The Elite Dangerous thread


That’s so strange that mine is nothing like that. ???

We are talking about the Orca right? I don’t have a Beluga.


No, I’m talking about the Beluga xD





breath in



Congrats!!! The envy is real! :smiley:


Now to debate on if I should post it on Reddit with the title ‘After X amount of playtime I finally managed my first Elite Rank!’ :thinking:


It will turn into - To Upvote or not to Upvote, that is the Reddit question!


I decided yesterday to take the Palin mission to retrieve thargoid material and bring it to Obsidian Orbital.

First time nothing bad happened. I managed to find the Thargoid Scout location by learning how to use coordinates in the game. (First time I did it, it was fun, gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment)

Also managed to scan the crash site so it would be easier for me to come back.

However, second time was worse. I managed to gather the 4 materials and just as I entered supercruise on my way out:

Warning. Hazarduous Substance.
Corrosive damage cargo hatch.
Eject cargo.

Wait what…no!
I returned back immediately, grabbed another 4 and went back on my merry way to Maia. But, as I approached Obsidian Orbital in supercruise, same story again… half my cargo load ejected.


So, either I try to unlock professor Palin so I can buy the corrosive cargo racks OR I simply gather more of the materials I need so that, even if some fall out, I still have enough to redeem the mission.

I think I’ll go with option 2.


I did those missions a while in my Conda, carrying a 5A AFMU. First time around, I went and gathered 8 of each (so 24 in total). Toxic cargo corrosion stacks, so as soon as I entered my ship again, all subsystems were a 50% or lower. As soon as I jumped into supercruise, my canopy broke, and since it’s D-rated, what followed were the most butt-clenching 7 minutes I’ve had in a while :joy:

Later on, I decided to just go and grab whatever was asked instead of stocking up. I learned a thing or two:

In the event of your cargo hatch being corroded, there’s a chance it malfunctions. If it does, emergency drop into normal space. Usually, that seemed to already stop it from dropping. Repair the hatch, and go on.

But i’ve still had my hatch malfunction as I was entering the station, and since I’m flying an anaconda, I couldn’t scoop them back up. I was pretty salty after that, and very rapidly after, I moved onto Passenger missions :joy:


So I guess having a AFMU is rather important if I want to attempt this again, right?


Note, I have no idea what an AFMU is, but I think this fits :stuck_out_tongue:


On my conda, one ‘cylce’ of corrosion on my cargo hatch took 20% off of it. Like I said, it’s completely random if the hatch malfunctions or not. I’ve had it happen on 100%, 80%, even 15%. But it’s always good to have one on board when transporting toxic cargo, just in case.

@MaddCow Auto Field Maintenance Unit :stuck_out_tongue:


It certainly does! :stuck_out_tongue: AFMU stands for Advanced Field Maintenance Unit. It’s a module that basically repairs anything on your ship but there is a limit on it.


I always imagine it as a room with a little maintenance droid in it, that can unplug itself and walk around the ship. The AFMU ammo is a bag of nuts and bolts and spare parts that it carries around, or maybe 3D printing powder. :smile:


It would be nice if it was like a limpet you would see go around your ship and perform a repair animation.



Hadn’t played in several weeks (was playing Stellaris). I’d been in Yan Musu in my Cobra Mk IV, mining. Found four data delivery missions going to the same station in a neighboring system. One of them was for the local anarchic faction, but, well it’s just a message.

Waiting for my Imperial Courier to arrive, I made a quick run to the local RES. Gathered up 14t Gold, 15t Palladium, and 5t Painite. During this, pirates attempted to rob me two or three times. Each time ended poorly for the pirates, as system security pounced on each while they were waiting for me to comply. Once they’d engaged, I joined in with beam turrets and seekers. They had no chance, even a Python. So I collected some bounty too.

Figured my Courier must have arrived, so I headed back to the station. Painite was selling for over 80,000 credits per ton, wow! Profits plus bounty was around a million Cr.

Hopped into the Courier, quick jump to Ariku, delivered the data without incident. Reward from the Anarchy job: two Exquisite Focus Crystals.

All in all, it was a pleasant welcome back. :smiley:


Totally acceptable alternate time sink :slight_smile:


Yeah, Stellaris is pretty good, in the vein of Endless Space, or Master of Orion II, against which I judge all space strategy games.


Sounds about right. Endless space was a little ‘too’ clean for me, and nothing comes close to MOO 2 for me. The only thing I think Moo 2 beats Stellaris on is ship customization and combat (Which is fin, because Stellaris adds a lot more or in other areas) But I really dislike how long it takes to ‘purge the universe’ at times in Stellaris. I do really enjoy Stellaris though :slight_smile: