The Elite Dangerous thread


@BearStream Here’s a great guide that will hopefully fill you in on some of the information you need and help you decide what career path you might want to try out.

It’s a bit outdated, but it should still help you out a lot, it certainly helped me. The only thing I disagree with in the guide is the controls. Keep roll on the x-axis and yaw as A and D (so keep the controls as default if you’re ok with them).


Yes, so much yes.

Except real men fly pitch inverted like how real airplanes work. :smiling_imp:


While I know hull-tanking is a thing, and I fully respect that you know what you’re talking about… leaving off the shields, I just don’t think it’s something I could ever do. But I would love to see it in action, as long as it’s someone else’s ship. :smile: o7


Saw “Elite Dangerous” and thought this was a legacy post about Elite Tyrants.


Hehe yeah. Or “wut-wut-wut”! (Halo)


I usually do that so I’m not sure why I find uninverted more natural. :smile:

Perhaps it’s because I’m using a mouse which I was new to anyway. :thinking:


You’re always free to jump into multicrew (once they actually fix the current bugs :joy:), the FAS has two seats after all. But I’m telling ya, I haven’t had this much fun fighting in a ship for ages.


It was an Adder, I’m pretty sure. We commiserated about the poor view from the canopy. :slight_smile: It’s a good ship, but it hurts looking out that little window.


You all have no idea what what you’ve wrought on this forum with an Elite Dangerous topic.

Get ready for @ArPharazon’s productivity to plummet. :wink:


It’s how I manage to kill all those T-9’s with civilians in my vulture.

I only use the lasers to get rid of the shields, then I max hit them with the ship, succes guaranteed. Well, less for the civilians, cause they’re dead.



Oh, it’s already happened. My wife doesn’t know what I’m up to when I disappear off to the garage on supposedly manly work tasks. But eventually she will catch on. Until that dreaded day, I rejoice in the shared experience with my fellow Commanders.


“Oh, that’s what you were doing.”
“What did you think I was doing?”
“It um, it doesn’t matter anymore.”


My daughter did this in her Sidewinder in a past CG, netted a cool million credits. At that point, the choice of next ship is easy:


So, I decided to outfit my Asp Explorer as a passenger ship for a change.

Actually, a BADASS Mad Max/Borderlands passenger ship that is only missing a decal that says BOOM! (really loving the Raid kit)

That aside, I exchanged my largest cargo rack for a First Class Passenger Cabin that can fit 12 people. I also changed one of my smaller cargo racks for an extra fuel tank.

But man…the scooping and the distance. Even though I earned 4M Cr in an hour and a half, I have probably done like a 1000 ly over 2 missions. 180 ly to first destination, then 160 ly to the next and finally 300 ly to the last one only to do another 300 ly for the return trip >.>

On top of that, the reddit post @ArPharazon send me before on “How to find a Passenger Ship Heaven like Rhea” didn’t turn out like I was hoping it would. In fact, the 40,000 ls I had to do extra to return to the station just made the whole run longer (ugh).

I just want to earn a quick buck so I can buy a Beluga and reconvert my Asp back into a Combat Trader.


Holy crap, the ultimate passenger ship. Don’t forget the Orca though! Still a large pad liner, better jump range, at about half the price. It’s fast, too! But sucky hardpoint placement.


I might have to go with the Orca instead.I was even considering a Dolphin however my Asp Explorer was just better suited (because better jump range and fuel scoop)

And what do you use the hardpoint for? For weapons? I can only imagine driving one of those things to be similar as to hardcore trading, run away as soon as you get interdicted and just continue along.

Especially since some passengers are demanding and don’t like it when the ship receives hull damage.


When doing passengers, don’t fit any weapons. At most a lightweight C1 railgun with plasma slug (so you can control your jumprange).

However, a combat fit Orca is a scary thing. 440m/s speed (560m/s boost) and 5K raw hull, combined with two C2 and a C3 hardpoint make for a very dangerous ship.


Dolphin is not a bad little ship, good at its job. The only downside is low capacity, being about Cobra size.

Orca has three hardpoints, all on the wrong side of the ship, the underside. I put one large (Class 3) beam laser turret on one, just for the hell of it, and I think missile launchers on the other two. Fighting with this ship (at least, as currently outfitted) is both mostly pointless and annoying, as it’s hard to keep the turret in range & position to fire.

Nevertheless, I have a policy that anyone who interdicts me must be converted into bounty vouchers — unless that looks like it might be difficult, in which case they get a free pass.

Taking damage is of little concern, passengers need not worry. The ship’s as fast as a Cobra and has beefy shields. The only time it’s ever taken damage was from a Thargoid shield-piercing attack.


I’ve heard it’s strong in ramming attacks too.


Timestamped for your pleasure ^^