The Elite Dangerous thread


I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:



If you zoom in on your location on the EDSM main galactic map (not your travel map, I think), regions are labeled. And you can click to get a write-up.

If you are in or near the Formidine Rift, there are abandoned settlements out there. You can toggle checkboxes to reveal points of interest. Would be cool to see!


According to the Galaxy Map, I am currently in the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux Region

There is a Guardian Ruins site on my way though, called the ‘hollow sites’. Not sure what’s meant with that.



I totally misinterpreted the image you sent before then. But yeah! Guardian ruins!


Uh, what actually is the difference between the top two options?
Edit: and what one should I pick? I’m assuming the Horizons one but idk

Only reason I got the season pass one was because getting both the game and season pass worked out cheaper than the season pass alone from here:


Horizons, middle option. It used to be a separate game (the expansion pack), but after much complaining, FD managed to change it. It’s not perfect, but it works (which, coincidentally, is a very good motto for large parts of the game :P)


Horizons provides a whole lot more content than just the base game! In Horizons, you can land on (airless) worlds, use the Engineers to mod your ship beyond what is possible through normal outfitting, and much, much more! Operators are standing by, call now! :smiley:


Ok how do I change tab on this thing cus the tutorial doesn’t even tell you


Q and E by default

edit: I think, I mean that’s how it is for me and I think it was the default – WASD to move selection, QE for tabs, space bar to select. NOT TAB KEY

edit 2: Get familiar with the Options --> Controls menu, there’s a subsection for menus


Yep I made the mistake of pressing tab and launching myself towards the city


Thank God you weren’t inside a space station.


Yeah, it’s probably best to remaps at least a few keys. And don’t worry about learning all of them, I still manage to screw up at times and launch chaff when I want a Shield Cell, and vice versa :joy:


I think he may have missed out on the joy of unintentional Jettison All Cargo. I think it’s unbound by default now.


It does allow for some M E M E S:



Elite is $7.49 on steam right now. Urge to buy is strong, but when would I play??!!



Late, late at night, when you should be sleeping but turn instead to delicious temptation!


I’ve shot so much at this like it says to and it still seems undamaged, is there something I’m missing?


You need to scan that. There’s a scanner on board IIRC, I have it bound to secondary fire.

Though be warned, I’m nut sure if that will give you data, or alert the base; I’ve yet to do proper base raids xD


What @LordDerp said, also you may need to get closer to be within range to use the Data Link scanner. Also make sure it’s bound under the SRV controls if necessary. For me it’s right mouse button, but I may have bound it myself so that can’t be trusted.