The Elite Dangerous thread


Yeah, you could have that back in short order, with a bit of mission running in the Sidewinder.


Needing modular terminals, and doing some Sothis-Ceos runs, I decided to take my trusty Asp (blockade runner) to a damaged station and rescue ship. After a false start (didn’t rescue ships used to sell economy passenger cabins?) I went in, 5E cargo rack, 3D shield generator and economy passenger cabins stuffed into every other free corner, all ready to help evacuate passengers as long as they paid Modular Terminals or other rare stuff.

Gotta say, it’s pretty nice to do. The atmosphere and stress really get you, and I was squeezing it a few times with my singular heat sink launcher. Luckily the mighty blockade runner has a shitty G1 DD mod, so speed and agility are no issues, making for quick ins and outs. So, diverting to a station in repair where my Type 10 still was, I shipped over my TD-JMS Dolphin, so I can haul over a hundred passengers at a time and get me more of those sweet MT’s


For no real reason, I’ve never installed a heat sink launcher on any ship. I ran passenger rescue missions in the Orca. It overheated a little, but nothing too bad. Collecting lifepods though, wasn’t gonna happen.


IIRC I run three A0 shield boosters, a single point defence, and two heatsinks on my beluga. Coupled with prismatics, I’m not going down easily. And the two heatsinks are always have to run very cold, which can be useful for multiple situations ^^


So, there’s this bug on Beta 2:

That said, Beta 2 is a lot better than the first. Many blueprints are adjusted to match the current godrolls, which is amazing. Just throwing this here for a clear-ish overview of old vs new:


This is insane


That’s fucked up. Like seriously, why bomb a megaship for a charity event just for the “lolz”?


For the same reason Harry Potter killed Salomé



No no, you’re supposed to worship at the altar of Emergent Content. All hail E.C.! :wink:

But seriously yeah, fucked up. Not at all surprising though.


Note to self: on Assassination missions, target the FSD, not the power plant.


Or, if you’re a powerplay nerd, grom bombs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(could also achieve the same with regular dumbfires, with some engineering. Grom bombs are better though, since they carry the innate effect of FSD reboot, meaning you can put drag munitions on it as a special effect and slow them down as well :joy:)


Yep. For that matter, missiles up the tailpipe can blow your drives off too.

Anyway my Python’s hardpoints are all full of lasers and cannons, usually works pretty well, don’t really want to add missiles. Mainly just felt like complaining I guess. :laughing:


Question: can I select the Horizons mode/version and play with a friend who only has the regular edition?
Edit: Apparently you can

Another question, how do I get off a planet quickly?


Playing with a friend

Yeah, you can launch Horizons or vanilla Elite at will. You should also be able to play Horizons and still join up with your friend in vanilla Elite. They just wouldn’t be able to follow you down to a planet surface.

Of course you need to be on the same platform, and in Open (or in the same Private Group – I usually play in Mobius PvE, but I’ve read it’s actually very easy to create your own truly private group, and invite your friend to it).

It’s recommended you invite your friend to your Wing, for better contact between you, and to improve your odds of instancing together.

Getting off a planet quickly

Climb using boost until the mass-lock indicator turns off (2+ km altitude, beware colliding with any other ships in a no-fire zone).

Now, if your destination is another system, and above the horizon, you can hyperspace there directly. You cannot hyperspace through the planet, so if the destination is obscured, you’ll have to use supercruise to get to a better vantage point.

I left the J key bound to the default FSD behavior, triggering hyperspace or supercruise as appropriate. However, I added a second binding to ctrl-J, to specifically trigger supercruise. That way, I don’t need to unlock my hyperspace destination just to get clear of the planet.

Edit: If you mean to just get off the planet and on to someplace in the same system, then there’s nothing for it but to supercruise there. At max throttle, it takes maybe 30 seconds to climb out of the gravity well.


How do you invite a friend to your Wing?

We spawned quite far apart so closer spawns would be nicer

Edit: Found out how, but we’re too far apart to do that option apparently

Edit edit: It’s now working so idk what’s going on


Multi-crew is not a Wing, that’s how you invite someone to help crew your ship. The main use for that is for them to sit in your Gunner seat, to control your missiles and turreted weapons. For that to work, you need a ship with multiple seats, plus missiles and/or turreted weapons.

Wing is accessed some other way. Should still be in the Comms menu, I figure. I’ve never done it though!

Edit: oh it says right on there Invite To Wing. I can read!

Edit 2: Distance should not matter. I’d think it’s some other problem, like you’re in different modes, or there’s some bad internet juju preventing you from communicating with each other. Again, I’m antisocial and I don’t multiplayer so idk!


We managed to get in a Wing, still having trouble figuring out a way to get to each other.

My guess is we need a better ship than the Sidewinder


Y’all PC right? Want me to jump in for a bit and help ya out?


I spawned in LHS 3447. With the stock Sidewinder, I was on an “island” of star systems with no way off it, until I upgraded my FSD.



(game directed me to a larger landing pad for some reason :joy:)