The Elite Dangerous thread


I now have your ingame name, I shall hunt you down :smiling_imp:

In all seriousness though, as allways, I’m throughly impressed by FDev. You can say a lot of things about them, but they know how to get a amazing looking, and even more so amazing sounding game.


You went? You heard the flight controller, and all the stuff going on inside the station? :heart:

I shall hunt you down

Ha! Good luck, Mobius carebear here. :smiley:


Not yet .-. Just finished this website, so now I am gonna probably make a quick trip and record a bit of footage. But everything else so far has been amazing ^^

No worries, Wolves of Jonai Carebear here xD


What does the Wolves of Jonai fight for actually?


Nothing really, it’s a mostly PvE group focused on just playing with friends and maintaining our faction.

Though we do have a black ops, focused on PvP and hostile system takeovers ^^


I just took down my target in an assassination mission. An Elite pirate lord in a Federal Corvette who was packing PA’s. Canopy cracked, hull at 9%. Hands trembling!


Damn, nice! Was it a Navy Strike Mission? I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen either an NPC Corvette or Cutter :thinking:

Also, Type 10 hasn’t even been out for half a day, and Rinzler is already wrecking shit with it:


Nope, just a regular Assassinate Pirate Lord mission from an Empire-aligned faction (with which I am Allied). 2m Cr payout – promised, not yet collected, lunch ran long and I parked the Python in space.

Always up for a Rinzler video! Interesting boost sound on the T-10.


I’ve yet to fly one my own (nearly done with passengers, then I’ll pop over to Jameson Memorial to pick up a dedicated goid hunter build for now), but from what I’ve seen and heard, it handles way better than a Type 9, but it’s still very sluggish.
Distributor is an issue, though engineering can counteract this nearly entirely.
Jump range is pretty good for a combat ship.
Very, very tanky.
And apparently, it’s nearly impossible to overheat the damn thing.


I won’t be buying one for the foreseeable future. Can’t afford it, for one thing. :laughing: But also I can’t envision myself putting it to use. Still, I’m happy for others to have something to try out, and hopefully I’ll be seeing a space B-52 out my window soon. :smile:


Holy crap. 1054 Type-10s passed through Deciat.


Steam sale. Elite base game currently $7.49, Horizons bundle $23.99.

–> store LINK <–


For all people that want an FAS/FDS/FGS:

It seems it goes in after the goal ends, just FYI.


There’s also a lot of limited-time-offer metallic paintjobs on the Frontier store, being released in “twelve days of Christmas” style.

Further news, the three starports originally attacked by the Thargoids have reportedly gone into repair mode. Now three new ones have been attacked.


Yeah, I’m waiting until something stunning comes on. So far, it looks great, but not enough to fork out even more money for them :joy:

cries in Black Friday Skins


I’d be tempted (actually, was tempted) to buy the “Chromed” skins for Cobra Mk III and Python, except I already bought the Tactical paintjob packs for those ships, which I like. So, doesn’t make sense. Three more days to come!


I think rebuilding defenseless starports that could just get trashed again is a bad idea, but I’m curious to know what they look like under reconstruction, so I’m heading back to the Pleiades with a hold full of 160 tons of metals. 2 jumps down, 24 jumps to go in my fully laden Python. :grimacing:


I’m actually heading that way too.

In a Type 10

Loaded to the brim with ammo :smiling_imp:

and with a friend in multicrew eheh


…give peace a chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: