: two medium, three small harpoints
T-7: four small hardpoints

More cargo capacity, hell yes. But the inconvenience of a large pad. And no, no fighter bay. :cry:


I guess you’ll have to look then for an Orbital station close to a mining ring and get yourself a nice Type-9 transporter :wink:

Other than that, I guess T-6 or your cobra is the best small-medium sized ship for mining.


I thought the Type-10 might make an impressive mining platform. But, $$$