The Elite Dangerous thread


:joy: ok I’ll join after seeing that

I am currently doing the Princess’ anti-slavery CG, but I’ll find time to head out to wherever these guys are.


After watching this, my daughter said she loves how “he decided to up the spiciness and made it dank at the end”


Never seemed to have showed this, but my FDL is packing a seriously godrolled PP:

That’s G1 overcharged, which is *supposed* to cap at 12℅

also, linking images on phone sucks


Viewing on phone sucks too. But is that 19.3%? Wow.

Maybe it’s just the phone again, but your FDL looks just like an Anaconda! :smirk:


Yeah, I was able to fit the PP of my 11LY 2A fuelscoop FDL into my 54LY 7A Fuelscoop Conda. Which was great :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve delivered 536 tons so far. I know it ain’t much, working on it. :slight_smile: I’ve temporarily refitted so I can carry 216 tons at a time, rather than the usual 160.


Still hauling for the Simbad Regime.


RIP money grind.

I give it a month before a new method is found.

What I do find weird btw is FDev first confirming this is legit, and then saying “nah it’s an exploit fam”

also, little bit of gold:

If you investigate even closer, you may conclude that is because of the mode switching exploit instead.


People switch modes!? Unheard of!

Wait what? They do it so they can stack missions? Well that’s just ridiculous, we better put a stop to that - Fdev 2018


Naturally, board flipping, like combat logging, is very hard for them to fix, and that’s why they’ve remained known issues since release (or before).

In my harsh and self-righteous opinion, people who relied on fast money schemes to enjoy the game, never really enjoyed it to begin with, and their predictable angst doesn’t concern me. :smile:

Nu Tauri is crawling with Commanders. Near my Python here are a Cutter and a Vulture, both player piloted. The Cutter is immense, and the sound of its engines when one passes close by drives it home.

Most of the traffic in the starport is CMDRs. Here a Type-10 comes through the mail slot, barely fitting. I saw the same one on an earlier run – she held back on her exit to allow me through the gate.

Their chatter – Mobius is such a good-natured place.


Damn, I really like doing CG in Mobius PvE. No stress and only friendlies on the radar.

And damn, that Type-10 is THICCC.


Yeah, I started using Mobius PvE because of a CG, and it was so nice I never left, and made it my main mode.

When I was passing though the mail slot and saw that T-10 ahead, I didn’t realize she was stopped waiting for me. I physically tensed up, and then scraped the side of my ship (shields) on the tunnel trying to make room for her.

Edit: actually is that a dude? I can’t be sure. “Ziggy S.”, must be a David Bowie reference?


Can confirm, type 10 is T H I C C. It also handles like a B R I C C K.

But tbh, I’ve had plenty of nice people in open. I’ve started pretty much only playing in open so far, and was hauling cigars in my Asp for Hera Tani. Plenty of people at both sides of the destination, all very nice. Letting each other go, apologising for ‘cutting me off’ (as with IRL traffic, I assumed the worst and gave way beforehand; my lightweight Asp won’t win from a conda). The ‘worst’ I had so far is a Corvette doing a very close flyby as I was preparing to jump, but other than that, all very nice.

I used the passenger mission money grind, but simply because I like playing that way. i’m sitting at 3,2 billion credits in assets, and I still enjoy the game, even with 600+ hours logged. IMHO, FDev should let them be, and let people choose if they want to grind or not.
What bugs me however, is that first they confirm it’s legit, then say it’s an exploit, then double back and say they just want to nerf it. Which still makes no sense, since this has been going on for a good six months now.

Oh, and a bit of advise: slap a shitty G5 mod on as much stuff as you can (a single will do). With the planned changes to engineering, this will save you a lot of work, and basically gives you free max-rolled G4 mods


Already done. However if I’m gonna get a Clipper, I’d want to get on that soon. I’ve acquired several CIF and EFC recently via missions. I wanted to finish A-rating the Python, but I dunno


I still need to unlock (and thus, G5) Nemo, Cunt Quent, Palin and Tarquin. Also need to get Tani, Ryder, Mcquinn, Vatermann and Turner to G5. Hoping to get that done this weekend (quick 6kLY trip with my 60LY conda with R2R, using the exploration data to steamroll rep with factions needed. Use my Beluga for lots of short range passenger missions (and thus, modular terminals).


That cunt part gets me every-time.
Also, I guess that means you will have to go exploring as well, if you’re looking into unlocking Palin.

In the meantime, an update on my travels in outer space, I’m currently only a 100 jumps removed from my target destination (so about 2500 ly left I think)


Yup. gonna do a few quick G5 DSS fast scan mods with Bruce Chan/Jackie Lee first off. Then head to an asteroid base some odd 7k LY out, with R2R along the way. I’ll get to actual exploring later, right now I just need to make LY’s, which my Conda is built for xD


What is your destination again? Colonia?


Nope, a remote Nebula somewhere. Afterwards I’ll target another nebula that is another 3000 ly away and then make my way to Sag. A.


I think I went only G1 due to the added mass. I think it gets heavier with the higher mods?

Edit: Yeah, that’s how it is. On the other hand, on an Anaconda, maybe the added mass is a drop in the bucket.