The Elite Dangerous thread


Between stock and a decent rolled G5 fast scan you’re looking at about a 0,12LY difference. So yeah, not really an issue :stuck_out_tongue:


There are some deep space outposts scattered through space between the Bubble and Colonia. If you are in the vicinity of one, you might want to set down and sort of bookmark your progress:


Do you know what you need to do so it can track your progress. The site isn’t very clear on instructions :stuck_out_tongue:


Why it’s quite simple. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First register on

Open an Explorer window and paste this into the address bar:

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous

There should be a lot of Journal.xxxxxxxx.log files there.

On EDSM, open your user menu and select “Import Journal”. Drag and drop one or more journal files onto the box. When it works smoothly, you can do multiple files. However, I’ve had problems with logs where I’ve done ADS/DSS scans. The importer sometimes gets stuck. Your mileage may vary!

Note also that the format has changed over time, so new logs will be more likely to work than old logs. There is a legacy importer option in there somewhere too.

If you successfully load logs, then you should be able to see things on your Flight Log and Travel Map.


From Twitter to Reddit to you, some fresh eye candy:


Patch notes are live:

Interesting stuff:

Added new alien attack craft

Working scouts, or something new entirely?

New cockpit voice assistant - Victor added as an alternative to Verity

New voice for cockpit stuff?

Increased manoeuvrability benefits when boosting based on the ENG pips

*laughs in permaboost ship*

Option added so players can choose how flight controllers address them (Commander Name, Ship Name or Ship ID) when approaching a station


New High Value supercruise targets for pirates to raid


Addressed reports of reckless flying by NPCs around Stations

Rejoice! I can finally boost out of stations in the large part of my fleet that can’t break 400 m/s boost!

Thargoid EMPs no longer scrub your ship’s Nameplate and ID from your hull


Lakon Type 10 Defender
Increased the power distributor slot to size 7


Modifications to existing specials
Autoloader rate increased 25%
Plasma Slug damage penalty reduced from 20% to 10%
Thermal Vent effectiveness doubled, and no longer increases weapon’s baseline heat (was 25% penalty)

Hell yeah, more efficient dakka, more damage on my support Python, and better heat manegement on my planned clipper!


Wow, some nice surprises for everyone there. I think I’m most looking forward to the planetary graphical improvements.


Whoa, did you see this?

Galaxy map: Filter by station services


Holy shit there’s too much in the change log to even comment on.


Using the payout from the Simbad Regime trading CG (1601 tons delivered, 50% tier, 11+ MCr payout) and the local Li discount, my Python is now A-rated. Python master race! As a result, it’s slower (my C-rated equipment was engineer-modded). :laughing: Soon to be fixed, though I won’t be on this lunchtime due to a prior engagement. Logged out near the Farseer base.

Rebuy would be 10 million credits :dizzy_face:


Been kinda watching this thread a bit and can’t resist the game anymore

I had the game on my Xbox One over 2 years ago but I loaded it up one day and somehow I’d been teleported the other side of the universe/galaxy thing and couldn’t do anything due to the ship and place I got put so I kinda quit since then.


Oh awesome, glad you’ll be joining us! It’s great on PC, but TBH you should have contacted Frontier Developments customer support. They are said to be excellent. A problem like yours, moved to a crazy place due to a bug, they would certainly fix it for you – use dev powers to move you back to the Bubble. There’s a good chance they would help you out even if it was your fault, at least once.


Adding to that, I’ve been hearing assets transfer between accounts is a thing. Now, if you only had a couple hundred thousands credits in the bank, it might not be worth it, but for if you were worth millions, that might be worth looking into.


I think I only had the cheapest ship that you can buy (can’t remember the name or look of it) so I didn’t really have much so I’m not too bothered about that


I guess you were in a Sidey then. Nah, indeed not worth the trouble, but the game is definitely worth every time investment.

If anything, the game is only limited to your imagination, so good luck out there CMDR! :slight_smile:


…and don’t feel bad to ask for help here :slight_smile:


It is essential, really, to have player support in some form. It would be very hard for any normal person to figure the game out completely without help.


Uploading all my journal logs into EDSM (interesting site, I should have done this sooner)

Currently at 3%…this is going to take a while.

EDIT: 38% right now…


Finally it’s done, here’s to show where I’m currently at in the galaxy:


Formidine Rift?!


@DarKastlez you’re gonna love this:

The type 9 got two C8 slots added, meaning 512 tonnes more cargo!