The Elite Dangerous thread


Right, I’ve been wanting to make this thread for a while, so here it is! Everything Elite Dangerous goes here. Questions about the game? Ask ahead. Tinfoilhat theories about Thargoids, Aegis, INRA or the universe in general? Share em. Outfitting questions? Go ahead.

There’s already a few CMDR’s around here (from the top of my head, ArPharazon, DarKastlez, Jedi_Warrior and me), each with different interests within the game I’m sure. My in-game name is CMDR LordDerp (big surprise, I know), so feel free to send a friend request if you ever want to wing up or something :smile:

Some useful links to sites and Youtube channels to help out along the journey:


Helpful/nice/fun youtube channels (names have hyperlinks):


I’ll repost the question here.
Tips for a person just starting out (Sidewinder, still has trouble docking, getting use to having to do things like ask to be able to dock, et.)
Just did a jobb where I transported fish and got some credits from that.


Really depends on what way you wanna go. Want to go combat first? Or trading? (which are, IMHO, the two best ways to start out)


As you begin to earn money and invest it in your ship, that’s when Rule #1 begins to apply: “don’t fly without rebuy”. It’s tempting to leverage every credit you have on the next piece of equipment, but don’t do it! Keep enough cash held back to cover your insurance.

Now you’re in a position where you can lose it all in an instant. Luckily I learned that one in my first week, only lost a day or two of progress.


So stick with Sidewinder, upgrade it, and always have the cash for insurance?
@LordDerp probably trading/shipping cargo. I’m not the best at flying so combat doesn’t seem like a good idea.


Well, it really depends. You can go to certain areas and just let the cops shoot people, and then when they’re nearly dead, so shoot them a few times. Should net you good bounties. Or fly with someone with a baller ship to carry you (though, tbh, that’s not really a fun way).

If you want trading, I suggest you go to this site:
It has multiple options for you to pick from in terms of what kind of trading route, and gives you plenty of choice to pick parameters (cash available, jump distance, etc.)


I’m in solo mode right now (I am lonely)
Starting out I want to learn how to actually play the game.


To start with, sure. But insurance is cheap, you can rebuy your ship for I think 5% of its entire value including equipment. (Cargo is lost.)

So if you have enough for a few rebuys, don’t be afraid to try things, including combat! After all, combat will come to you at some point, so it’s not a bad idea to get a little practice. :slight_smile: That said, avoiding destruction is almost always possible when you know what you’re doing and have your wits about you, and running away is a skill to be honed too.

I have another general tip, don’t expect Elite to be like other games. It’s not designed to be discovered by a player independently, and that goes for story/lore content as well as simply how to play. Gotta talk to people. So o7, @LordDerp, for launching the topic. :wink:


Uh oh


Right, updated the OP with some helpful information ^^


I have 84.160 CR, still using the starting Sidewinder with no additional modifications. Done a few jobs, about to go do a new one. What should I be doing right now?


Isn’t this an old game? Also, is the game any good?


Oh no, I am below the amount of fuel I need to jump to another system.
And the only thing in the system I am in is a star…


A lesser man might respond with
…but I would say “It is a couple years old. It’s not for everyone, but I love it!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, man! There’s no system at all within range? And I assume you have no fuel scoop on this ship, you said it’s a stock Sidey.

Two options, one quick, one fun.

  • Self destruct is on the right control panel, right-most tab.
  • Google “elite dangerous fuel rats”, contact them, follow their instructions!



Nothing. I’ve been flying straight at the next system for a while now, about to run out of fuel.
When I run out I’ll self destruct. Good thing I didn’t put any upgrades on it. (I will be adding a fuel scoop, lesson learned)


It’s not possible to supercruise to another star system, only to bodies within the current system. To get to another system, you need a hyperspace jump.


Ah, okay.
-blows self up-


Shoulda called the Fuel Rats tho :cry:

  1. I am still finding where I can self destruct.
  2. I am in solo mode, I am alone.