The Elite Dangerous thread


Thanks! And no worries, a congrats is a congrats, no matter the location ^^

That said, I just treated myself:
-Coriolis bobbleheads (normal and wireframe)
-Anaconda bobblehead
-Cobra MKIII Onionhead pack
-Purple weapon and engine colour
-name plates (explorer, combat, passenger, pirate, trader and wings)
-tactical paint packs (DBX, Dolphin, Corvette, FDS, FGS, Federal fighter, Imperial fighter, Taipan, FDL, Clipper, Courier, Cutter, Type 6)
-Ship kits (Cutter, Corvette, FDL, Anaconda, Python, Type 6,
-Raider ship kit (AspX)

now to wait for the black Friday skins, and I’m done spending money on Elite for a while xD


I can’t seem to get enough of those myself!


Vibrant is a bit too… vibrant for me (:joy:), and the military packs are a bit too dull. Tactical ones are a nice balance ^^


I have the regular coriolis bobblehead myself, pretty nice.


So my wife asked me if there was anything else I wanted for Christmas, and I’ve been looking at some stuff, one of the things was a HOTAS controller.

However, it looks to me like that controller is better to be put on top of an armchair. I wonder if any of you have any experience with this?


I’ve been using a HOTAS ever since I’ve been playing elite (so, for nearly 500 hours now), and all that time I’ve had it on my desk, in front of me. Never had any issues with cramps, fatigue, or that kind of stuff.

Keep in mind, I’m rather tall, and that in combination with my desk and chair height means it’s a pretty natural position for me. Also, I’ve got a few buttons mapped on my stick that I need while still flying, so I use my other hand to flip those; another reason why I prefer them a bit closer to one another


Do you have your HOTAS on an armchair or just on your computer desk?

And what would be a recommend purchase? :stuck_out_tongue:


My chair doesn’t even have armrests, so I can’t really tell you how that plays. I tend to have them on either side of my keyboard, and that works out the best for me.

(small note inbetween: I’m using my hotas for flight, a Xbox 360 controller + a few buttons on my hotas for SRV (only things bound to my hotas are menu controls i.e. things i don’t need in a pinch), and keyboard for the camera suite)

As for what to buy, I’m using a Saitek X52. Now, it works great, and has more buttons than you’ll need. However, the stick is quite wobbly (which can be corrected with some well-placed zipties, but still, it shouldn’t be that wobbly to begin with). I’ve also been told that Saitek is a pretty shitty company, with bad customer support, and bad quality overall (it seems to be a gamble when you order a product from them if it will work or not). I bought mine second hand, and never had any issues with it, but just saying, that’s only me; doesn’t mean the same will happen to you.

Overall, check out this link for recommendations (further down is a table with many options)


@DarKastlez in case you’re wondering, this is the way I play Elite in terms if peripheral placement:


Interesting. My wife would go crazy with all those wires lying around :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I am looking to see if there might not be a good deal for a better monitor, instead of HOTAS controller (since I also already put a new mouse on my wishlist).


Yeah, cable management is shit, but that’s also part to this not being permanent; I need space on that desk from time to time, so to bolt and wire everything down is a bad move :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, if your PC can handle it, get a better monitor, and use the old one as a secondary. (almost) Never have to alt-tab out of the game again!


Well I’m looking for a regular full HD monitor. Even at full HD with my RX 480, i still notice a FPS drop when playing Elite from time to time (could perhaps be due to internet lag), so I don’t think looking for a higher resolution monitor is the best thing to do.


Don’t get me wrong, I have the same thing… kinda.

Main monitor is 1920x1200, the second 1920x1080. During gaming, with chrome open (about 30 tabs), and several other E:D programs, I do notice my PC struggles to keep up, though ingame doesn’t seem affected that much


Do you use a 144Hz monitor? Or a regular 60Hz monitor?

I found this monitor at 200 CAD:

Comes with Freesync (which is great, since I have AMD hardware), full HD, adjustable stand and 75Hz.

There’s also a 144Hz option, but that is like 150 dollars extra.


IIRC both are 60hz. But my PC is a getting old, so I don’t mind capping my games at 60fps.

Only go for the 144hz one if you can manage 144fps ingame. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

speaking of waste

I’m currently over at the Thargoid crash site, collecting samples. Then a single jump to obsidian orbital, to hand the samples in for big bucks. I don’t know if toxic corrosion stacks, so I’m debating on hauling 256T of the stuff in one go and just relog over and over to hand in the missions, or do small bits at a time :thinking:


I have an Nvidia 970. I saw a periodic stutter inside starports. It started maybe 6 to 9 months ago. I disabled VSync, and capped the frame rate at 120 or something. That makes it feel much smoother. I’d rather see a tear than a stutter.


I don’t believe I even have V-sync enabled (I’ll double check to be sure). I even have my graphic settings set to Medium in the hope it would occur less frequently.


I get this also and I have the same card. Don’t have any problems with other games. Seems to run Shadow of War just fine on very high settings so I’m not sure what’s up.


Once a year only. Warning: flat black, not glossy.


Frontier knows it wants my money.

The E:D steamstore page seems to be getting a lot of traffic.

P.S. What ships would look the best with a midnight skin?

Personally I am having my eye on the Midnight skin for the Vulture, Imperial Eagle, Asp Explorer and Imperial Clipper.