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Well, to be fair, a stock sidey isn’t that expensive on the rebuy. Most of my ships are between 500.000 and 10.000.000 credits rebuy. My corvette, which I’ve got planned out currently, is expected to have a 44.000.000 rebuy (when everything is bought at a 15% discount, mind you) :joy:



-plays See you Again-



Oh he probably has zero rebuy. Only reason to do it is for the experience. Everyone says the Fuel Rats are super pro and everyone has a good time.

44 mil rebuy?!? Aaagghh

Btw I don’t think rebuy reflects what you paid, but rather the standard market value?



Zero rebuy, but I did buy a fuel scoop.
I dismissed the quest that made me do that and am finding a new quest.

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Did you sell the discovery scanner to fit the scoop? You probably need the cargo space more. Btw you should upgrade your cargo bay to full size for the slot it’s in. The stock ship always comes with a half-size cargo bay. That’ll help you with your trading goals.



There was an empty space I put the scoop in. I should go ahead and sell the discovery scanner though?
And I will upgrade that cargo bay.
Edit: Seems that when I got the new ship my cargo space was upgraded to the cap 4, from the cap 2.

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Just what you’re doing! The main form of progression in this game is to make money and use it to upgrade your ship (or buy new ships). Your ship defines what you can do.

Besides what we talked about already, a good early upgrade is the power distributor. It’s cheap, and it provides a boost to your entire ship’s performance.



The best case scenario (as in, perfect engineer rolls). Not sure yet though if I want to go full fixed, or mix it up.

And IIRC, rebuy is calculated at the price you buy stuff. And since I go out of my way to buy everything at 15% discount, that does help a ton xD

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I forget how many slots are in the Sidewinder! You can sell the disco scanner and use the space for something else, or keep it as a side income. You can scan systems that aren’t already mapped for you, and sell the data at a station.



Impressive build! One tiny nitpick, you might not need an A-rated fuel scoop, if a lower rated one fills the tank fast enough. Could be a couple percent saved on power consumption and nominal heat level.



Eh, I’ve got enough spare power to play with, but I agree with the heat level. I’ll run some tests, once I’ve actually grinded the rep and the cash and the engineers and the mats for it :joy:

Though currently, I’m only going to give my fleet FSD and Drive upgrades, my FAS some HRP upgrades, and my vulture a PowerPlant and APA upgrades, and then I’m holding off until 3.0 hits. It’s been confirmed that every engineer roll is going to be better than the previous one, so I’d rather wait until that before engineering the crap out of current/future ships xD. for now, it’s getting the engineers in the first place, one of the three to elite (founders world!), and combat rank up.

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Sounds good.

Speaking of FSD, @BearStream, if you have over 80K credits, I bet you can afford at least a D or C-rated FSD. It’s a great quality of life improvement.

@LordDerp I may not have mentioned my latest acquisition:

New photo by Steve Martin
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Speaking of ships, when would be a good time to get a new ship? I figure the ship I have will be good for a while but eventually I’ll need an upgrade.



I’d go for an Adder. It’s the first true multipurpose ship there is, so you can do a lot with it. Exploring, hauling, combat, you name it.

@ArPharazon nice! My python is probably the ship I’ve owned the longest right now, and I don’t regret a single second of it. One of the best all-rounders in the game, and medium sized makes it even better.

Oh, and good pick on the paint job. White python=best python

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When I first started, I did the following:

  1. Did a lot of data courier missions and with mission rewards I upgraded the FSD (most important) since that allows me to jump to more systems that are out of reach at first.
  2. Once you have enough credits, then you can decide what you want to do. It all involves two ships:
  • Combat: Eagle is one of the earliest and most inexpensive ship you can buy. BIG warning though, as the jump range on the eagle is worse than a sidey, it is better to stay in the same system. So, before buying one, fly with the sidey to a system where you can find an orbital station that sells the ship, while also being close to a high RES (Resource Extraction Site, High refers to High security activity --> which means more security ships to help you in case you are in danger).
  • Trade & Exploration: Adder is the other inexpensive ship you can buy early on. You can decide to either outfit it with cargo racks, a good FSD and start doing some trade runs or even trade missions. OR, you can outfit it for exploration, as it can easily reach a jump range of 26 ly and just head out into the unknown.

I, personally, went for the Adder until I had enough to buy a Cobra MKIII. The site was great to calculate trade routes, you can decide for yourself if you want a loop route or perhaps one that goes from A-B-C to see something else for a change.

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Quick sidenote: if you want to go pure explorer, but a hauler instead. Fully build for exploration, it’s identical to the adder, but 300.000 credits cheaper. Though the adder can fit a fuelscoop, shields, SRV bay, and both scanners. The hauler, you cannot do all three of them



The Sidey is good for a while. It’s tiny, but very flexible. You can try different jobs without fear of losing a fortune in rebuys/maintenance.

I’d go about it this way: after you know what you want to do with your next ship, pick the ship. Say, if it’s trade mission running, perhaps a Hauler or an Adder. Then save up your cash until you have maybe 5x its purchase price or more. (You can keep the Sidey as backup, or sell it to invest in the new ship.)

You want to have enough money to upgrade the new ship immediately upon purchase, if not A-rating it, then at least a mix of A thru D modules. You don’t want to go from a fully upgraded small ship to a stock E-rated larger ship! It’ll feel like a downgrade, and it’s discouraging. (And don’t forget to have enough for rebuy on the new ship too!)

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I think I might have bought a Hauler and not an Adder, can’t quite remember.

But what @Arpharazon says is right, best to start small and make sure you have an abundance of credits before purchasing your next new ship.

If anything, I also suggest participating on Community Goals, which is something I should have done sooner. Just participating will already net you about 400,000 Cr, which is definitely worth it when you are just beginning.

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This is very true. Just throwing in a single credit worth of bounty or delivering a single ton of cargo already gives you the minimum reward, which most of the time is indeed something like 200.000-400.000 credits.

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Oh, and if y’all like combat and have a bit of Fen rank, buy an FAS, ditch the shields, stuff it with HRP and MRP, and take two PA’s and two APA’s.

Who needs shields when you’re pretty much a Vulture on crack, with +/- 3k worth of hull (unengineerd) or 6k hull (fully engineered)?

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