The dumbest theory I've had in a while


Okay so it’s 1:30am and I just had the weirdest thought ever.

Lennox’s plasma lance stacks upto 4 times.
And Jack has 2 sets of pistols, aka, 4 pistols.


No but, where I Was going with this was, what if all Tier 5’s will have 4 of something somewhere?..


Medic is gonan have 4 shots in the mag.
Support is gonna have 2 fingers in each hand


Then the bringer of death came attracted to all the fours

The monster has four arms! Or four legs!


Dang it!!! I thought I’d be first to reply

Atleast the grubs made it here first

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I like this observation. I’m jealous, I should have thought of this because it has possibilites.
Paging @TomsMeatPlatter because we will be discussing this in the future. We like to see patterns/trends between the tiers.

On another note, it would be totally OP, but I always thought it’d be interesting to have a medic that stacked heals like Lenny somehow.

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Another theory is that these guys are all building their stuff from scratch. Considering Jack and Lenny seem to be making their stuff from scratch.
The other two could possibly be doing so, aswell?


So many people have already said that, I’m sorry but your a little late


I can dream, Huddle!


Oh my god you have 4 likes its confirmed!

goddamn @Donut ruined it



Nonono, you got it wrong.
It’s only confirmed when a dev likes it.


No one else like it now


Well they obviously can’t like it now they’d ruin the perfect 4 likes to go with the t5 get 4 of something.

@Huddledocean you can’t tell me what to do

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Your theory…
I don’t…
Forget it…



Donut liked it too blame him


I live to ruin things


Yeah but you ruined it first, your picture is showed before his


Yeah, it’s mentioned in here.
Someone had an idea that the Medic was half built and then left so he finished himself.
Going off that idea I thought it’d be neat if he/she was found in a scrapyard by Jack and he finished building the Medic.


Yeah but I was just following his example.