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I am not afraid. I have received training from Sith Lord Rinzler o7o7o7 on “How to git gud for trading in Open”.

He has…showed me dae wae.



Tyoe 10 is better ship in every single way. Internals are the exact same,but the type 10 gets 2 C5 military slots. BUT the type 10:

  • jumps better
  • is better armed
  • has double the utility slots
  • way more power

It’s more expensive, aye, but just a better ship in every way, shape and form. If you’re not doing the reputation grind, the Type 10 is the best short-range hauler, and the Conda is the best longer-range hauler


I looked at the price, and outfitting, and I don’t think I’ll be able to cover the cost so I’ll stick to a Type-9 until my balance has gotten a bit fatter. :stuck_out_tongue:
But good to know that Type-10 is better in every way than the T-9. I thought it only had the extra firepower going for it.


Compare this Type 9 build to this Type 10 build.. Tried to build them as equal to one another as possible. Obviously, this is a very end game scenario, with heavy engineering and top tier internals. It hauls the same, but is literally better in every other way.

  • Better speeds
  • Better jumprange
  • Double the shields
  • Higher masslock factor (thus making it easier to low wake)
  • higher integrity
  • higher hardness

The ONLY thing the Type 9 has going over the Type 10 is the better range on a single fuel tank, but at short ranges that doesn’t really matter. And given the Type 10 has insane heat management, scooping is going to be a lot easier as well


The “Beyond” Q1 update goes into open (to all owners of the game) beta on Jan. 25! Wow, I was not expecting it that soon.


Text notes on the upcoming update here:


For those interested, some nice views of the original Thargoid ship that will appear soon enough:


Thanks, that’s so cool!

Despite the “legacy” caption, I think it’s a related but distinct variant from the Thargoid ships that appeared in Elite (1984). These “scouts” (as they have been referred to so far) seem much smaller than how I remember them. This is a great presentation of the octagonal shape, though.

I grabbed this screenshot a few months ago – the sweet metallic DBX illustrates the scale. I was parked nearby in my Cobra, and tried to chat with this guy, but he ignored me. :cry:

I recall the original Thargoids as being more like the scale of the current flower-shaped Interceptor class, though it’s hard to be sure given the crude graphics of the day. They released swarms of Thargons too.


I had the same a while back when I flew into my home system. Forgot I was in open, and was flying my jumpaconda (whoops). As I dropped into the station, I noticed a Python sitting outside of the mailslot. Quickly went inside, swapped to my FDL, and flew to the guy. Parked right in front of him, tapped him a few times, and asked what he was doing.

Long silence, before he answered he was waiting for a friend. Sure enough, a nearly harmless Cobra came at us. Told him I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a ganker, since the Wolves don’t appreciate those, and wished him good luck on his travels. He said thanks, and wished me happy flying too, after which he and his cobra buddy went on and I docked again.

That’s the stuff I like about Elite, and something that probably started my slow move towards Open


And then, the WoJ server got raided by SDC. Mocking us, as usual. Oh well :man_shrugging:




This is gonna be a bit off-topic, but happy cakeday :cake: @ArPharazon! :cake:

Also what exactly is the Thargoid shipthat? Some sort of spaceship for Thargoids?


Thank you!!!

@DarKastlez meant to type “ship that”. :slight_smile: Yeah it’s a smaller Thargoid ship, one that we’ve seen crashed and dead in game, but the latest promotional materials suggest we’ll be seeing living versions in the days ahead — much like what happened with the Interceptor class.

There may be Thargoid pilots in the ships, or not. No one knows yet. It is generally understood that there are Thargoid individuals on a roughly human scale, but we also believe their ships are organic technology and alive themselves.


Hmm. So these “Thargoids” are so far ahead of us in technology that they even have spaceships that are made out of alive organic material and are fully operational without anyone to pilot them? It has also been stated that an encounter with them usually results in death, if you’re not in a great ship and have good combat skills.



Actually, a lot of our technology we reverse-engineered from them. I believe our Frame Shift Drives (hyperdrive/warpdrive) and a bunch of other stuff are based on 'Goid tech


Maybe. We don’t know.

The Thargoid Interceptor class has a clear, lens like spot that could be a window, or an eye. The Scout class doesn’t appear to.

They are definitely more technologically advanced than humans. They are very tough in combat. It’s possible to kill them with specialized anti-Thargoid weaponry, but not easy, helps if you gang up on them. Meanwhile they can kill most human ships very quickly.

They’re also able to pull our ships out of hyperspace jumps, something we can’t do at all.

It’s interesting to note that most encounters with Thargoids currently are non-violent as long as you keep a distance from them (500 meters). If you stay out of their personal space, and aren’t carrying any Thargoid items in your cargo hold, most of them will just scan you and then go about their mysterious business.


If our hyperdrive was based on their technology, it makes sense. It’s like disabling fighter jet algorithm you wrote for another country in means of war. So, does that imply that we might fight them in the future?

Sorry for being annoying… I’m trying to learn more stuff about the game, reconsidering to start playing sometime >~>


Have a read of most, if not all of the lore we know so far:

Also, these two links for more Goid lore (the entire site is a pretty good read on a lot of ED stuff, but these are mostly goid related links):



Well @LordDerp has got you covered, but I will add that we are fighting them already, and they are fighting us, on a limited basis.

The conflict has heated up considerably in the past month. They have begun causing massive damage to our starports in the Pleiades sector — but not destroying them, which they are certainly capable of doing, since the starports are completely defenseless against them. (Which is funny because a starport can blow away a human Commander or NPC in mere seconds, they are armed to the teeth! But traditional weaponry does jack **** to Thargoids. They should start mounting AX weaponry on stations!)

Once AX weaponry was introduced, players have destroyed many Thargoid ships too. Conflict between players and Thargoids is mostly initiated by the players. Until recently, we knew large human fleets were being laid waste by the Thargoids because we find their wreckage, but since there were no player observers to the battles, we can’t know who shot first… only who shot last.


Btw I think we all would like nothing better, but please don’t buy the game for the Thargoids. They are a delicious garnish, be sure you like the main course first.