The effect of Sunny & Griffin on smaller maps


After playing some more monster lately, and most importantly on the map dam I’ve noticed something about this pair. ON Dam it is simply impossible to escape with Goliath unless you severely, and I mean severely, outplay the two. With Goliath unable to control his midair dirrection once he gets off of the ground it is very easy to perma harpoon if you know what you’re doing, especially if Sunny takes capacity. The only time I’ve escaped this was when I dodged, not him missing me dodging, four harpoons in a row, and making it around a corner. If I dodged anything less than four I’d simply not escape, and be stuck on the harpoon train again. With Kraken I was able to dodge much easier as he can essentialy control his direction in a semicircle while mid air even without stamina. This makes for much easier harpoon dodging. The only time I felt as if I had any sort of chance against a group like this on a map this small was with Kraken, and rushing aftershock to punish them for playing super aggressive.

This pair honestly makes you feel useless unless you can simply master harpoon dodging, which is by no means easy, and good luck doing that on consoles with auto aim. I don’t what can be done outside allowing Goliath slight control while he is midair to redirect himself, and allow for easier harpoon dodging. What do you guys think on this? Are you having similar problems with these two on smaller maps?

Just for a note of clairty I have very little issue with this pair on larger maps as the larger maps allow for easier food zones, and tend to allow for more monster favored maneuverability. I only have difficulty with them on maps such as dam.


Small maps are dicks in general. Not as much the newer one thanks to it’s verticality but damn dam. I know as parnell even you can just chase a goli from one end to the other and reach it just begining evolve animation. And that’s no sunny.


One time I played a pretty good team consisting of Val Sunny Griffin and Markov. I was Goliath, it was the Dam. After the first dome I ran but they were stuck to my ass the whole time. I couldn’t even get away before they dropped another dome. By that time I was less than half health with no armor so I purposely walked into markov’s mines just to get it over with. There’s no use prolonging such agony.

I hope TRS does something about the perma-CC. The recent patch was supposed to prevent that from happening to hunters, but what about monsters?


Had a Sunny player tell me I was bad because I lost at Stage 1 due to the constant boosting into aim assist harpoon. Not really sure how you’re supposed to counter a faster Hunter and total line of sight. Pretty frustrating.


Honestly, I would blame this more on aim assist (more like aim hack) than Griffin and Sunny. That’s just Sunny’s kit and Griffin does have to be skilled enough to aim his harpoon (unless he is using aim assist), so that’s more of them just being skilled than the game having issues.

Seriously though, aim assist needs to go. I tested it with a few others last week and it’s ridiculous how well it locks on, even at range.