The Elite Dangerous thread


So yesterday, while doing my last few trade runs, I came across a human pirate … in Mobius PVE >.>

To make matters worse, I got rid of my shield precisely because it wasn’t Open + I only had 50% hull left (I should not underestimate a Cobra MKIII NPC with missiles, thinking I could kill him easily even without shield --> BIG mistake).

Luckily I was smart enough to remember to quickly choose another system, turn in the opposite direction of the pirate (who thought I would comply and was busy sending limpets) set engine to full speed - boost and managed to hyperwake it out of there.

I made a screenshot of the messages he had send on my Steam profile. I already contacted a board administrator for Mobius PvE, who now requested that I provide him with some journal logs (is that necessary? Thought a screenshot of the encounter would be enough).


That being said, trading Palladium (even though I had to make 3 jumps to my destination and back) was really profitable - 885k per run for 128 tonnes of Palladium.


Oh we’ve had SDC members infiltrate our private group too (Wolves of Jonai). They always come out during CG’s to ‘take care of the carebears’.

What they’re trying to accomplish I cannot comprehend, but dicks are gonna be dicks I guess.

And yeah, Palladium is great. I was doing 4M a run (454 tonnes, 15 minute run if focused). I have to settle for Beryllium now, at 2M a run. Trade rank is shooting up though, same with combat :joy:

Journal logs tell a lot more than a screenshot does; hence why he’s probably asking for it


Logs are necessary. Anything can be forged, pictures or logs, but it makes sense that they should ask for as much information as possible to see if it is consistent. They are going to ban him from the private group on that basis, after all. The log shows who interdicted whom, etc. When I provided them with what they needed, they banned the dude within several hours.


Fun story: all of a sudden people were complaining that they were getting interdicted and killed by a wing of three Cutters (why gankers always go with Cutters and not, say Corvette’s boggles my mind though it’s an obvious sign that Imperials are dicks, glory to the Federation!). Very quickly, they were kicked from the group, but you need to actually end the session i.e. you don’t get booted to the main menu immediately.

So a bunch of commanders grouped up, and hunted him down, and pursued him for half an hour, until forcing him to log off.

…in mostly smaller ships. Couriers, Vipers, at most a Vulture :joy:


Good to hear! Just wanted to make sure if it was a ‘normal’ practice or not and/or whether I might not be sharing sensitive information that I don’t want to share.

You happen to know who they were? Also the pirate who interdicted me wasn’t looking out to destroy me, but rather steal whatever cargo I had. (which doesn’t really make any sense - doing that in a PvE group)


What certain PvP-centric individuals always say on Reddit is, it is so unfair that people can participate in CGs and/or affect the background sim, while being invulnerable to opposition by combat due to being in PG or Solo. They should be able to blockade systems, offer emergent content, etc.

And I really think that’s the true reason.


We’ve had first hand experience with that as well. Ever heard of the infamous Ollo?

He’s this manchild who believes he’s the centre of the universe, and that he’s the main developer of E:D and that he should decide what is made first. And his was of protesting is by dicking others over. Like he tried with us:

Obviously, that was a failure, since by the time the CG started, the lockdown was already nearly done, not to mention that the BH CG was at the same station. Meaning, that the lockdown would go away even quicker.

He tried again a couple of days later:

And once again, we managed to throw it around quite quickly (Gyvatanoy is a tiny system, so influences are very easy to change, and me and my wing of two other CMDR’s delivered over 4M bounty PP, not to mention the tens of other CMDR’s that worked their asses off). Guess what his response was?

Fdev has reacted with the hand of god and adjusted things ( which is a success for us, as we can now say well Fdev have some rules for some but will intervene for others - which weve been saying triple elite groups and big youtube PMFs like WoJ have had superior support over small groups who Fdev have shafted out of Cgs, stuffed up colonia work and even delayed some PMFs for 12 months or so)

I won’t go into rage mode even more, just know that LordDerpu in the second thread is me, Ollo stalked me on Reddit for a bit (commenting on a bunch of random threads), and then banned me from the subreddit i.e. I can’t comment anymore.
Quite ironic, a subreddit advocating for free speech about ED banning a person for not agreeing with them.


@LordDerp what’s your opinion on this particular situation (as to what Ollo is reffering to as the “hand of God”)

From what I can understand, apparently a group of people (in their way of roleplaying in the universe of E:D) tried to get rid of a pirate faction in system around Colonia to make it safer for people who arrive and submit their hard-earned exploration data.

They managed to subdue the NPC pirate faction to have it only 1 home system left and even managed to be at war with them.

However, due to a recent CG, FDev re-implemented the Pirate NPC faction in several systems (including Colonia) as to provide a reason for the CG.

This resulted in all the hard work the group did, become worthless. If that’s true, I can definitely understand that sentiment.

Apparently the OP posted an update stating that Fdev did revert the changes made and brought the Pirate faction back to 1 system the group originally pushed it back too.


From what I understand, that was a misunderstanding between different parts of the team; the part being part of CG’s and the actual devs. The fact is has been reverted is proof that it was in fact a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying E:D is a perfect, 10/10 flawless game. It’s not, far from it. It isn’t the half-arsed first-year-game-dev-student alpha test of some random tiny budget indie game however, unlike many people seem to say. I’m close to breaking the 500 hour barrier with the game; the only other franchise that managed that is Soulsborne (currently at ~1000 hours). E:D in its current state is a lot more enjoyable than a lot of AAA games I’ve played recently. If not only for the fact that microtransactions, while aplenty, are purely cosmetic, and not hidden behind gamble systems. It’s not ‘pay to get a chance to possibly unlock this ingame thing, or just pray to god this free chance you get every ~10 hours contains that thing you want’, it’s ‘here’s the game, and here’s cosmetics if you want. Your call’.

I realised I went on a bit of a rant there, sorry about that :joy: TL:DR: I can understand the criticism, but seeing as to how the chance seemed to be reversed, it shows to me it was a honest mistake, and simply miscommunication among different departments


There’s no way anyone on the main E:D sub couldn’t know about ollobrains. He’s everywhere posting nutjob incoherent spam comments in every thread. Super annoying.


First time hearing from him :joy:

Seems like quite a partypooper.

In that light, I can definitely understand (also shows that FDev does care, since they did revert the process after all).


Ah. I’ve been reading r/EliteDangerous multiple times a day for the last two years. He’s always been there. Rants incessantly about the BGS, often when completely unrelated to the topic under discussion.

Also UA bombs any popular location he can. Because “protest”.


That’s pretty funny as well, since Wolves of Jonai is a dictatorship. Meaning, black markets controlled by them are shutdown. Hence why he ended up just shooting ‘our’ NPC ships, since his easy way of griefing can’t be used against ‘us’

In other words, how about the new goid stuff eh?


Oh s***, I am behind in the news, working rn but will catch up ASAP


Ohhh I thought you were talking bout the elite wildlife in evolve 8P


What new Goid stuff?

Links pretty please!





Lol >.< ^.^


A new, visibly different and tougher variant of Thargoid has been discovered, still in the Pleiades region. Otherwise, apparently identical to previous Thargoids in behavior, placement, etc.

Think that’s about it TBH.