The Duration on Abe's Tracking Darts are Redonkulous


T4R, is there anyone here besides me who believes that Abe’s tracking dart pistol needs to be nerfed? A shorter tracking duration time would be amazing.


Nope it’s fine he has no other way to track you.


Annoying but balanced


I don’t see how getting tracked for that long of time is considered balanced.


He has no way to track you, so it kinda is


Since he has no other way to track you then those darts. He has to shoot you or you eat an animal with a dart.


Duration is fine, just run it off breaking LoS, then sneak.


Getting off topic of Abe, but does anyone else think that Bucket’s UAV should be able to be countered by sneaking again?


Nope the UAV doesnt last that long and Bucket is left vaulnerable while he scouts.


Not to mention the UAV can be destroyed I believe. Wraith can outrun it completely if you see it to make up for her lack of projectiles.


No. If his UAV sees you in plain sight while you’re stealthing thing why shouldn’t Bucket be able to dart you? It’s a counter play.


Knowing when it is about to go off would be nice to plan on breaking the said LoS.


Its not so they cant track you anymore its so Abe can’t keep darting you while you run. If you dont break LoS immediatly and keep it that way he can just keep resetting the timer by tagging you again and again.

Abe is my favorite Trapper and I love a visible runner, they will never escape me:P


The accuracy feels like it was decreased a lot since the alpha but I never read about it. I know that I tracked a shadow 126 meters away from me in the beta and now sometimes I cannot hit something 50 meters away. Not saying it should be more accurate though.