The Elite Dangerous thread


Is that…a ‘kitted’ Cobra MKIII?

If so



Why thank you! No, but close; it’s a Mk IV. Not a popular ship. But it makes a fine small miner indeed.

That said, I do have a Mk III as well. Will never sell.


Yeah, me neither. Never have done a real grind for the empire, so I’m just as surprised as you. Perhaps it was from my passenger days :thinking:

Oi you heathen! All glory to the Federation you scum! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


I forgot to mention, I finished A-rating my Python! Then I worked a couple days for the Eurybia Blue Mafia so they would put me in touch with Liz Ryder. Then parked the Python in my Empire hangout, Ienpalang, to go running back up north to help out the Alliance CG. :smile:


However did you survive?!


What does it mean “ON H-JUMP”

I accidentally shot a wanted ship half a second before it finished scanning and now idk how to get rid of it


On hyperspace jump. Just jump to another system, and that bounty will be gone ^^


Or take the suicidewinder and get rid of all of your bounties :stuck_out_tongue:


Like this


Literally laughed out loud. Brilliant.


Based on Beta 3 patch notes:

Lakon Type 7

Buffed the type 7 to improve its jump range

Nice, when I get back to the bubble, I can go ‘choo-choo’ with my new fancy steakhouse


That’s not the only thing that got buffed:

Full thread here:



One comment mentioned this in particular:

It's not just the jump range given that image... the Type 7 just got a MASSIVE buff.

PP: 4 > > 6
TH: 5 > 6
FSD: 5 > 6
PD: 3 > > > 6

All I can say is


Read the ninja edit., some of that is unintended ;-;


That said, the buffs are still nice though and might make the Type-7 an interesting ship to look into for haulers that can’t afford a Type-9.


Copypasta from the forums:

Hi Folks,
Thanks for the feedback on the Type 7 beta changes. We have read the feedback here and on other social media and we hear you. Some of the changes we made to the T7 were intended to make it more versatile compared to ships like the Python and offer a real option for longer range traders.
One of the benefits of the beta is it allows us to test changes like these and gage the response. In this instance it appears that the changes made didn’t deliver the results we intended. We agree that the Type 7 should not out jump the explorer ships. With this in mind we have decided to go in a different direction to give the T7 some love while making sure it still fits under the explorer ships in raw jump range.
Here are the new planned changes.
Instead of giving it a size 6 FSD, as we have in the beta, we are going to lower the mass of the Type 7 slightly so that its existing size 5 FSD will push it a bit further than it currently jumps. From an in-game context perspective, Lakon will now be using lighter materials to manufacture the Type 7.
It will be keeping the extra size 2 optional slot to give it some versatility and we will up the power distributor from 3 to 4 (not 6, this was a bug) so that it can work better as a mining/exploration/utility ship. The other slot size changes will be put back to their previous sizes.
This should achieve our aim of giving the Type 7 a clearer role in the game for traders and offer some more versatility, while not making any of the other ships obsolete. As you can imagine, in a game like Elite with continuous updates, these types of balancing tweaks and changes can happen from time to time. I’d like to pass on our sincere thanks for all your support, testing and feedback during the beta.
Fly safe, Commanders.
Steve K


I was in the High RES. Had half a hold full of Samarium. Pirate, Deadly, in a Gunship came across me. He wanted 14 tons of something good. Though I’d inadvertently picked up some Bertrandite etc., I couldn’t find enough dross to satisfy him, so I opened fire. We started beating on each other’s shields, and the police showed up shortly to help. Despite it being one pirate vs. me and three or four cops, the guy took forever to go down. (What are those Federal ships made out of?)

Towards the end of the battle, my shields went down, and I began to experience the full power of this pirate’s impressive loadout. But finally, he blew up and I got his bounty. Yet I’m still taking fire! What’s this, did I accidentally shoot a police ship?

No, an Elite Fer-de-Lance has engaged me. I’d ignored his demands amid the battle. Hull is disintegrating, run! Ducking past the asteroids, trying to get out of the line of fire. Hit by missiles from behind, I lose control. Asteroid ahead. I fail to turn in time, sideswipe it shieldless at full speed, my Cobra is sent spinning, I hear the bulkheads groaning before it explodes.



Interesting to see this kind of thread get this kind of traction. What especially strook me is this comment:

What really kills me is that even in EVE Online, the king of “non-consensual PvP” in space games, you can’t kill other players in ‘rookie’ systems and yet here in Elite, its permissible.
In EVE, where you can lie and cheat and steal and scam and murder and all of it is encouraged and part of the core multiplayer gameplay…the developers will warn you and ban you if you grief players in the starter systems.
And nobody complains. Even the scummiest pirates out in null-security space who laugh at the hi-sec carebears understand that you do not fuck with the new player experience because that’s how you turn people away from the community.
Frontier needs to do something about this. Flag certain systems as no PvP. Is it realistic? No. But you do not fuck with the new player experience for the good of the game.

They’re right. The few new players on this forum have started out in Solo/Private. My girl friend that recently started out only plays in Solo, or in my own Private group if we wing up.

World of Tanks had the same problem; the old T18 Tank Destroyer was insanely OP; fast, unkillable from the front unless you knew exactly what you were doing (and lets be real here, we’re talking the beginning of the game here; 95% of the players doesn’t know what they’re doing), and able to pretty much one shot any other tank it faces. The reason the devs didn’t touch it for a while was because ‘it’s the low tiers, people get out of it in no time’. Same goes with E:D ATM, all new people are told to start in solo, and GTFO of the started system ASAP, before even thinking of playing in open. And it needs fixing, bad.
Hell, I’ve build my FDL and a DBX specifically to use in the starter systems to interdict all those sealclubbers


I’ve been seeing these threads since I started following Elite, two years or more.

The “Crime & Punishment” part of the soon-to-arrive update was, I believe, originally motivated by this problem. Whether it works or not, we’ll see, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see an apparent attempt to do something.

The game remains utterly brutal to new players. That’s why, when I hear someone is buying the game, or thinking about it, I give them this speech about how you gotta talk to friends or do lots of online research. There are many traps for a new player to fall into, gankers being just one.