The Elite Dangerous thread




Of course I won’t. The game in all is pretty interesting. As you have stated before, there is a lot of learning in the game, but I want to give that a try too. Who knows, maybe I’ll like it.


Just curious, which SDC members invaded WoJ?


Can’t remember them all, since they got banned :joy:

Ryan_17 and Rinzler are the ones I spotted, but those are really the only two members I also know from the top of my head. They asked where the best money grinding spots are, because rebuys :kappa:, tagged a person telling him he logged, and then got banned >.>


Wow. Even those two. Can’t decide whether I should be surprised or not.


Rinzler, while being an amazing pilot and probably the most-okayish person from SDC, is still part of SDC.

That said, I do appreciate the occasionally self-mocking:

A bit down, there’s this line:

Given the shortcomings of our previous plans, we put the lone SDC brain cell to use to establish as fool proof a plan as we were capable of forming:


Ryan is one of the mods on the ED subreddit. Both are, in an almost perverse way, kind of leaders of the community.

Edit: but yes, SDC is still SDC.

One could make a fair point that it’s just a bloody game, don’t get bent out of shape over it. True…

On the other hand, I like this game, and I’d like to play it now if you don’t mind? So can you take the hint that if I’m in a private group, then please fuck off and play your own game?

Edit 2: I guess I really dislike mode invasion.


They make some very good points. Logging is a bad exploit. Instancing can be a mess. Certain stuff needs fixing. They really want the best for the game.


If people want to play in open, solo or private, it shouldn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, this game is a bit for us all. Not only for the avid PvP’ers, who want to be able to shoot at every player. By invading private groups, you’re only going to encourage logging, and solo play.

For me, as said, a private group has been a great way of fully grasping the game in a somewhat safe way. Now, that I feel I can manage out there, I’m slowly migrating into open again. But if it turns out I can’t even get out of the station without getting screwed over, I won’t hesitate to switch back to private/solo


I feel the best solution is to make it clearer to newer (and older) players the differences between Open, Private and Solo.

A message telling them that Open can lead to attacks from enemy players and that forcefully quitting the game CAN lead to a ban of the mode. At the end give a suggestion to start playing in Solo first or even look for a private group with a focus on PvE only.

This message can easily be displayed just before choosing the modes OR during the loading screen.

I mean, imagine an explorer who comes back from the void of space and just before he gets to dock, he is being attacked by a human CMDR. Who wouldn’t quickly try to save what he has worked so hard for. So I feel, given the circumstances, this is not a “bad” thing.

Off course, the smartest thing would have been to just log into Solo mode when you’re that close to the bubble.


Or give iridium wing a headsup ;D


Unexpected gold found in Reddit comments. Regarding prismatic vs. standard shields:

Redditor A:
“On small ships, maybe you want the lower refractory period instead of the endurance. You know how it is, it’s how you use it. But on big ships like the Cutter, you want to be able to go the whole time. Sure you might not be able to go again for awhile, but several thousand megajoules of shield later, I think both parties would welcome a rest.”

Redditor B:
“I don’t know what the subtext was here but i feel vaguely inferior.”

Honorable mention:

Redditor C:
“God damn that is the single most punchable AI face I’ve ever seen. Like hot damn, he looks like he just banged your girlfriend AND deleted firefly off of your DVR.”

Redditor D:

deleted firefly off of your DVR

“Now there’s a line and he’s crossed it.”


A question to the Commanders: What roles are good for the Imperial Clipper?

I have reached the naval reserve rank of Lord, next will be Baron which will qualify me to purchase the Clipper. I’m still struggling to A-rate my Python, so buying and decking out a Clipper is right out – unless I sell something.

My Orca (Four Star Daydream) has been a fine passenger-explorer ship. Quick, good jump range (around 30 l.y. IIRC). Did some rescues with it too. But I’m not all that excited about flying it, to tell the truth. The Clipper has got more style and is probably more combat capable… I think. Except for the crappy shields.

I thought I might sell the Orca and use the proceeds to fund the Clipper. Maybe half the equipment, I could transfer over, the rest I’d have to sell and replace. I was thinking to make the Clipper into a “combat” passenger ship of sorts.

However, reading about it on the wiki, I’m not sure how well that would actually work out. They say its excellent speed is somewhat lost when heavily laden, and passenger cabins are heavy indeed. The jump range is clearly worse than the Orca’s. Shields might be worse too. So, is there any point?

I don’t need another combat trader. The Python fills that role far too well.

Piracy… I won’t do it. That’s not who CMDR Tar-Palantir is.



The main feats of the Clipper (and most imperial ships really) are their tanking capabilities, high speeds, great pitch speeds, good jump range, and decent firepower (oh, and the obligatory BASKING CAPABILITIES)
Disadvantages are it’s piss-poor hard point placement (again, as with most imperial ships), size (it needs a large pad, for what is for all intents and purposes a medium ship), it’s lateral thrusters are horrendous, and as you said, it’s not the best for super-heavy builds.

It’s best used as a long range combat ship, and for most shady professions. Piracy, assassinations, black ops, etc. It’s firepower is enough to overpower most ships its own size and smaller, while its speed allows it to outrun the cops.

With the changes to crime in mind, this is how i’m planning mine. Decent jumprange and good fuelscoop allowing a big operational range (as in, far away from home so I don’t mess with reputation there), hybrid tanking (the best way of tanking with it, since you need heavy investment for pure shields, and it’s too large for pure hull), and a combination of weapons to quickly strip the shields, destroy the powerplant, finish the target, and GTFO again.


Yeah, I dunno if the ship really makes sense for me.

Heavy combat, including legal and morally justifiable assassinations, I’d use the Python. Heavy shields and armor for tanking damage. Large lasers to strip shields and large & medium cannons to destroy modules… or just destroy. It also lands on a medium pad.

Still, I might just do it anyway – passenger Clipper. I dunno. Have to assess how much I really like the Orca.


To be fair, though I shun violent crime, I’m not above a bit of smuggling. I recently carried a wanted passenger into one of my most highly frequented starports, because they paid in Cracked Industrial Firmware. /salivates


The Chieftain looks great btw. Great hardpoints, very good placements, and oh god, that boost sound… I had to clean myself after hearing it.

It seems highly agile too, even with ed flying it :joy:

Also just gonna… drop this here (SPOILERS):

And a timestamp for those who’d like to hear the Chieftain (and the heavenly boost):



hear the Chieftain (and the heavenly boost)



That boost, is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like wauw, the feels.


What the hell did I just watch…

Either way, I feel bad that I’m in the darkness of space, I would have helped him out with their group’s CG.