The Elite Dangerous thread


Never heard about that one. Now I want one of those memes posted here.


No no, I fully get you. The only real reason I keep up with the E:D Subreddit is for the news, community content, and to help others. The majority of the entire Reddit is flooded with either

  • Memes (free conda, Asp in front of things)
  • After X amount of Y, I now have Z!

Etc, etc.


I almost mentioned that one too. Yes, you’ve described 90% of all posts right there.

I should know better, but I always allow myself to be sucked into reading those SUXZ! threads. I ask myself why and tell myself to stop, but then I just do it again.





For educational purposes, off course :wink:


How about the nose of a Python slightly below things?




THIS is why I barely bother anymore. Speak up about a meme, get insulted and downvoted (it’s okay now, but worst I’ve seen on my initial response was -5


I saw you there, came here to congratulate you on fighting the good fight. You have my upvote. o7

Top comment was pretty good.

I’m a new player, but have a question. Are memes as slowly updated in this game as the game itself?


Just posting this here as well. Not very many players here, let alone combat ones IIRC, but ech:

I’m looking for someone with cascade rails and a corrosive multicannon to wing up and bounty hunt in populated areas, in open. During CG’s, and all that stuff. Getting close to kicking off my FDL build, made for raw DPS. Should be fine 1v1, but having someone in a silent running DBX with two cascade rails and a corrosive multicannon supporting from the distance would really make things go a lot quicker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I should stress I’m not looking to gank innocents; I’m simply looking to fly around busy areas, and hunt wanted commanders

Also /offtopic, fancy new post editior o.O


You’re the hero we need, but don’t deserve my friend.

(In the meantime, let me plot course to Hutton Orbital - heard there was a free Cutter)


I would…if I had one! (think Timmy Turner Dad meme)


Why is the crack train no longer a thing :frowning:


Is it not? Something changed? I kept hearing about Crack Train 2.0, 3.0, but never knew what they were talking about.


You’re right. I found the 4.0 version.


Oh. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just Dav’s Hope. I tried that, but wasn’t willing to relog enough times to get a CIF.


You didn’t relog!?

Just kidding I get why. But the grind though…


Just FYI, Crack Train 4.0 (Dav’s hope) has been fixed. Materials still spawn, but the beacon can only be scanned once a week now, like all other data points.

I haven’t tried satellites just yet, either they fixed just Dav’s hope or the data point relog thing in general.


And again I’m late to the party. I mean, Frontier really needs to up the drop rate of Cracked Industrial Firmware, especially since it’s considered … ‘common’.


I’ve only just started reading [this] ( and some of these changes sound like music in my ears:

  • Experimental effects will no longer have a chance to occur during the upgrade process. Instead, each experimental effect will simply have a materials cost that you can pay to have it fitted to an appropriate module
    This means that there is no way you can lose reputation ranks with an Engineer
  • We will institute a materials trader at specific starports. These contacts will allow you to trade (at loss) materials within the same class, allowing you to convert unwanted materials into useful ones
  • We will introduce a per material storage cap, probably around the 100 mark, to remove inventory shuffling
    We’ll add an ignore function for materials (and commodities, incidentally), allowing you to mine and collect more efficiently by preventing collector limpets from picking up ignored items and auto-venting refineries