The Elite Dangerous thread


I uh… I might have bought over half of them >.>

  • SRV
  • Imperial Fighter
  • Federal Fighter
  • Imperial Courier
  • Taipan
  • Python
  • Federal Corvette
  • Imperial Cutter
  • Anaconda
  • Asp Explorer
  • Fer de Lance
  • Type-6
  • Imperial Clipper
  • Vulture
  • Diamondback Explorer
  • Federal Assault Ship
  • Federal Dropship
  • Federal Gunship
  • Beluga
  • Viper Mk IV


LOL, looking again at the price, I think I’ll probably only buy one at the end (for my Vulture).

But damn, talk about buyer’s impulse. It’s all about the fashion, right?


That, and I put some money aside for this. Besides, these are probably all the ships I am ever going to own, might as well buy them all at once now that I still can :joy:





These people flying without rebuys saddens me. But the fact he flew a Python without a rebuy, in open, while streaming, and then complains about ‘wasting time grinding’ and ‘pathetic streamsnipers’…


Yep, like, you should at least have double to triple the balance of the insurance cost. And even then you have to watch out.

For that reason I am happy to be flying relatively inexpensive ships while my balance slowly keeps rising :stuck_out_tongue:


As you should. I am currently at… 400.000.000 credits, so I can take bigger ships out for a spin too xD

Though, the highest rebuy I have is my Conda, at around 10.000.000, with my Python close behind at 9.000.000. Then my FAS at 4.900.000, and the others at 1.000.000 or less :joy:


LOL, I’m only close to 100M Cr. and my highest rebuy I think is my Asp Explorer at about 1.6M Cr I believe

But yeah, like your balance would probably just be enough for the Imperial cutter, almost completely outfitted I think


I could almost buy my planned Haulage Cutter. But I’m only Outsider with the Empire, so that’s gonna take a while :joy:

also, I wouldn’t have money for the rebuy :stuck_out_tongue:


The princess is disappointed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck the princess (heh), LONG LIVE THE FEDERATION

Not kidding, one rank away from the Gunship. I prefer my feds ^^

(also, currently two weeks pledged to the Princess, I want those Prismatics dammit xD)


On the road to the first Elite! Just hit Tycoon Rank, means I need a single rank and I’ve got my first Elite ^^


That cutter would definitely help you with trading :wink:

I guess a T-9 will do for now :stuck_out_tongue: (or a T-10???)


Nah, courier and FDL intially, might pick up a FDS, FGS and AspX as well. Then, the rank grind probably begins… Or engineering


I knew people were complaining about bad mission rewards, but come on, really? That’s not even enough to cover fuel, even if I fuelscoop after the single jump it takes me ._.


But those Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses man. Also, 153 Cr and you still have to make a 1000ly trip.


it’s light seconds, not light years :smile:

Edit: still not worth of course! lol


Where are my glasses

Why, you’re absolutely right. (and indeed, even 1000 Ls in Supercruise is a long time)


1000ls in suprecruise isn’t that bad. It’s like… a few minutes, 5 tops?

Try hutton, and while you’re there, get that anaconda :wink:


yyyyeeeaaahhhh that. It made Rock Paper Shotgun and all, kinda funny I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

But OMG I get so sick of a number of things on Reddit, that’s one of them. There’s a point where jokes get so old that they just enrage me when I’m feeling thin skinned (no offense taken or intended here!). Like, the “Asps In Front Of Things” meme. That was played out 12 months ago, I hate any mention of it, even indirect like “how about a DBX in front of things?” No, shut up, just shut it! :rage:

You just see the same threads go around again and again, often two or three at a time. I hate Reddit, yet I check it every day because it’s the fastest way to learn any important news about E:D.

Sorry for the tirade. :laughing: