The Elite Dangerous thread


Scanned and still got the same problem by the looks of it


Is there some kind of alarm buzzing, or a timer running?


Nope, it’s the tutorial mission one and nothing happens when you shoot it.

I gotta go now though so I’ll try it again later or something


They added that tutorial after I was done with tutorials. :laughing: I’ll try it if I get a chance.


Which one? I’m playing right now, can go check


When I got in the middle of the base, I saw the power generator on my Contacts tab. I had to get close to it before it showed up.

I rolled over in front of it and shot it, when I hit a little panel on the front, it blew up.

Then I went to the data terminal tower. It was marked Active. I scanned it with the data link scanner.

After that, mission success.


In preparation for my trip to statisfy Palin, I figured, why not take my Dolphin for her maiden voyage instead of the 'ole Conda? Take a passenger along as well, make a couple million too besides the exploration data.

A quick three-way engineering trip (Martuuk, Dweller, Chung) later, and I’m pretty happy:

-333 m/s cruise and 466 m/s boost (Overmaxed G1 DD)
-36.85LY jump range (nearly maxed G5 increased range)
-38% increased recharge and -12,7% capacity for the distributor (literally rolled G5 Charge enhanced once o.O)
–43.9% weight for my sensors (G1 lightweight)
-78.87% faster scan and 147.5% (oof) heavier DSS (G5 fast scanner)

R2R while still in the bubble, and after that, my first actual outer-bubble travel apart from Maia!

EDIT: 8mil contract ready, 6,7k LY out. Let’s do this


This will help as you go (it did for me at least)


That’s why I love K-class stars when I’m after scan data. Good chance of water worlds and terraformables, in a wide range, but not far from the star. And they’re numerous.



This is interesting:


Great video! I’m gonna subscribe. I find his explanations totally legit. I knew about the star cluster observation data, but not about the stellar asteroid rings.

Very easy for this sort of thing to happen in extreme situations, in a game. If the programmers know about it and have time, they can fix it.

It’s interesting that distance to the star mattered — the asteroid fields are repeated, instanced. The individual asteroids are not unique and appear in mappable patterns. So why was there a floating point precision problem? I suspect it may have something to do with the fact the ring is orbiting the planet (star, in this case). They must have done something relative to the center of mass of the local system. But whatever it is, it doesn’t affect your ship — I assume you are still able to fly around normally without jumping along grid points. Maybe something to do with setup, placement of the rocks. Interesting.


Supposedly caused by some messed up numbers, people enjoyed it so much they kept it in xD


Yeah I heard that too, it’s a popular destination. Argh, I’ve even been in that system, I think — Epsilon Indi, source of the famous Bourbon? But I didn’t realize Mitterrand Hollow was there.

That is stupid fast, :joy:


Right, set down at a planet an odd ~30 jumps away from home. Due to the minor time constraints (and the fact I hijacked my little sisses PC), I didn’t discover much. I think I’ve got three HMC worlds under my own name once I hand it in, and had a few pretty neutron stars, but other than that, nothing too special. I’ll get to proper exploring another time.

Now to head back, get my 8 (or 15) million paycheck, head to Yoru to hand in the data, and head with any leftovers to Sothis ^.^


Nice! Also, CAKE :point_up:. Congrats man


Thanks ^^ It was my first major trip out of the bubble, so space madness kicked in real quick >.>


Also happy cakeday brother! :cake:


According to EDSM, the distance of my ship from Sol is currently at 10,992.23 ly and 15,147.08 ly from Colonia.

Have I gotten mad yet? Well, that remains to be seen.


…I became mad after about 3k LY, I wouldn’t probably already crashed at the wheel with such a distance o.O



That’s more new discoveries that I would’ve guessed :thinking:


I figured out the ship I had before was the Eagle