The Elite Dangerous thread


This reminds me of a bird my daughters saw out the window this morning. “omg so smol!” “…so smol”

I could actually hear that spelling in their pronunciation.

I googled it before posting to be sure.


We’re gonna get better ships/upgrade FSD so that it’ll be easier

My friend just did a novice bounty mission and got 175k and I’m triggered cus I did loads of deliveries and only at around 50k


I could always haul over a bunch of gold, sit outside the station, and let yall pick it up and sell it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Keep returning to the same starport for more missions, as you repeatedly complete missions for the same local factions, your reputation with them will rise, and they will offer you more lucrative missions.


Oh that’s good to know, most of them are out of jump range though so rip me

Managed to do a 172k+40k (maybe 50k) mission so I’m at around 280k or so


I finally started my first exploration trip a few days ago. Really enjoying it so far as it’s a nice change of pace for the game. I just wish you could see how much exploration data you have to sell. Not that it matters too much, would just be nice to know. :smile:

Aiming to go about 2000ly outside of the bubble (ArPharazon suggested a while ago that a shorter trip would be a good idea for the first time). I’m about 300ly out so far. Can’t wait to jump back on. :grin:



I’ve been thinking to wait until 3.0 drops, then explore the newly graphicked planets. :smiley:


I was going to wait too, but I got impatient. :smile:

I’ll probably end up exploring a bit more than I planned to when 3.0 drops.

I should really start taking screenshots though. I keep forgetting about it.


I’m in LP 128-32 for the mining CG. Those are quite rare! I’m mining lithium hydroxide from an ice ring in the same system.


Coming back from Maia, when suddenly:

whoo, my first hyperdiction :slight_smile:


I’m so jealous!!!


I’m not. I’ve wasted hours back when this was new, both with and without an UA corroding my ship away, and now, when simply heading back to the bubble, three of them interdict me at once -.-

though I am glad these were simply cyclops’ >.>


Did they do anything? Did they start to attack you, for example?


Mining CGs. Where 12 tons gets you into the 75% bracket. :man_facepalming:

Pirates are cordially requested not to approach this independent mining vessel.


Nope, got pulled in, but curiously, they waited with EMP’ing me, I was able to boost twice before they disabled me. One scanned me, then all three passed me and jumped out again.


What does that yellow symbol mean? It’s the only place I’ve seen with it yet it has all the same things as any other space station from what I can tell, apart from a lot more ships for sale than any I’ve been to


That’s for community goals; double edged sword when playing in open, since there’s lot of players around that could be dangerous, but you can also make a quick buck there by just handing in a single tonne/single bounty voucher


Makes more sense now, thanks.

Me and my friend are playing in private atm, at least until we understand the game a bit more :smile:

He got a Cobra MKIII and managed to get to me which is good, I had enough for a decent ship but every time I went to buy one I thought “that next one isn’t that much more” and kept saving to around 680k before buying the Diamondback Scout

Edit: do I really have a need for the discovery scanner? I never use it and I’d prefer another 4 cargo spaces instead tbh


Unless you’re exploring, there’s really no need for it. They just come standard in every stock ship xD


Ok that’s good, I don’t plan on exploring for a looooooooong time

I kinda want a hauler now and I got my eyes set on the Lakon Type 6 and probably do mining with it if that’s a good plan?