The Elite Dangerous thread


I was fine with it the way it was, but I’m fine with this too. :slight_smile:


All they had to do was increase the material storage, and make every subsequent role an improvement over the previous one, and I’d be more than happy. There’s a few things that worry me though:

You will need to maximize benefits from an upgrade before you can start applying higher rank versions to a module. We still want to reward the process of upgrading modules

This is just increasing to the grind. Why do we need to waste materials on lower grade upgrades? We unlocked grade 5, and I want grade 5 damnit!

We will introduce a per material storage cap, probably around the 100 mark, to remove inventory shuffling

While the idea (increased storage) is great, this basically eliminates the option for fleet-wide engineering sprees as I do now from time to time (gather enough mats to roll, for example, G5 increased FSD 300-400 times so my entire fleet can benefit in one go). Not the most common problem I’d reckon, but still.

All penalties in blueprints are fixed and only applied once per rank

Does this mean G1 blueprints get negatives too? Cause if so, that sucks. Great thing for me now is to build my ship that way that I can get away with a godrolled G1 overcharged PP at most. It’s easy to gather mats, so I can easily spend plenty of rolls getting it to where there’s no heat increase, but a 15% power increase for example.
In my opinion, G1 blueprints should always be straight upgrades, with no downsides. Not major boosts, but no negatives either. G5 should be go big and go home, big numbers both ways.

e are removing all hidden statistical variables from the upgrade process. Whilst there is still a range of success when you craft, you will be able to see the range before you commit
One cool thing that secondary hidden statistical pros and cons did was ensure variety. Because we are losing this, we will try to ensure that each module has a set of experimental effects that allow you to tweak your module in a variety of ways, hopefully ensuring that there are a number of different options to aim for

Finally, I hope they are going to set up the current secondaries behind a similar system as they’re alluding to for the weapon experimentals. As in, if i want a massive distributor draw decrease on my long range beam, I ‘pay’ more mats for it. It would really, really suck if they removed such effects completely.

Final note btw:

Conversion will place them at the top of the previous rank (so a rank 4 upgrade would become maxed rank 3 upgrade) and would change all statistics and effects to represent the new blueprint.

In general, we will try to make sure that the new blueprints can max out slightly better than the old system (we want to encourage conversion).

Does that mean the current grades get shifted downwards in terms of power? So like, what is now considered grade 5 dirty drives (30% increase) becomes grade 4 in the new system?


At least, if the material spawn rate is increased and material cost for blueprints somewhat reduced, I wouldn’t mind. Heck, you still need to rank up with the Engineers anyways from G1-5, so not that much of a big deal.

Also, since every roll now guarantees an upgrade, at least it’s more worth it then the system we have now.


I’d look at it more in terms of how many rolls I need to get to a clear improvement. In the current system, once I’ve achieved my target grade with the Engineer, that’s very few rolls. Like, often, just one.

Engi mods confer huge benefits as it is – it’s just possible occasionally to roll so well on a G4 (or sometimes, even G3) that it’s not worth going to G5. This is what some people hate. It’s not that a modification made your module worse than stock. Just worse than your previous mod. They can’t rest as long as that grade number can still go up. They don’t want to weigh the merits of the mod they have, they aren’t happy they got a G4 that was so good they didn’t have to go to G5; they just want the G number to go as high as it can go, then they’re pissed off when that isn’t better than their G4 god roll.

Under the new system, if I’m already G5 with an Engineer, and I have to do 15 rolls per module, every module, that’s worse in my opinion. I’ll have to carry materials for each grade? I doubt they’ll do that, I bet they’ll drop it. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what their statement there really entails.


Depends what they mean by this. Nearly all mods have some sort of penalty. E.g., the PP generates more power (+) but also more heat (-).


Yeah, but the G1 powerplant can roll anywhere between -10% and 0% decrease in integrity (bigger range if counting secondaries). And since it’s only 1 sulphur to roll, this means you can get a 0% decrease in integrity. Hell, you could get an increase if rolling for secondaries.

So, you could keep rolling the Powerplant to get up to an 18% increase in power (with secondaries), while not running any hotter, or even running cooler. I’m wondering how they’re going to manage that. G1 rolls are minor enough in power increase I feel they shouldn’t have any downsides either.


They also stated that you can now do engineer upgrades at stations with Outfitting, which means no more back and forth going to the Engineer and back to the material grind spots.

Only reason to visit an engineer is for an experimental effect.


But I think that’s only on your pinned blueprint for that Engineer, not their whole catalog.


Really? Well that would be a shame. Although it does make me wonder just how much pinned blueprints we can have.

I mean, right now it’s only 1 right (which is something that always bothered me).


I dunno, I think it’s also interesting to have them be not just simple buffs, but with pros and cons that make them situational, ways of optimizing your ship to suit it for a particular task. Costs and benefits for you to balance.

*With the overall outcome still positive, though.


One per Engineer.


So long Frontier doesn’t go overboard with giving players “a sense of achievement and accomplishment”, it will probably be fine.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the ‘Dolphin’:


Ok…now you made me regret not buying the Black Friday skin for it, you glorious bastard.


Mother Of All Dolphins


I have to say the first time I hit boost with this thing going through the mailslot I was like:

Yaw and pitch are amazing, and it has very respectable speed for such a large vessel.

Meanwhile, a few rolls later:

Pretty extreme roll, but ech


That’s how I feel about the Orca. The speed too. It’s like, how is this thing moving this fast? Except not in supercruise omg.


The engine sounds are godlike too. Like, god damn they sounds amazing.

Heat management is horrendous though, even with an A-rated Powerplant.


Oh, I hadn’t noticed that — but I don’t use it for combat.


Me neither. But making a jump from system to system easily gets heat up to 80% when going from ‘idle supercruise heat’.

As in, if I want to jump, my heat spikes by 40%