The Elite Dangerous thread


I was two jumps from one of the large Thargoid sites, so I stopped by for another look (I toured one middle of last year).

The structures are impossibly large and clearly organic.

Flew up under one of the overhangs.

Up on top of one of the largest structures, there was a group of five Scavengers. This is the first time I’ve seen them scavenging…

…and excreting. They are apparently slowly breaking down the big pieces.

On departure you can see the overall plan of the site.

Next stop will be the shipwreck-grave of Commander J. Jameson.


Nature is so beautiful…

Also, Jonah Jameson, perhaps??


Nature, hehe. I’m guessing the Scavengers are bio-engineered by the Thargoids to reduce a dead Hive Ship down to materials that can be used to grow something else. (Assuming that’s what we’re seeing at these sites, no one has seen a Hive Ship, but they are mentioned in Jameson’s logs.) They could be terraforming (“thargo-forming”?) planets using megaships as seeds. Total speculation on all of it though.

Apparently it’s John Jameson, the player character from the first Elite game, though the timeline and story have undergone some revision.


I love how the story is playing out. Everyone does their thing meanwhile these big events unfold in the background and slowly come to the forefront.

Regarding the name Not being Jonah J. Jameson…


But I prefer my space fantasy not to end in a copyright infringement lawsuit!

Me too! That’s an attitude that lends itself to enjoyment of the game. I don’t know any other game that is like that.

It’s very much about doing your thing, especially if that’s a variety of things. The slow-burn story development is neat but it’s a backdrop, it’s not what the game is about. (And man, it really is a slow burn, even I got impatient for the Thargoids to make a move.)

There are people who joined the game because they thought it was a “story game” about alien invasion, or something. That’s a recipe for disappointment, just like it is if you only like to do one specific thing (say, PvP piracy), and expect to do 500 thrilling hours of just that.


Yeah, it’s definitely not for everyone.


I’m just gonna, quote this so I can quote this at others >.>


Amen. Its a sandbox game, plain and simple.

Also, the people who are the most open minded on doing a lot of different things, actually have the most fun.


Found the crash site; it was nighttime there unfortunately, so my pictures are dark again.


The audio logs were pretty good, as usual. Here a player has set them to music and video. Spoilers, obviously.


Is it me, or does the Cobra MKIII model look the same like the one used in-game?

Wasn’t the crash like long time ago? Would’ve been better if they made some changes as to show that its an older model of ship.

…I complain too much, please ignore me


Ship models persist for hundreds of years in this franchise. However, there are differences between Jameson’s Cobra Mk III and the more recently built ones. The top surface and cockpit, especially.


Ah I couldn’t see clearly and based myself more on the shape.

I like these subtle differences. Looks cool :slight_smile:


The Thargoids have hit Obsidian Orbital, the oldest and most famous installation in the Pleiades.


oh shit

It’s funny, because that also directly nerfs an intermediate money-press :joy:


Hehe. I saw some speculation that Obsidian Orbital would be the first, and only, station repaired by players – due to the fact they care about that one more than all the others, versus the incredible quantities of commodities necessary to complete the repairs.


Yeah I saw ObsidianAnt’s video on how much commodities is needed to "repair’ a ship.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if it actually meant you get a lot of reputation back for it from the Republic, Empire or Alliance faction in charge.

I’ll definitely feel like going back to trading with a Type-9 once I get back.


Or a Type-10! Bristling with guns!

Seriously though, the Python makes an amazing trader, if you can afford it. If you come home with a couple hundred million in exploration profits, maybe? Jump range isn’t great, but it’s ok with engineering. Mine hauls 160 tons typically, could be more if I gave up the passenger cabin. You can still land on medium pads. And it’s tough enough to take into a CZ or run assassination missions.


Which of the two can carry more? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking to carry like 500 tonnes at a time, and most likely use it for some community challenges or just bulk trading in general.


I think with the Type-9 you can carry more… to your grave. :wink: just kidding I dunno atm.