The Elite Dangerous thread


This is taking ages

Would there be any other way to get there that would be quicker? Considering I came out of the hyperspace thing at the very top (ice?) sun and need to get to the bottom


The type 6 is an excellent starter hauler, and also a great miner (my dedicated miner is actually a type 6 lol)

As for the distance, nope, sadly can’t go any faster. Little tip to prevent it next time, when selecting a mission, you can check how many lightseconds (ls) away the target is. Generally anything above 20.000 is quite a trip


Looks like I’m saving for a Type 6 then, any good ways to get money? The Horizon missions to do with the skimmers get at least 100k-170k (the easier ones) but going down to planets all the time is kinda a hassle so I’m doing pirate hunting ones for now.

I have 8 cargo spaces too so I guess I could do hauling ones or maybe buy a couple mining lasers and do mining missions but idk


Generally a quick way of making some cash in the beginning of the game is high-res farming:


Guessing this will work in my Diamondback Scout right?

Edit: I guess it works in any ship but god damn that’s a lot better for earning money this early in the game, thanks for showing me this :smile:


You can do it in a Hauler with a turreted pulse laser if you want ;D

(i.e. yup, works in every ship with a weapon)


Started at around 100k, now I’m at 2.3m from doing that

A lot of smaller ships kinda got destroyed by 8 police ships before I could get to them, scan it and shoot it a couple times which was kinda annoying but I can’t really complain


I have finally arrived at my destination, the Tarsius nebula!

Here’s an image of the whole nebula in view

View from inside the nebula

Too bad that the final system I chose didn’t have any planets at all, it was just a lonely star.

That said, I already made course to head towards the Hollow Veil Guardian site, which is only 60 jumps away

Afterwards, I’ll be heading to one of the Colonia Outposts named Gagarin Gate (another 200 jumps or so), to cash in my precious exploration data and then make my way to Colonia. (I’m kinda forced to, because I forgot to buy an SRV when I decided to set out into space, hehe…)

Current distance from Sol: 12.844 ly
Current distance from Colonia: 14.443 ly


Hmm, not sure whether to buy the Type 6 like I said yesterday, or save a bit more for the Keelback

I like the sound of it being a bit more combaty and can have a fighter bay thing

I have 2.3m and the Keelback costs 3.1m


IMHO you’re best served going for a Type 6. The fighter bay means you lose cargo space, and honestly, the type 6 is speedy enough to outrun anything.

give this video a look:

Now, the ship used here is a type 7, and its geared towards flying in open, but everything here is applicable to the type 6 against NPC’s too


Bought the Type 6 now, assuming that I can do the bounty thing using mining lasers?


Yup. But a Type six is quite a lot more fragile than a Diamondback, so be careful lol


Okay, I’m shaking.

So, I was doing some imperial missions (bloody hate imperials, but their ships are great for shady stuff, so I’ll acquire those for my own gain I guess). Ranking up mission, kill pirate lord. Sure, fine by me. As soon as I undock I get a message that additional targets are hunting me. No biggie, had that before. Usually means I have to insta-nuke a Cobra or viper alongside the Conda/corvette I’m hunting.

I drop in the system, fly a bit away from the star and drop to normal space (hint for pirate lord missions, doing this in the target system usually means your target drops in right after you drop because reasons). Sure enough, as I come into normal space a Dangerous Conda drops in next to me. Again, no biggie, I can handle those easily. Scan him, and engage.
Now, I was fully expecting another hostile to drop in. And indeed, after about 30 seconds I hear something else dorp. Quickly switch targets to see what it is and-

A Corvette. And a deadly one at that.

I instantly retract hardpoints and start to run, until I realise this has to happen. They will always come together, since they’re linked through the mission. Besides, police is bound to show as well.
So I turn around again, and engage the Corvette, who I found out is actually my target, constantly popping chaff to avoid most of the Conda’s fire. Soon enough, the first police start to show, but they’re only eagles and no help whatsoever. A few minutes later though, police conda’s finally show up.

After a long fight, I manage to take the Corvette down pretty much on my own, the enemy Conda engaged with an entire squad of police. I quickly speed over and help them finish the job, before letting a deep sigh of relief. My ship afterwards:

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts :relieved:


As much as I hate the empire, god damn do they know how to make sexy ships. The courier looks and handles like a jet, and sounds like a sport car, and that clipper boost sound, oh lawd

still, screw the empire




I repeat. Sexy ships. Useful for shady stuff. Screw the empire.


Hadn’t been able to get on in a couple days, but – still mining for the Alliance construction effort.


I found out over the weekend I had… quite the backlog of Imperial rank:

and still not done, already at 100% Baron :joy:


Holy crap, I dunno how you do it. We only hear about you going for rank in the Empire recently, now you’ve passed Baron. I’ve been working on my Imperial rank for months, still at middle of Lord. :laughing:

I never really buckle down on anything though, always doing a bit of this, bit of that!


Screw the Feds too. Don’t trust either of them.

If you gotta put your trust in any of the superpowers, I say go with the Alliance. But better yet, just look out for number one.

That female Imperial flight controller though :heart: